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December 11, 2018

Where Do Wealthy Men Hang Out?

Wealthy Men Dating

I’m not insanely rich, but I’m certainly not poor. That said, I have enough wealth to share my thoughts and insights into where the average wealthy man hangs out. I figured, since I write most of my articles for men, it’s only fair that I share some details and insight for women as well. This will help you connect with rich dudes or wealthy guys if that’s what you’re looking to do.

Tips For Women: Find Out Where Wealthy Men Hang Out

Whether you’re a well-off man who’s looking for a place to be around equally accomplished peers, or a woman who wants to be noticed by such men, it’s important to know the types of places wealthy men hang out.

Women who know where wealthy men hang out, know that it is not at a nightclub or a dive bar. They know, the well-off more often frequent the same types of places as other wealthy men, and they aren’t hard to find.


The first place to find wealthy men are at pubs and lounges near city offices. Wealthy men tend to have a serious work-life imbalance, and their entire existence revolves around their job. As a result, many of their happy hours happen right by their workplace.

If you want to find out where the lawyers and doctors hang out, you won’t have to go much farther than a few blocks away from the office. Be mindful at the times you should be at these places because these men often work long hours and don’t have time to unwind until the weekend.


One of the most reliable places to find wealthy men are at high-end luxury shopping centers. If you’re around a high-quality tailor or jewelry store, you are bound to come upon a well-off men on their leisure time.

Not all wealthy men appear that way by first look, but you can clearly see how wealthy someone is when you check out the type of bags their walking out of the store with. High end sporting goods stores that feature equipment for golf, sailing, tennis, and diving are also good places to find wealthy men killing some time.

Sport Clubs

Likewise, when you want to find these men truly hanging out, it’s often going to be at a golf or tennis club. These places often require membership fees and private access, so only men who are well off are able to be there.

This is where men often mix business and pleasure, and how ambitious and rich men bond and engage with each other outside of an office atmosphere. Wealthy men like these environments because they are exclusive and luxurious.

Art Galleries

A lesser known place to find wealthy men are art galleries and auction houses. High-quality art is a past time of men with money, and you can find them in spades at auction houses.

They love to purchase exclusive art, attend galas and event where art is on display, and interact with people who have an appreciation for fine arts. This is a great place to find wealthy men hanging out and talking shop and is a typical lifestyle staple of men with means. I will say this, lots of crazy people buy art at insane prices. It’s something that rich people just like to do, including myself!

Charity Events

You can also find wealthy men at charity events and even luxury spa resorts. These are places where philanthropic men like to give back and kick back. The relaxing and exclusive atmosphere of these places demand a certain level of wealth, so you’re sure to find wealthy guys around if you find yourself there!

That’s all I’ve got for you. If you’re a rich dude, then hang out at these places if you want to meet women looking to connect with well-to-do men. If not, then don’t! The choice is ultimately yours. Good luck!

November 28, 2018

Best First Date Ideas That Lead To Sex

first date ideas

You’ve done all the early stage work of getting to know someone via the fling app or site, and piquing their interest and you’ve finally secured that first date. Few things are more nerve-wracking than a first date, because first impressions are everything. If you ruin this chance, you may not get another one. This is why you should avoid the typical lame Netflix and chill type first dates, and make sure you go out and do something that helps break the ice and showcase your personality.

That said, I’ve got some stellar first date ideas for you that will make this date one that just about everyone will remember. Trust me on that one!

simple and effective first date ideas

Simple First Date Ideas That Lead To Second Dates Or Hooking Up

Before you even get into what you’re doing, make sure you have the right mindset so that you are picking from the correct list of options. Is this a truly first-time deal where you’ve never spent a second with this person before? Or is this a situation in which you’ve already built a rapport and are trying to take things to the next level? Figuring this out will help dictate early on what type of date you should go on.

A general rule of thumb for a first date is doing something that is both affordable, casual and allows the two of you to have a conversation. Going to the movies on a first date is a bad idea because you’ll spend most of the time silent. Your first priority should be a venue in which you can do some face to face talking before you go out and experience something.

Dinner Is Popular AF

With these things in mind, one of the best first date ideas always starts with dinner. Try and go to a trendy spot that isn’t too fancy, but has a cool aesthetic and an exciting menu. There are plenty of dinner spots where the chef will put on a cool show, or they have a staple meal that’s both amazing to look at and eat. This will give you something to talk about, and the dinner will pace the early stage conversations.

