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My name is Frankie Moretti, but dating back to my teenage years, people have always called me a nutjob.

I've always had a passion for weird and bizarre things in life, and I wanted a place to blog about them.  I started blogging about people who were bat shit crazy early on in my journey, but as I grew older, the found that the most bizarre, almost unbelievable experiences in life, happened when I started participating in online dating.

You see, as a bitterly divorced thirty something, I stopped caring about the wholesome family most people dream of, and I got into casual encounters.  When you meet women for casual encounters, you get all types of women.  Hot, crazy, psychopathic, and downright erotic.

What Do I Cover on The Nut Job?

What are some of the topics that I've covered here? Good question!

Here on my blog you'll find that I cover things like:

- Which dating sites have worked and which have failed me terribly
- Destinations I've personally traveled to and my suggestions for men looking to have sex in other countries
- All things related to the city I live in (New York City)
- Asian massage parlor reviews
- Shady escort site reports
- News updates covering the most bat shit crazy people across the United States - An in-depth look at my favorite dating site,

That said, you'll find that I cover many things here on, but there are also many that you will not find here and I've covered that below.

You will not ever hear me tell you to get married nor will you hear me share serious fashion tips, investing tips read about it over here, and serious life advice.

I've created a lot of content and covered lots of topics on my personal blog here and I want to share some of the most popular articles that I've written. You'll find them a bit further down. But first, since this is such a hot topic and a huge chunk of my time is sent discussing things related to dating, I figured I'd share some personal advice right out of the gate here.

As for what works, you'll want to stick with the tried and true sites that I've ranked best to worst here. Trust me, these work better than any other site on the Internet, I promise!

Top 5 Dating Networks Ranking Rating Read Sign Up
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2 ★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website
3 ★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website
4 ★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website
5 ★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website

Check out some of the latest articles and featured reviews below covering everything from hookups to crazy encounters with nutjobs to traveling on quests for hot sex partners. It's all covered here!

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