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Reason To Never Get Married, EVER!

There are some real positives for not getting hitched. Some people don’t see it, but I’ll tell you right now, I most certainly do! History has shown us that marriage has been and stands to remain mainly an economic and political tool not based purely on romance. Back in the day, middle and lower class people used marriage as a way to profit via a dowry, and upper-class people used marriage as a tool to form alliances and political dynasties. Read about the origin of marriage on Wikipedia right here.

Getting married and having children was one of the only ways people had to build businesses and accrue power for themselves. Because of these reasons, marriage has often been seen as an archaic tradition that has historically oppressed women and reinforced antiquated gender dynamics.

Fast forward to the present…

In the modern age, marriage is no longer seen as a necessary component to having children. Women in the workforce and men staying home to do childcare have put traditional dynamics to a screeching halt. The messiness of divorce has cautioned people from pursuing marriage in the first place. These days, there are actually many benefits to never getting married. Which is exactly why I’m sharing the main reasons why I will never be getting married. The benefits are far too great, especially if you’re a financial powerhouse like myself.

don't get married

Main Reason Why Not Getting Married Is A Good (Perhaps Great) Idea

In circumstances like taxes, loans, and other societal benefits, society is still tilted towards those who get married. However, most people who never get married point to one major advantage: freedom of time and movement.

Monogamy forces people into a certain lifestyle that they often don’t realize they don’t want until they get into it. It has less to do with being able to have sexual partners and more to do with being able to be alone, spend time with yourself, and not be bound to any one relationship. Some people just want to have more freedom with sexual partners and that’s fine. In fact, that’s why they invented Ashley Madison and Instabang.

Relationships Are Saved

But marriages often force people to sacrifice other types of relationships so that you can maintain the marriage dynamic. Friendships and family connections often go to the wayside when you get married.

A benefit of never getting married is being able to give time to a wide range of relationships, and being able to pursue new ones without hurting someone else.

Money Matters Come Into Play

The financial implications of getting married are very serious. A wedding is incredibly expensive, and getting a living space that accommodates two or more people is often very pricey.

Having to adjust your living arrangements for your spouse may force you to move away from a city you love, or away from your family and friends. You may have to make work-related decisions to properly accommodate a wedded lifestyle and may be forced to take on loans you may not want to take.

Having Children Doesn’t Require Marriage

One of the most basic benefits of never getting married is that you don’t have to get married to have a loving, monogamous relationship that results in children. Because the divorce rate is so high, marriages that end in divorce create very complicated financial dynamics, especially when there are children involved.

Society is more respectful to unions that are not actual legal marriages, and many people feel that a piece of paper shouldn’t define a relationship and the institution establishes expectations and burdens that are ultimately harmful long term. The decision is up to each individual, but never getting married gives you the time and energy to make decisions that help you have the most fulfilling life possible.


Look, unless you’re in dire need of settling down with someone for some gain or if you really love them with all your heart and cannot see yourself with anyone else, then get married. But not getting married is a far better option if you ask me!

Less work, fewer headaches, fewer heartbreaks, and more sex. That’s what you’ve got to look forward to if you’re never planning on getting married throughout this lifetime. Screw marriage, just bang! Get started by reading this page on free sites to join.

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