Once you get that out of the way, one of the better choices is to do something that allows you to walk around and engage with your surroundings. A walk in a park is cool, but a walk through a museum is even better! Likewise, doing anything particularly scenic that involves water or a beautiful view, is often a great choice.


Another great idea which typically involves alcoholic drinks is also karaoke. It shows that you are loose and don’t take yourself too seriously, talking about taste in music is a great ice breaker, and it allows you to bond without having to talk so much. Likewise, any game themed date is a great idea. Hit an amusement park, check out some mini golf, or hit the arcade for some quick games.

This Wine Tastes Like Wastedville

If things are going well, you should pursue any ideas that involve creativity. There are lots of wine tastings that are paired with painting, pottery, and other artistic pursuits. Though it may be a bit pricier for a first date, you could also do something incredibly relaxing like hit a spa, take a breathtaking helicopter ride, or a smooth boat ride. All of these things are great ways to both break the ice and set the mood for hopefully many more dates to come!

Update: I recently had a friend pass away in a helicopter accident and I can no longer suggest that you take a helicopter ride unless the pilot is experienced and ready for all types of weather and flight issues.

Looking for more dating articles? Great, then check out this category of articles here.

November 28, 2018

How To Date A Stripper (The Right Way)

How To Date A Hot Stripper

As one of the most highly sought after women around, many men fantasize about dating the stripper of their dreams. Trust me, there are more strip clubs in New York and New Jersey than I can even count. Needless to say, I’ve been to them all! If you ask me, there’s often nothing sexier than watching a powerful woman take over a room with her body.

Some of these exotic dancers are insanely talented and they mean business! If you’re planning on trying to date one, then you’ll want to read my article. I’ve covered all that you need to know and understand if you want a successful relationship with a stripper. Here are some pointers for you…

tips for dating a stripper

Tips For Those Looking To Date A Stripper

It’s a stripper’s job to get men to drool over them and fall in love at first sight, and because of this, most men don’t understand what they have to do to actually date a stripper. The reality is strippers are like most women: they want someone who is honest, understanding, and patient. If you’re dating a stripper, you have to have these qualities in spades.

Based on my personal experiences, they don’t trust men, in general, so they need that honesty and reassurance. Here are a few non-negotiable things you need to understand.

Respect The Workplace

What you first must understand is that the first thing you need to do is respect their job. When you meet a stripper at a club, she’s currently at work. It’s her job to meet with all types of men throughout the night. So you’re best bet to get her attention is to pay for it.

Once she’s off stage, walk over and ask her how much for a private dance. The rate is usually per song, so what you’ll want to do is spend enough time to get both a dance and a conversation going. The longer you spend with her, the more likely you’ll have a chance to prove you’re worthy of seeing her outside of the club. Also, don’t assume that these girls are the same as those parading around Backpage or Listcrawler. They are not all escorts, especially those in the NYC area.

Don’t Talk About Work

One of the common mistakes men make with strippers is telling them they shouldn’t work at the club. These women are working just like anyone else, and their lifestyle often affords them a level of freedom and flexibility that they enjoy. It could be demeaning to say that she is too good for the club or that you want her to quit.

Would you date someone who wanted you to quit your job as a prerequisite to a relationship? What most men fail to understand is that strippers are regular women. Dancing naked is a risqué job, but it is actually not that explicit when it comes to jobs that involve sex.

Respect The Body, Mind, & Spirit

These girls are not always walking around scantily clad, and may not be the sexual freaks that you envision. If you’re able to navigate these specific pitfalls and get her actual number, this is a big step forward.

You have to understand that it’s possible that hundreds of men a month ask her for her number and proposition her for sex. What you want to do is establish that you respect her as a person and want to pursue a relationship that is more than just sexual.

Speak To Your Intentions

Like any woman, the best way to date a stripper is to be honest and transparent about your intentions. Be respectful of her identity and don’t try and control her, and don’t place expectations on her just because of her job.

Since strippers are always around men with money, be mindful that you may have to maintain a certain lifestyle to interest her in the first place, and you may have to frequent the strip club more than once to get her attention. Overall, approach a stripper like you would any woman, but just have more sensitivity for what her workplace lifestyle entails.

