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Escorts: My Official Guide To Hookers

I’m currently working on creating the ultimate escort guide. This is going to encompass everything and anything you can imagine that’s related to hiring escorts or better yet, not hiring an escort. This will cover LOTS of stuff and please be patient as I complete this guide. I like to call this my Wiki escorts guide because everything you need to know about these girls is right here front and center.

Wiki Escorts Guide

Trust me, the wait is most definitely worth it! It’s a work in progress but please take a look below and see what I’ve covered thus far!

What Is The True Definition Of An Escort?

Based on my research and personal knowledge, I’m going to go ahead and say that an escort is simply, “A woman who gets paid money to provide sexual services to a man or woman.” I mention “woman” paying woman because some lesbians and bisexual women like to hire these girls as well.

The male version is known as a gigalo. I won’t be covering that because that’s a whole other topic in itself. Maybe another day.

Again, not that I’m suggesting you hire one of these girls.

The Lingo

If you’re going to hire someone to have sex with you, then you need to know the lingo they use. You’ll often read online on these awful forums and they use plenty of slang when speaking of these girls. Some of the slang terms used to refer to these sex workers are…call girls, streetwalkers, nightwalkers, hoes, whores, prostitutes, hookers, rent girls, street girls, whores, sex for hires and more.

If you come across anything online referencing those terms then you need to know that these girls are looking to hookup for money, not for free.

Why Men Hire Escorts

escort with money in her thong

I’m not fond of this profession or the people that hire escorts quite frankly, but I’m not going to sit here and only harp on the negatives. Instead, I’ve got to cover both the pros and cons of dealing with call girls. I’ll start by covering a few reasons why men typically hire these women.

1. Convenience – Some men like hiring these girls because it’s more convenient than trying to find a real date.

2. Laziness – I guess this goes with #1, they’re too lazy to want to deal with setting up a date with lots of girls online.

3. Thrill – Believe it or not, some men get a thrill or rise out of hiring these working girls.

4. No Future-Drama – Unless something bad happens like getting arrested or robbed, the girls leave and there’s no future drama to have to deal with.

5. Lack of Confidence – Many men just don’t have the confidence that they once did and therefore they’ve chosen to pay a girl for pleasure versus revalidate that confidence. It’s the whole avoiding the “not kicking myself while I’m down approach.”

6. Power – These men want to show that they have power over women. Lots of them pay for something and they expect to be serviced properly. However, 9 times out of 10, it doesn’t go as planned.

Why You Should Avoid Hiring An Escort

don't hire a hooker it's disturbing

Personal note: I suggest that you don’t hire one. All the reasons below should be enough…

Unsafe – First of all, I need you to understand that hiring an escort is probably the most unsafe thing that you can do. In some cities, you’re literally risking your life and well-being doing so. Many places have call girls that work for pimps and these pimps will kill you if you try to screw them over.

They have NO SHAME and don’t care about you, period.

Dirty – Do you want an STD? I hope so because when hiring an escort, the chances of you catching one go through the room. I’m talking they skyrocket. These girls sleep with hundreds of men as it’s there job to do so. Sure, they’re likely worried about their own health, but apparently not enough to not put themselves at risk.

To give you an idea of just how many people these women sleep with I’ll share some facts with you. There’s a woman by the name of Gwyneth Montenegro who’s a former escort. She admitted to sleeping with over 10,000 men. You don’t believe me? She wrote a book about it all and revealed everything to the in 2018.

Legal – Hiring these call girls within the United States is 100% illegal and doing so could land you in a heap of trouble. Having your name show up in the newspaper is no fun and it’s certainly not going to help you in life. Not to mention the embarrassment and court fees involved with getting caught for solicitation. Not a smooth move bro.

Ethics/Morals – Some people have thoughts after hiring these girls. They’ve got extreme guilt and feel like they wish they didn’t do it. Oftentimes it weighs so heavy on their conscious that they get extremely depressed.

Costly – Your money will be gone. These hookers love taking all your money and they’ll do everything to get every last penny. You’ll end up with an empty bank account.

