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How To Date A Stripper (The Right Way)

As one of the most highly sought after women around, many men fantasize about dating the stripper of their dreams. Trust me, there are more strip clubs in New York and New Jersey than I can even count. Needless to say, I’ve been to them all! If you ask me, there’s often nothing sexier than watching a powerful woman take over a room with her body.

Some of these exotic dancers are insanely talented and they mean business! If you’re planning on trying to date one, then you’ll want to read my article. I’ve covered all that you need to know and understand if you want a successful relationship with a stripper. Here are some pointers for you…

tips for dating a stripper

Tips For Those Looking To Date A Stripper

It’s a stripper’s job to get men to drool over them and fall in love at first sight, and because of this, most men don’t understand what they have to do to actually date a stripper. The reality is strippers are like most women: they want someone who is honest, understanding, and patient. If you’re dating a stripper, you have to have these qualities in spades.

Based on my personal experiences, they don’t trust men, in general, so they need that honesty and reassurance. Here are a few non-negotiable things you need to understand.

Respect The Workplace

What you first must understand is that the first thing you need to do is respect their job. When you meet a stripper at a club, she’s currently at work. It’s her job to meet with all types of men throughout the night. So you’re best bet to get her attention is to pay for it.

Once she’s off stage, walk over and ask her how much for a private dance. The rate is usually per song, so what you’ll want to do is spend enough time to get both a dance and a conversation going. The longer you spend with her, the more likely you’ll have a chance to prove you’re worthy of seeing her outside of the club. Also, don’t assume that these girls are the same as those parading around Backpage or Listcrawler. They are not all escorts, especially those in the NYC area.

Don’t Talk About Work

One of the common mistakes men make with strippers is telling them they shouldn’t work at the club. These women are working just like anyone else, and their lifestyle often affords them a level of freedom and flexibility that they enjoy. It could be demeaning to say that she is too good for the club or that you want her to quit.

Would you date someone who wanted you to quit your job as a prerequisite to a relationship? What most men fail to understand is that strippers are regular women. Dancing naked is a risqué job, but it is actually not that explicit when it comes to jobs that involve sex.

Respect The Body, Mind, & Spirit

These girls are not always walking around scantily clad, and may not be the sexual freaks that you envision. If you’re able to navigate these specific pitfalls and get her actual number, this is a big step forward.

You have to understand that it’s possible that hundreds of men a month ask her for her number and proposition her for sex. What you want to do is establish that you respect her as a person and want to pursue a relationship that is more than just sexual.

Speak To Your Intentions

Like any woman, the best way to date a stripper is to be honest and transparent about your intentions. Be respectful of her identity and don’t try and control her, and don’t place expectations on her just because of her job.

Since strippers are always around men with money, be mindful that you may have to maintain a certain lifestyle to interest her in the first place, and you may have to frequent the strip club more than once to get her attention. Overall, approach a stripper like you would any woman, but just have more sensitivity for what her workplace lifestyle entails.

Well, that’s all I’ve got to say about dating a stripper. I just might be one of the most exciting relationships that you’ve ever been in if you’re able to rope one in. However, be prepared for what I’ve mentioned or you’ll be in for it. Either that or it will not be long-lived. Don’t worry, there’s always those economical hookup sites that I’ve been recommending which will for sure get you laid.

Oh, I’ll wrap things up with this video of Floyd Mayweather making it rain on a bunch of strippers after a TKO fight night win!

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