Well, that’s all I’ve got to say about dating a stripper. I just might be one of the most exciting relationships that you’ve ever been in if you’re able to rope one in. However, be prepared for what I’ve mentioned or you’ll be in for it. Either that or it will not be long-lived. Don’t worry, there’s always those economical hookup sites that I’ve been recommending which will for sure get you laid.

Oh, I’ll wrap things up with this video of Floyd Mayweather making it rain on a bunch of strippers after a TKO fight night win!

November 23, 2018

Best Cocktails That Help You Hook Up

drinks that'll make you horny

No sense in beating around the bush here. I’ll just come right out and say that I’m a pretty heavy drinker and seeing as though I’m a complete nut, you can only imagine how many drinks I toss back weekly. I can slug down Manhattans and Martinis with the best of them. One thing I’ve come to learn is that women love to drink tasty alcoholic drinks.

Fun Fact: Tasty drinks will help you have better dating experiences.

Alcohol has always been a classic go to when you’re trying to get your sexy lady or some random chick you meet online in the mood, but few people know that specific drinks are truly great as an aphrodisiac. The trick to enjoying a sexy drink that will get all the right juices flowing is a combination of ingredients, taste, and look. Not all of these cocktails have classic aphrodisiac components within them, but their name and look are sure to get the sparks flying.

And let’s face it, a few filthy blue cheese martinis will make any girl want to thumb a ride to pound town.

Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic Drinks That Make Most Women Horny (Based On My Studies)

Here’s what I personally consider a great selection of drinks. They’re all great options for those looking to turn women on. As for the most popular types of drinks, according to an article covering an overview of alcoholic beverages, vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, and tequila are the most popular spirits purchased and consumed today. There’s a reason for that, obviously! You’ll find that many of the drinks below contain these spirits, so let’s toast to indulging in these cocktails and hooking up!

Sparkling Ginger Daisy

A perfect opener for the night, a sparkling ginger daisy is what you should have ready when you’re trying to break the ice. It’s delicious, refreshing, and the bubbly component of the Prosecco is sure to lighten the atmosphere and get your date feeling comfortable. As a gin based drink, it leaves a dry and cool feeling on the tongue, which helps get you to the next cocktail of the night.

Brandy Alexander

For those who don’t want to go the gin route, a Brandy Alexander is an excellent choice. Featuring the classic aphrodisiac, chocolate, this creamy drink is both sweet and savory. The brandy provides an instant buzz that helps loosen inhibitions and opens up the mind.

Cupid’s Kiss

Another great chocolate-based choice is a Cupid’s Kiss. It has an awesome name, features both chocolate and cherries, which are known aphrodisiacs, and is actually quite easy to make. Using a little cocoa powder to rim the glass provides an elegant and romantic presentation, and the smell of dark chocolate is unmatched in getting the ladies heart to flutter. If you’re date isn’t much of a hard liquor type, these are great options. It’s basically dessert, before you have you real dessert in the bedroom!

The Secret Crush

If you’re trying to take your relationship to the next level, a great call at the bar is to order up the Secret Crush. The name is a dead giveaway of your feelings, and the flavor profile of this drink is out of this world.

Though not containing classic aphrodisiac ingredients, this drink is bubbly and features luster dust, which provides an exotic and memorable presentation. It’s sweet and smooth, and is a perfect way to let your special lady know that you have feelings and that you want to explore further from an intimate perspective.

Mayday Martini

For those who want to avoid the barkeep atmosphere and impress your date when you’re back alone, the mayday martini should be your go to drink. It’s simple to make, is vodka based like many popular drinks with women, and features cinnamon and strawberry, which are legendary aphrodisiacs. This drink isn’t too sweet but still provides a nice kick, and it’s the perfect nightcap before you guys hit the bedroom.

Oyster Shooter w/ Vodka

If you want to get right to it, try out the classic oyster shooter. Oysters are historically one of the most effective aphrodisiacs known to man, and the presentation and ingenuity of this drink is sure to get that fire burning!

It’s simple to make, requiring only vodka, lemon juice, and Tabasco sauce, and the combination kicks in multiple endorphins that are known to promote sexual activity. All of these options are tried and true sexual elixirs that are ideal for setting the mood for all types of sex!

Bonus Shot

Okay, my buddy Larry let me in on a little secret. He’s a chiropractor living in New York City. I refer to him as Dr. Larry and he’s got a secret weapon that he pulls out during every casual meet up. It’s called Don Julio – read about all the different tequilas they make before trying them! Chilled shots of Don Julio Real make life better and they’re bound to help you hook up.

