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Tryst Link Review : Escort Listings To Avoid

I came across this Tryst.Link website and had to share my thoughts on it all. I haven’t been too friendly when it comes to escort sites and I don’t intend on becoming so anytime soon. That’s the honest truth too.

In fact, it’s no secret that I’m not a huge fan of using paid sex workers for an hour or so of a good time. I think it’s legit just too risky and those are risks I don’t want to take. Now, I really try my hardest never to judge anyone else, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t remind my readers just why it’s a bad idea to use escorts, prostitutes, streetwalkers, or other sex workers.

Here goes nothing…literally…

Tryst Escorts Review

First, it’s illegal. Yep, I know some readers are going to hit me with the whole, “But, but, but, Nevada.”

Hey, if you want to legally find yourself a prostitute, go for it in Nevada. Those girls at the Bunny Ranch are tested for STD’s, you have rules to follow, and everyone gets their jollies in a safe and secure way. I’m totally for that.

What I’m not cool with are the risks that come with paying a complete stranger, who gets paid to pleasure many men and may not do so cleanly. Sorry folks, but the last thing I want is to get something that will either need some strong antibiotics to get rid of or won’t go away and could kill me.

That doesn’t even begin to cover the other things that could happen, including getting robbed, getting ripped off, being beaten up by a pimp (or one tough prostitute), or getting caught up in some legal troubles that could totally ruin my reputation and career.

Now, some guys will say, “I don’t use prostitutes, I use escorts.” Um, same thing, my bros. Same thing.

Still illegal and still risky and still something I see as a complete and total waste of money. Especially when you can use dating apps to find women who are into open relationships, friends-with-benefits situations, and hookups that cost you no more than the price of the dating app or site.

However, I did mention that I don’t judge and really, I don’t. If you want to take the risks of using an escort, that’s your adult decision.

So, what is the point of this post, you may ask. The point is I have a friend who asked me to take a look at the site Tryst.Link and see what I think. I do all my reviews of all dating sites (even the free ones), including escort sites, with an open mind, so I thought I would give it a look.

Before you decide to use Tryst.Link, take a look at this review to see if it is worth your time.

What is Tryst Link?

I will admit, I never heard of Tryst.Link. When I first heard the name, I was thinking it was strictly for hookups, but instead, it’s a site that was created to cater to the needs of all sex workers, male and female included. They claim they offer a good way for escorts to advertise, fair prices on their services, and protect escorts from dealing with dangerous pimps.

When I looked at Tryst, it reminded me very much of Backpage, that escort, and prostitute site that was seized by the Feds and shut down in 2018 because of recent sex trafficking legislation that was passed.

Using The Tryst Site

Once I logged on to Tryst.Link, I noticed things looked pretty good. The site itself looked professional, which is a good sign.

Unfortunately, the good things ended there.

I noticed that there were very few escort postings, just around 450 total for the whole site. For an escort site that advertises that you can find an escort worldwide, that doesn’t bode very well.

Because of this low number, Tryst.Link offers very cheap rates to join and gives you six months free. This isn’t a good sign because they know things aren’t going well and they’re doing anything they can to drum up some interest.

If you decide to do a search as someone looking for an escort, you can search by physical characteristics, location, and other parameters depending on what you like. Just don’t hold your breath, with so few options you’re probably not going to find anyone local to meet up with.

Costs of Using

For an escort to post on Tryst.Link, there are three levels. Each level comes with its own unique benefits for the escort. The levels include:

  • Basic-$39; Includes-1 upcoming tour, 8 photo uploads, 1 live photo, no personal domain, 2-year profile analytics, up to five partners, no photo verification, no videos
  • Standard-$69; Includes-5 upcoming tours, 16 photo uploads, 2 live photos, personal domain, 4-year profile analytics, 14-day advanced analytics, up to 55 partners, photo verification, 1 video
  • Premium-$119; Includes-Unlimited upcoming tours, 24 photo uploads, 5 live photos, personal domain, unlimited profile analytics, 14-day advanced analytics, unlimited partners, photo verification, 5 videos

If Tryst provides everything it claims, it could be a very good way for an escort to advertise and get business in a safe manner. But remember, with the new laws on the books regarding sex trafficking, it is still possible to get busted for sex work online, so be careful…

If you’re a John looking for an escort on Tryst.Link, here is what it could cost you:

  • 60-minutes: $410.16
  • 90-minutes: $546.88
  • 2-hours: $683.60
  • Dinner date (2-hours social and 2-hours private): $888.68
  • 3-hours: $957.04
  • Overnight (14 hours with mandatory 6-hour beauty sleep): $2,187.52
  • Additional hour: $273.44/hour

So, as you can see, not only are there very few escorts on Tryst, it will cost you a small fortune if you do so happen to get one that is local and willing to meet up with you.

My Verdict on Tryst Site & Escorts

I wasn’t expecting to actually like an escort site, but I think Tryst.Link has some potential. If a site can keep escorts safe, give John’s what they want, and everyone is A-OK with it, great. I do think that Tryst.Link just doesn’t have the traffic to make happen what it promises, though.

If this site can attract more escorts than 453 total for the entire world and it keeps the rates affordable for escorts to set up ads, I’m pretty sure that most Johns will overlook the steep prices they’ll have to pay for sex.

For now, I think I’d avoid Tryst escorts, there just isn’t enough happening there to make it worth your time.

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