GFE Monkey Review: An Escort Site To Stay Away From…

When Backpage and the personals section of Craigslist were shut down because of the new sex-trafficking law passed in early 2018, it left a hole in the world of casual dating. This is why sites that claim to be similar have been popping up left and right across the internet. However, something I’ve discovered is that rarely are the new sites anything like the sites of old.

One of the most recent Backpage wannabe’s I decide to investigate is GFE Monkey. It’s a strange name for a site that promises to help men find a woman for a “girlfriend experience.” This is really just a fancy way to say you want an escort or prostitute for the evening who will provide you with the services of a girlfriend, which is essentially just sex.

I’m not really one that will ever condone using a paid sex worker to get my jollies, but if you are ok with hiring a prostitute, you might be tempted to give GFEMonkey.com a try. Is it really worth taking a risk to use GFEMonkey? You’ll just have to keep reading to find out what I uncovered.

GFE Monkey screenshot

GFE Monkey and Erotic Monkey

If you’ve ever looked at the Erotic Monkey, another escort site, you’re going to recognize GFE Monkey. The two sites are pretty much identical except for a different layout. GFE Monkey has around 15 major cities listed, so if you’re not in one of those cities, you’re pretty much out of luck.

However, even if you’re in a major city you might have some troubles finding an escort while using GFE Monkey. I took a look at NYC as well as Miami, a huge city full of money, men, and sex workers had only 142 escorts listed. How is that even possible?

I’ll tell you how. Nobody, sex workers included, are using GFE Monkey.

I then went to another major city to see what they had going on and New York City had over 800 girls listed, so that is at least promising. Searching was easy enough, I could filter out by ethnicity, location, and even hair color if you’re into that sort of thing, but the results I got didn’t seem legit.

Here’s why…

The Girls of GFEM

I’ll admit, if you’re a horny guy and you aren’t paying attention to some of the tricks of GFE Monkey, it would be easy to be swayed into ordering up a tasty treat. However, I promise you, many of the pictures of escorts on here are photoshopped or stolen from the internet and they certainly aren’t exclusive to this one site like they promise.

How do I know this? Here’s how…

One of the best tricks you can learn when you’re joining any site and you see super-hot women is to do a reverse lookup. This can be a reverse image search or in the case of escort sites, you can reverse search phone numbers and email addresses.

When I did that on GFE Monkey I found that many of the women were on other sites, both escort sites and just regular social media like Instagram and Snapchat, and the email and numbers listed weren’t in the city they claimed to be from.

I strongly suspect that many of these women don’t even know their images are being used to promote sex work and they wouldn’t be happy to find that fact out. Stealing hot pics is a big-time practice of fraudulent dating sites, unfortunately.

You may say, “But the pictures say GFE Exclusive and the girls are holding a picture that says the date and that they’re legit”. And I will say to you that photoshop is an amazing thing. I’ve seen the same pictures you’ve seen and while they are done up pretty well, if you look hard enough you can see that those little papers they’re holding up are added in by the site and it doesn’t take much to slap “Exclusive” all over a girls face.

You may think I’m being bitter, but just take some time to really look at those pictures and do a little reverse searching and I’m sure you’ll see I’m not making any of this up.

One Good Thing Here

I don’t like to harp on all bad things, so I decided to let you know that GFE Monkey does do one good thing. And it’s kind of strange, but I’m going to give it to them, it’s really a good one.

You see, the site says that since they don’t make any money, they would like their visitors to make a donation to charity. And these are legit charities, ya’ll. Ever heard of Missingkids.org or Savethechildren.org?

I think it’s a great thing to encourage anyone to give to charity, especially charities that are deserving like those. But, it is a bit strange, being asked by an escort site to donate money. Hey, if it gets you to give a little, I guess it is a good thing.

No Terms, No Contact Information, No Support

I’m not sure how or why GFE Monkey doesn’t have any terms and conditions, but they don’t. This means anything goes when you’re using the site and you’re pretty much on your own. This is also apparent when you realize there is no contact information or customer support, which means if you have a problem, you’re not getting any help.

This fact makes me wonder who is watching the site and if they stand behind it. I mean, if nobody is paying attention, does that mean that anyone can upload what they want? Or, does that mean nobody legit is uploading anything and instead the site owners just create it to lure you in?

Very, very shady in my opinion.

Final Verdict: GFE Monkey is Just Too Shady for Me

Because I have no idea who is in charge of GFEMonkey.com and the vast majority of the escort profiles I reviewed were obviously doctored or completely fake, I would never recommend it to anyone looking for a legit hookup.

Yes, the site has helped its users to make $500,000 in donations to various charities, but you could do that on your own and not waste your time on shady dealings. Remember, using the services of a paid sex worker is still pretty much illegal, so instead of getting ripped off, beat up, arrested, or dealing with some itching and burning, focus your sites on legit hookup sites and apps and avoid GFE Monkey completely.

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