Well, that’s all you need to know, so either head to the liquor store or bar and start ordering these drinks for women. They’ll be super excited, I can guarantee it and you are bound to get laid as a result of doing so. Need to find a way to meet these women? No problem, head on over to the homepage, but before you do that please check out the article on dating girls from Backpage. That’ll stop you in your tracks, I’m positive on that.

November 23, 2018

What Do Women Want In Men?

what women want

Whether you’re living in New York City such as myself or if you’re living in the Midwest, you need to know what women want if you want to date successfully – be it casual or something more serious. I’ve done all I can to help you understand what women want today. If you’re smart enough to read this top to bottom, then you might actually get lucky…

Building and maintaining relationships is often the hardest thing anyone ever has to do in life. Finding someone you are compatible with, who you are able to grow and evolve with, is no easy task. The rules of love and lust are complicated, and men often are on the outside looking in when it comes to understanding how to navigate relationship dynamics (short term and long term).

There is no sure fire way to appeal to any one person, as everyone is different, but there are some basic relationship tenets that men should employ when trying to pursue the woman of their dreams.

Quite frankly, I don’t care if you think it’s the person of your dreams or just some quick fling. The same rules apply if you want to WIN. Here are a few of the most important things to keep in mind…

What Women Want

Here’s What Women Want (Must-Knows If You Want To Hookup)

This covers everything important that you need to know, nuff said. I’ll kick things off with perhaps the most important thing…

Respect / Communication

No matter your approach, the first thing men should keep in mind when trying to discover what a women may want, is that respect and communication is key. Men are often clueless when it comes to the opposite sex because they don’t approach situations with basic respect.

This is why I’m constantly telling you to not just send random Snapchat messages or explicit DMs. You’ve got to think like a female to get one.

A woman wants a man that respects her as an individual before anything. Once a woman understands that you will maintain a certain level of respect, then you can move on to communicating in a more open fashion. If you want to know what a women wants, you should just ask her!

This initial stepping stone will help clear up many issues up front.

Be Honest, Don’t Dick Around

Likewise, women want a man that is honest and transparent in their communication. Anyone can be a smooth talker, I’m a perfect example of that to be honest, but when it comes down to it, a woman wants to know she can trust what she is being told.

Establishing this dynamic early on is crucial to building a more meaningful progressive relationship. Now, this easily applies to casual dating because you need to be able to speak with the person via chat, iMessage, video, whatever and you need to be honest about your intentions e.g. just hooking up.

Communication Discovers Chemistry

Sounds cheesy right? I agree, but I’ve gotta say, being a New Yorker, I’ve got to communicate effectively or I’ll get no where. The dating pool is fierce and without communicating, you’re not going to be able to establish any type of of chemistry, PERIOD.

As you navigate the early stages of honest communication, then you can begin to discover if there is actual romantic chemistry. Men don’t always understand that a woman may like talking to you and being around you, while also not feeling any true romantic chemistry.

Generally speaking, women want a man that can make her laugh, can be a good listener, and is attentive in learning and understanding her interests. You can build chemistry over time even if the sparks are not there from the get go. Play the game right and you’ll succeed.

Money Does Matter

Have you heard of formally known as This is a dating site that was created to connect men who have money with girls willing to exchange their time for money. They’ve put a monetary value on their time and many people do this not knowing that they’ve done so.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, even if a woman is immediately overcome with sexual chemistry with you, women find financial stability and emotional vulnerability to be very sexy. Financial stability shows that you are responsible, ambitious, and hardworking. Women love these traits in a man because they are good indicators for long-term success.

Be Open

Women also love men who are not afraid to show their emotions. Show her that you aren’t afraid to sing a love song or tear up during an emotional movie. Sure, some will think you’re a loser, but if it’s only a fling or casual date, then who cares what they think. Bang them, then move on!

Ultimately, what women want in a man is someone who they can trust their emotions with, and as long as you move with transparency and honesty, you will find that you can build strong relationship dynamics with a woman who may not even appear to be your match on the surface.

After all, true love can’t always be explained and even if you’re not on the hunt for love, you should still attempt to apply the things that I’ve covered. I promise, doing so WILL HELP you hook up with more people on any dating network.

If you’re ready to join one, then my advice would be to try this one here and if you’re not quite ready, then do yourself a favor, read the rest of my articles. You’ll find the most recent on the homepage. Good luck and have at it!