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Vacation Ideas For Single Men (Hottest Spots)

You name it, I’ve been there. That’s how I respond to people when they ask me about vacation spots. I’m a huge travel fan and as a single guy, I know where to go and I’m sharing my thoughts on everything about it including where to go and why!

where single men vacation

Super Travel & Vacation Spots For Single Men

There are so many amazing travel and vacation destinations around the world, but single men quickly realize they are not all designed for them. Many vacation hotspots are actually designed for either couples or families, and it’s not always clear if you’re going to a place in which a single man can easily find single girls who are ready to mingle. Even if you don’t want to meet up with girls, and just want to have a good time, it’s important to discover which vacation ideas are amenable to single men.

Top Spots

The first place any single man should be interested in vacationing is a world capital or a major tourist destination. Staples like London, Barcelona, and Hong Kong are great places to travel to because there are so many people visiting at all times during the year.

You won’t be the only person out looking for a good time, and you will find people who are receptive to people from out of town. You’ll be able to make fast friends and get references to the sights and sounds that you should check out.

Warm Weather Wins Every Time

If your bet is to meet single women, however, the best choice are year-round warm weather locales that feature beaches. Classics like Rio de Janeiro and Cancun are great choices, but little-known hotspots like Ibiza, Gao City, and Obonjan are great choices because of their nonstop party atmosphere.

These locales are famous for parties that literally last all day and night, and have a tourist environment that is specifically geared towards singles looking to have a good time. Other scenic locales tend to have families and couples populating the beaches, and is not often the best spot for a single man to go.

Vegas Baby, Vegas!

If you want to stay stateside, there’s no beating the classics like Las Vegas and Miami. The nightlife scene is legendary for a reason, and you will catch tons of single women who come to party for just the weekend, so it’s good to go at any time of the year.

These types of places are great for single men because you will meet women who are looking to have a good time with no strings attached. Just stick to the tourists and avoid the local hookers, please. You can hit the local strip club and try your luck with a stripper, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. These places tend to have younger, hipper crowds that are more in tune with the culture and eclectic lifestyles, so you’ll be able to broaden your horizons.

A Tequila Brand Can’t Be Wrong

If your goal is to simply have space where you don’t feel bad for being alone, or there’s no pressure to go clubbing and meet up with girls, single men still have plenty of great choices. If you just want to get off the grid for a while, check out places like Herradura (a well-known tequila brand), Costa Rica, or San Juan, Puerto Rico.

In Herradura, you can immerse yourself in breathtaking natural wonders like mountain ranges and rainforests, where you won’t be bothered by modern trappings but can return to the city life with ease. San Juan won’t even require your passport, and you can blend in seamlessly with the English speaking locals and cruise museums or quiet beaches. Even in these places, a single man could find romance and excitement, it just depends on what you want!

Single Guys, You Must Do This One Thing

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