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Why You Should Avoid Dating Instagram Models

I’m a little nutty by nature and yes, I was once crazy enough to try and hit up every IG model I came in contact with. However, that’s changed in recent years. See, Instagram models are everywhere and although they’re nice to look at they aren’t the best to date. I like to consider myself an Instagram connoisseur. In other words, I peep on IG girls 24/7. Why do these instababes get all the attention? Well, let’s face it, they run the Internet. There is 100% no denying the fact that these females parading around IG with skimpy outfits, thongs, and more are marketing gurus. They’re geniuses in that respect.

If you’re thinking of attempting to connect at a more intimate level with that Instagram model that has 200K followers, then you should read this. It’s simply a warning of caution, nothing more and I need you to know that these women are everything to me because I love looking at them.

Before jumping the gun and shooting her the direct messages (DM) you need to face the facts and know what you’re getting into. It might not be a great idea. These reasons listed below explain why you shouldn’t bother trying to date these social media models.

Dating Instagram Models
Props to @dominique_shim for being fine AF though!

8 Reasons To Bypass Dating The Instagram Model

Here are all the main reasons why I suggest NOT trying to date models posting on social media. Some of these are going to be obvious, but not all of them. At any rate, here’s what you need to know about this.

She’s Most Likely WAY Out Of Your League.

out of your league man!

Seriously, if you’re not honest with yourself, then you’re a complete liar. There’s not a chance in hell that you’re her type. My guess is that this IG model has a very specific type of person she’s looking for and poo poo for you, it’s not what you’ve got to offer.

Don’t waste your time trying to reel her in, because it’s not going to happen.

She Gets 50,000 DMs Weekly By Dudes Trying To Hit It

sliding into DMs

Did you think you were the only one out there trying to hit it? Nah man! What are you a knucklehead? Get in line and pack lunch and dinner because it’s a long one. This girl typically has thousands of guys trying to pull her in. Most of these guys are titty fuck shit bags that have nothing to offer, but never the less, it can be a major wall to climb.

She’s Typically Lounging, Not Working

they love vacations

There are hundreds of Insta models that literally don’t work. They’ve never worked a day in their life and they spend most of their time on vacation. If you think she’s going to hang around while you work your ass off, you’re dead wrong. Guess what? She’s going to be on a boat for a month with other hoes (maybe even with girls getting paid to play if you know what I mean, who the hell knows). Yes, boats and hoes – I said it.

She’ll Lose It If You’re Not Promoting Her

girl going psycho

Most of these social media models care about one thing – likes and more likes. You’re second in line if you’re lucky. Now, if you’re not promoting her on Insta and Snpachat, then you done messed up fam! LOL, she will go full psycho on you if you don’t commit to dropping everything and putting her social media account number one.

She’s Bound To Choose Her Phone Over You

Kim Kardashian on phone

No way in hell you’re going to get more time than her phone. The phone is the lifeline and without it, she literally can’t breathe. Don’t ever think that you come first because you don’t and you won’t. Simple as that my friend.

She’s Got No Time For You, But Plenty For Promoting

girls promoting eating hot dogs
They even promote swallowing hot dogs

I can confirm that every single Instagram model promotes something. If they’re not promoting themselves, then they are promoting something else. You’re going to have to deal with the promoting nonsense and the fact that she’s exhausted from “working” so she just can’t find the energy to meet up with you.

She Will Cost You A Sh*t Ton Of Money

girl wearing chanel bag

Thinking about dating a social media babe? Well, plan on renting private jets, dining at the finest restaurants, and buying the nicest purses because anything short of that and you’re kicked to the curb. Most of these girls think nothing of spending your money and when it runs out, so will they.

You’ll Need To Take Millions Of Pics

I regret this now!

If you plan on dating these girls, then you’re essentially going to turn into a professional photographer. Well, what I mean is that you’ll be asked to snap more pics for social media than doing anything else. It’s literally an exhausting task and again, the photos mean more to her than you.

If that doesn’t convince you to want to stay far away from Instagram models, then I don’t know what will. They’re hot to look at, yes. But do yourself a favor and keep it that way only.

Thank me later.

P.S. If you’re looking to meet girls like these Instagram models but without the drama and work involved, then give this a shot. It’s bound to work ten times better than creeping on IG girls via DM.

I’ll end on a good note. Please understand that I’m not telling you to stop checking out these hot girls on social media. Just don’t try and date them.

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