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Adult Search Review

Summary: In this article, you’ll learn everything about the escort site called Adult Search. I cover everything I know about the site including the terms, the legalities, pics posted on the site, listings, and more. More importantly, I cover why the content published here is a waste of time to check out. If you’re looking to find sex, then click here and find it for free. Screw paying girls to hook up with you! Keep reading below to get the details of my review.

Adult Search is yet another shady escort site playing off the horniness of desperate men. With recent changes in federal legislation, though, Adult Search (commonly misspelled adultserach) is definitely one of those sites you want to avoid and honestly, it probably won’t be around much longer like its predecessors. site

My Review Of The Adult Search Site

If you’ve never heard of an escort site before, let me fill you in on what they’re about. First, don’t let the name escort fool you. This is just a pretty way to say streetwalker, prostitute, working girl, or hooker. No matter how you paint a goat, it’s still a goat and these girls are paid for sex. Many may be using drugs, many are sleeping with men without protection, and all of them could care less about you and your safety.

Still Illegal

And I do have to say this: It doesn’t matter how you feel about paying for sex services, it’s without a doubt still completely illegal to use the services of an escort. Luckily, Adult Search has enough of the shady characteristics of other escort sites (like and that I could avoid hiring an escort but still make an accurate review.

The Links

Adult Search is a site that benefits from you clicking on their third-party links to outside sites. These include services like erotic massage parlors, bath houses, sex shops, and strip clubs. There are also links for cam services and shemale (transgendered) escorts, but once you click on any of these links, you’re no longer under the sub-par terms and conditions of Adult Search, but you’re now at the mercy of the really awful third-party sites. Seriously, none of the links were worth your time, they were all fakes.


I highly recommend that you read any and all terms and conditions of any adult dating sites you choose to use. Normally, escort sites have a lot of legal jargon that covers their own butts, but Adult Search has such vague terms, its like they don’t even care about themselves, let alone their users.

Professional Pics

When you visit Adult Search, you’re going to see that the women on here are smoking hot. Like unbelievably hot. This should be a huge red flag that these women that they’re advertising aren’t the true women you’ll get if you do decide to hire one.

First, these pictures look professionally done. If a woman has money for a professional photo shoot, why does she need to get paid for sex on Adult Search? And secondly, they often link to Instagram profiles of women, who again, look too-good-to-be-true. Are there gorgeous women on IG? Of course there are, but these are like “top-notch” amazing profiles. A part or me really believes these are stings set up by the local law enforcement to try and entrap potential John’s.

They Admit To Illegal Activity

Speaking of the law, the girls of Adult Search blatantly list their services and prices. There is no hinting, code, or beating around the bush here. They are admitting to doing something that is completely illegal.

Then you, Horny Henry, are sending them messages which is in essence admitting your guilt!

If Adult Search is ever raided by the authorities, your personal contact information is readily available, and you’ve told them you’re purchasing sex just by initiating that contact. If the risks normally associated with sleeping with a prostitute don’t scare you off, this should be a huge warning.

Conclusion: Adult Search Is No Good, Stay Back

I’m not on a high horse here, instead I just want to provide you with all the possibilities when you use any escort site. Adult Search has so many of the normal warning flags that I can honestly say that this is an adult dating site that should be completely avoided for your safety, your reputation, and your bank account.


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