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Fling Review

TL;DR – I’m a bit crazy when it comes to casual dating and girls. Meaning, I want to hook up and I don’t have time for the shenanigans that most of these sites pull. However, is different. They’ve got a smartphone app that’s changed my life – literally. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can register here for free. If you’re not ready to join then read the review below.

It isn’t often that a casual hookup app comes along touting that it will get you laid tonight, and it actually follows through with that promise. But is such an app and probably one of the best dating apps I’ve come across in a very long time.

If you are looking for a quick hookup, some swinging action, or even an encounter with a transsexual, is the place for you. I stick with one, sometimes two girls at a time and that’s it. I’ve covered everything you need to know about this Fling dating network. Read to get the full scoop now!

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My Crazy Thoughts On

Here’s what I’m willing to share with you about the Fling dating app and site. It’s awesome and you’re going to have an insane time if you take the time to learn about it, register, and use it as you should. The proof is in the pudding. Keep reading for all the details to see why it’s my #1 hook up app.

I’ll start by covering a few solid things worth highlighting:

> Massive number of users
> Very diverse group of people
> Crazy search options
> Flawless mobile technology
> No tire kickers
> Great video and text messaging

Fling Members – Are There Lots Of Users? has a huge database of members, seriously – ENORMOUS! You will notice that the number of male users outnumbers the number of women, but it’s almost even, and please don’t let that scare you off.

If you have a sexual fantasy you want to live out, Fling most likely has a partner for you within their over 60 million members. The vast number of these members are longstanding, looking for friends with benefits and have paid for the silver or gold memberships.

It’s quite obvious that the members of Fling take their sex seriously, with over 90% looking for local sexual encounters. They are looking for one-night stand dates, that’s literally it.

Hey Frankie, “Just how active are these users?” I thought you’d never ask! These users are more active daily than any other network I’ve ever used. Based on my research, there are between 800,000 and 1,000,000 active users communicating on each week. That’s a lot of activity from people simply looking for sex.

IMHO, the best part is that all these people are the nonpretentious type. They’re open, ready to connect, and looking for it actively – dare I say 24/7 now that they’ve officially perfected the mobile version of this dating platform.

As for the ages of the members, I’ve found that it varies widely. Anywhere from 25 to 35 is the average age but members as young as 18 and as old as 60 are using this site.

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Signing Up

If you want to sign up for a one-time Fling and you’re an iPhone user, you can do so quickly through iTunes. If you are an Android user, however, you’ll need to go to to access it.

Signing up is quick and easy, just tell them your gender, what type of person you’re looking for, zip code, age, and email address. Within minutes you’re able to upload your picture (naked pictures and explicit photos encouraged) and start working on your Fling profile.

What’s required to get registered?

  • An email address that you check daily
  • An attractive photo of yourself

Once you get signed up, you’ll need to click the link sent via email and you’re off to the races.

Two bits of advice if you’re serious about meeting someone using Fling.

First, upload a good picture. Nobody is going to be contacting you if the profile image is sub-par, so take a hint from the hot ladies of Fling and put up something that is flattering. In fact, explicit profile photos seem to work best here.

Secondly, really think about what you write in your profile. The clearer and more concise it is, the better your chances of having someone write to you and even more importantly, want to get into your pants.

Understanding those two things can go a long way, I promise. If you read other reviews you’ll likely find other people talking about the same thing.

The Profiles & Contacting Members

Search profiles and I promise your dick will get hard instantly. Also, you’ll quickly find out how to navigate the profiles and what information they each consist of.

I’ll share some information about the profiles that you’ll come across to help you get the best out of them. The first thing that you’ll notice is that all the profiles on this site emulate those social media profiles you’re so used to scrolling through for hours daily.

The difference between Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Fling is that this one actually wants you to post nudes and showcase your intimate body parts for all to see.

When you dive into the site and become a premium member, you’ll quickly realize that each one is very detailed. You can see everything providing someone adds it to their profile. I’m talking about:

  • sex
  • body type
  • orientation
  • income
  • sexual desires
  • religion
  • race
  • personal interests
  • fetishes
  • marital status
  • and more

Honestly, obtaining premium account status for this alone makes sense.

Features of For Premium Membership Customers offers its users a wide variety of options and features. If you have a specific look you’d like in a partner, you are easily able to perform searches by ethnicity, body type, age, and location. When you find someone you like, you’re able to send a wink to them to let them know you find them attractive. And a huge indicator that this site is on the up-and-up is that it isn’t a site full of fake-looking models.

