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There are probably thousands upon thousands of dating sites on the internet. You can seriously find a dating site for whatever interests you may have, whatever type of person you are, whatever kinks get you going, or just about anything else you might want in a partner or hookup. If it involves sex and relationships, there is a dating site for it.

While all of these choices are great to have, they also come with some big negatives. Mainly the fact that a large majority of these dating sites are a complete and total waste of time and money.

I’ve been around the dating site block a good bit and I’ve seen all of the good, the bad, and the horribly ugly when it comes to what these sites can do. Because I’ve used or reviewed every dating site that has been known to man, I know what to look for. Not everyone is that lucky, though.

This is why I review dating sites. I want to help guys like you and me avoid being scammed by dating sites that prey on horny, desperate men that aren’t thinking with the head on their shoulders. site review

My Review of Tells All

One of my most recent forays into a dating site has been a supposed hookup site called I heard about on some online dating forums I’m a member of and people just couldn’t stop talking about it. Now that I know what is about, I have a feeling those people worked for the site.

If you’re considering joining, you need to read this review before you take one more step. I think you’ll be glad that you didn’t rush into anything.

First Impressions

Once you put into your search bar, you’re going to land on a black webpage with some bright blue writing telling you that you can only enter if you’re of legal age. Like that ever stops any red-blooded male. But, hey, they have to cover their behinds, right?

Normally, when I see something that looks so amateur, I avoid clicking on anything related to the site, but I wanted to see what was about.

Boy am I sorry I even took the time to click that I was 18.

Once you, or anyone else, clicks on the acceptance link of, you’re instantly going to be redirected to another site. My initial click took me directly to another site called AffairAlert. Ugh, there is no easier way to determine if a site is shady than if you’re automatically taken elsewhere.

AffairAlert – Another Waste of Time

Ok, I was still in this for the long haul, so I didn’t shut things down right away. I kept pushing through and took a look at AffairAlert to see what it was about. AffairAlert claims to be a hookup site where men can meet married women for extra-marital affairs.

I know some people aren’t into having affairs, I get it. I choose to say that everyone has to do what works best for them and for me, I’m not against getting some lovin’ from a married woman if the situation is right. Don’t judge me!

Anyway, I joined AffairAlert (yes, an affair dating site) to see if they were a good dating site. I mean, maybe sent me to a good site.

After I entered my basic information and verified my email address, I was a member of AffairAlert. Unfortunately, once I poked around a bit, I saw that not only was joining a waste of my time, but I’d never actually meet a real married woman on AffairAlert.

Once you’ve joined the site, you’re going to be bombarded with messages from supposed horny women looking to hook up with you. These are not real members, but instead, these are “Fantasy Cuties” who are either bot-run profiles full of stolen pictures, or fake profiles created and run by site employees who are paid to talk to you as they try to get you to upgrade your membership.

Oh, and I actually made two different profiles from two vastly different areas, like 2,000 miles apart, different. Each profile gave me the exact same results for women that lived close to me. How is that even possible?

It isn’t. That just shows that everyone that joins gets the same fake results. And the brains behind AffairAlert aren’t shy about letting you know they use this practice, but that doesn’t make it any better if you ask me.

If you aren’t turned off by these practices and you decide that these women are certainly going to be your next bed-buddy, this is what you’ll be paying:

  • Three-day trial membership-$2.97 per day ($8.90 total)
  • Monthly VIP membership-$29.95
  • Silver membership-$16.65/month for 3-months ($49.95 total)
  • Gold membership-$11.65/month for 6-months ($69.90 total)

When you become one of the VIP or higher members, you’re supposed to get some added benefits, but truthfully, I couldn’t find what those were.

Other Dating Sites

After I tried to back out of AffairAlert and, I noticed that I never really landed back on Slip. Instead, I was once again redirected to other dating sites. These included AshleyMadison (not an awful site), Single2Match (shady looking in my opinion), and BBWDesire. I stopped after those sites, I already knew enough to form my opinion of and its practices. is nothing but a way to lure you into joining some other dating site that is probably extremely expensive, will waste your time, and most definitely won’t get you any action in the bedroom.

Conclusion: Is A Crappy Site

I don’t think I can say much more about that I haven’t said already. isn’t a dating site on its own, it’s more of a marketing scheme to try and get you to join other scammy dating sites.

If you want to try AffairAlert, or any other dating site that links to, you need to be careful. My best advice would be to read every single bit of the terms and conditions of whatever site you decide to join and if you see that you’re getting a lot of unsolicited messages before you even have a profile created, then you can be assured that the site is using fake profiles.

In my book, and AffairAlert are not worth your time. BUT, there are some that are worth your time. This list is all you need to succeed…

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