Popular Places People Hire Hookers

cities people hire escorts in

Now, the list of places that I’m covering are not places that I’m suggesting you try and hire girls at. I’m simply letting you know that there are certain locations throughout the world where escorting is more prominent than others.

Los Angeles – It’s porn valley and there are lots of starving actresses looking for money and they’ll take dick to collect it.

New York City – I covered the whole Backpage thing here and that should be enough proof that these girls are everywhere in NYC.

Miami – Lots of girls that come from Cuba and South America end up working in strip clubs in the 305. It’s also another porn hub for girls which means the working girls are everywhere.

Chicago – I’m not a fan of this city at all, but Chicago has tons of hookers parading around. It’s actually a pretty dangerous place to even attempt to hire a girl. Heck, it’s dangerous in general!

Las Vegas – Sin City is perhaps the busiest in terms of hookers. If you ever go to a boxing match, you’ll notice that 50% of the people attending have arm candy on them and they’re hired girls. Trust me on this one.

Reno is up there too but it’s actually legal in the outskirts of Reno. They have brothels there but they are expensive and not worth your time.

Costa Rica – Jaco Beach and San Jose are crawling with escorts. I’ve actually covered everything about hiring a hooker in Costa Rica. If you’re planning on traveling there, then read this article before doing so.

Amsterdam – The Red Light District is the hottest escort scene in Europe. You can hire these girls and have sex with them legally. It’s one of the only places in the world where it’s legal.

Thailand – This is a cheap place to hire a hooker. This problem here is that many of the workers are ladyboys and finding out that your girl has a dick is a real buzzkill for the tourist.

Sites People Use To Find Escorts

sites to find hookers

I’ve done a ton of searching on the web to both identify and review escort websites. Many of them are complete scams and they’re bound to land you in hot water for just using. Here’s a list of ALL the escort sites that are most popular.

Make no mistake about it, I’m sharing this information with you not so you go and use them but so you don’t make the mistake of doing so. If you do, your life will never be the same (not in a good way either).

Listcrawler – Horrible aggregator that takes old Backpage ads and repurposes them. They’re known for causing trouble for men using the site. Definitely stay away, but take the time to read this to learn more before.

Erotic Monkey – Great name for a site because it’s nothing but a circle jerk of people monkeying around and getting people to meet for sex. The kicker is that you have no idea if a cop is behind the listings. Hiring Erotic Monkey hookers might not be the brightest idea.

USASexGuide – Perhaps the worst forum in the history of all escort forums. No verification, no validation, no consumer protection, NOTHING. Avoid the usasexguide forum at all times.

AdultSearch – Another aggregator with duplicate escort ads and nonsense banner ads.

The Erotic Review – TER Review does what you think, they review escorts but the problem is that you have no idea whether it’s the pimps boosting the reviews or real people or perhaps cops.

Eros – The oldest escort site on the planet. Nothing exciting here anymore. What once was, is no longer.

Bedpage – A Backpage copycat that’s trying to take over as the official replacement. The problem is that they blindly lead you to crappy escort ads and shady dating sites that don’t work. You must read my review.

AdultLook – Nothing special, lots of links to shady sex dating ads that end up ripping you off and charging your credit card month after month.

SkipTheGames – This is all games, nothing more. They are just looking to get your money here that’s all. There is no need to even visit this one. Read my full review of STG here and do so before using it.

What You Should Do

If you’re thinking about hiring an escort to pleasure you, then you’ve got to change that tone and take other action. There are hundreds of dating networks out there that cater to people simply looking for sex. If that’s all you’re looking for, then you can find it for free. Yes, I said 100% free! I’ve provided a list of sites below which I use to religiously hookup with random women and all for free. Occasionally I need to pay for dinner and drinks but we all need to eat right! Give one or two a shot and see what happens.

Best Dating Networks Ranking Rating Read Sign Up
1 ★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website
2 ★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website
3 ★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website
4 ★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website
5 ★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website

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