These are real women and men looking for other real members. In fact, you’re not going to find any fake profiles or fake messages here on You will find active people sending an actual message to the average person and them getting laid…boom!

Also available for Fling users is the ability to sext chat, video chat, view cam shows, search safely by shutting down the explicit features on profiles, and even put your own profile into a discreet mode which only allows your Fling friends to view it.

If you have any issues while using, they have options to solve it yourself by reading through their 10 help categories or you can contact the site directly through the app, which is very easy to do.

Message Girls

You’ve got lots of options when it comes to messaging girls. If you’re not willing to message girls, then you’re probably not going to be as successful as you’d like to be.

The matches will come and the video chat, as well as texting, is there. But if you don’t utilize it, then you’ll be wasting your money. The same goes for any of the other hookup sites out there.

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Cost of Membership – So How Much Is It To Hookup?

Joining and downloading the app is totally free. If you want to access the more interesting features that the app has to offer, I would highly suggest you upgrade your membership for $9.95 for a trial period. It will be billed to your credit card without you having to even think about it, and if you need to, canceling is super easy. Although with all the action you’ll be getting, you’re seriously never going to want to do that.

As for the cost details, find them below.

$0.95 2/day trial period
$9.95 7/day trial period
$34.95 1/mo full membership
$69.95 6/mo full membership
$80.04 1/yr full membership

My personal advice would be to go for the 1-month option or the 6-month option.

So what’s the difference? Well, if you keep your profile as “free” you’ll get the following perks:

> Ability to register
> Create a full profile
> View member images
> Play the swipe game and other games offered
> Check out people who are actively viewing your profile
> See members who like you based on your profile

If you decided to upgrade to “gold” status, you’ll get everything above and you’ll also be able to:

> Freely chat with an unlimited amount of members
> View as many profiles as you’d like
> Join cam chats and other group camming conversations
> Buy exclusive and discounted items from the sex store
> Send and receive video snaps
> Get better placement within the member search results


I get asked a lot of questions about this network, especially since it’s the one I use more than others. To cut down on repetitive emailing, I’ve provided the answers below to some of the questions asked often.

  • Can anyone join Fling? Yes, anyone can attempt to join the network, but some countries are not all that fond of sex dating and casually hooking up with people. In those countries, you will not be able to join. However, those living in those applicable countries are redirected to another dating site that’s just as effective.
  • Should I attempt to make contact with members? Kind of a stupid question, but I get it all the time. Yes, you should actively reach out to people within the network. The more active you are with potential partners, the more effective it will be.
  • Do they accept multiple forms of payment? accepts just about every form of payment that you can think of. All major credit cards, gift cards, and checks.
  • What if I don’t get laid? The company has a guarantee which they provide to users who are gold members. They will guarantee that you will get laid within the first 3 months of using the site.
  • Who runs this dating site? A company called Global Personals Media based out of Miami Beach, FL runs this dating network and they’ve been doing so for more than 12 years. If you want to connect with the company, then go for it. Here’s the information you need to do so: Global Personals Media, 705 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, and the Instahelp247 support number is 1-888-617-2001.
  • What search functions exist that I should take advantage of? Literally, everything exists! The search tool allows you to look for people by eye color, hair color, age range, sexual preferences, or just browse each profile picture you see and hope that you find a few potential matches. I’m sure you will, really.
  • Is there a Safe Mode? Yes, there is a safe mode that works on your mobile phone and desktop. You can update this via the profile settings section of the platform. They also have a mode called discreet mode which is pretty awesome.
  • How are the girls? Nearly every girl on this platform is hot, horny, or both. You’ll find nice girls, naked girls, beautiful girls, and all types of other girls with personalities.
  • Is there a message limit on Yes, there are limits but the limits really depend on your membership. If you’re using a free trial then you will have limited access but it’s still worth joining over hundreds of other hookup sites with private membership options.

Conclusion: Recap Of My Fling Review – It’s The Very Best

If you’re someone looking for fantasy fulfillment, a quick hookup, or a casual relationship, you’re really going to be hard-pressed to find something better than

With all the features, no fake profiles, the huge number of real people who are really members, and affordable prices, downloading this app will be one of the best decisions you’ll make in your casual hookup search. Trust me, get your subscription and begin the process of creating a great profile.

Also, let me not forget all the explicit content, premium features, and advanced search that make this one of the best of the best when it comes to hookup sites.

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