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Listcrawler Review

With the death of the personals section on Craigslist, I was curious about the site, Listcrawler, a supposedly “decent” substitute for easy sexual encounters. However, upon exploring things, I’ve found that it’s nothing but a complete and total waste of your time, and also completely illegal. I may be crazy, but I don’t pay for sex because I don’t need to do so.

Look, if you have to pay for sex, that’s your (illegal) business and I certainly don’t intend to preach to grown men who should know better. But if I was to look for a paid date, I certainly wouldn’t waste my time looking for her on Listcrawler.

Keep reading to find out why I think Listcrawler is a joke and a site that you would probably want to avoid at all costs.

Listcrawler Site Review

Review After Diving Into Listcrawler

If you go to the Listcrawler site, the first thing you do is verify that you’re over 21. Of course you have to do that, we’re talking about sex here. Once you click that you’re of age, another window pops up. This time they ask you to agree to their Terms of Service and assure them that you’re not an American.

Um, what? You read that right, you have to decide if you’re going to lie or tell the truth. If you lie and say you’re not from the U.S., don’t worry, the next window asks you to pick if you’re from the United States, Canada, or other. So much for not being an American, right? Next you pick your city and you’re taken to a list of the local girls who have posted recently.

Each girl posts a picture, her supposed contact information, and what they will and won’t do. Instead of calling themselves escorts or prostitutes, they mostly would “appreciate a contribution for their time”. I’m sure that’s some way of getting around being prosecuted if the law should catch wind of what they’re doing.

What you need to know is that these phone numbers might not be for the girl you’re seeing in the picture. Just remember, what you order up might not be what you get on your doorstep.

Terms of Use

What makes me a bit nervous about Listcrawler and its Terms of Use, is the fact that there is absolutely no safety net for its users.

First, Listcrawler admits that it is not their fault if the site is breached at any time and that their information is not secure. So, what does that mean? That means that if you enter any of your personal information onto Listcrawler and someone busts on through their non-existent protections, you could be a victim of identity theft or much worse.

Law Enforcement Ties?

Listcrawler also states that it will work with any local law enforcement, the FBI, or any third-party and give them your information. I don’t know about you, but if I’m using a site that is known to be all about shady dealings, I certainly don’t want them handing my information out to the people that can bust me!

And secondly, let’s say that you do decide to use an escort and she shows up and isn’t who she said she was, rips you off, beats you up, or just does anything else that might be detrimental to you, Listcrawler won’t help you out. The entire thing is yours to deal with, they offer no guarantees whatsoever.

External Links

No matter what you click on when you’re in Listcrawler, you’re going to be sent to another place. See, this isn’t its own site, per se, but an aggregate site that scrapes other sites, like The Escort Babylon, The Erotic Monkey or Backpage, for their ads and presents them as something new.

Their main objective is to get you to click on any of the things you see as that will take you to another site that is sponsored and thus will pay the people who run this site. This is nothing but a money-maker for the brains behind the site, unfortunately.

Who Are the Girls?

Look, we all know that paying for sex is illegal. But you do you, boo! However, with this site, there is no guarantee that these girls are safe and free of diseases. And, because they are scraping these ads from other sources, you can’t even be sure they’re legitimately who will show up at your door.

Do I think they are all completely shady? No, I’m sure there are working girls on there that are wonderful, clean, not addicted to drugs, and aren’t going to rob you blind, all while being the girl in the picture. But do you really want to play Russian Roulette in choosing one?

The Bottom Line

Listcrawler is not a site that I find particularly interesting or special. And with a site that has no real redeeming qualities like this one does, why would you put yourself at risk? If you want to find a date, there are legitimate free casual hookup sites all over the internet where you’ll find like-minded ladies looking for action for free.

If doing illegal activities, such as paying for sex is your thing, you’d be much better off spending time on the actual sites that Listcrawler has scraped their data from!

The long and the short of it is this, this is a site I would avoid, as it is nothing but shady and misleading to its users and doesn’t provide you the protection or real services that it should.

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2022 Update:  This came in to our mail blog from a man with initials L.M.  Worth posting:

Hey r guy, your review of the list crawler sites is accurate except for one other thing. Within the categories example over 40 there are mostly fake pictures from other escort ads, playboy hustler magazine and more. The scam that they’re running is to pay a deposit for booking before you make an actual date. The fact that they are asking for money before you see them, they will never be where they say they are when it’s time to actually meet. So whatever was given as a deposit is back in their pocket.

It doesn’t take long to play with the actual people who run these ads because they answer any questions that you might ask the same way. Ask about where the incall is generally, or you get a response how long do you want. Then you’ll ask what are the rates and they’re asking for a deposit before you even find out. Once you play along for maybe 10 minutes back-and-forth on on exchanging texts Or you can come right out and tell him that you know this is a scam there is no such thing Bob Bob Bubba. The interesting thing is once you’ve done this that and disappears the next day completely. Didn’t mean for this to be so long but it’s another scam going on

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