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XO Companions Review: Not Worth The Risk

I’m here today not to beat around the bush, but to give you my take on a site called XO Companions. This isn’t something that I’m typically looking for, but it’s something that I’ll cover nevertheless. I have tried many dating sites, so it isn’t often that a dating site or hookup forum comes around that I haven’t heard of. Well, today was that day. A friend of mine asked me if I had ever used the site XOCompanions and what I thought about it. So I did my homework and decided to share the feedback with all. Here’s what you need to know about this site and my review in general…

XO Companions homepage

My XO Companions Review

I had to take a look to see if maybe I was missing out on this site that would supposedly provide me with some new ladies to spend time with. I tried to join, as I always do when I want to review a dating site, and things just got strange. Actually, I was completely confused as to what XO Companions was supposed to be.

You see, claims to be one thing but is totally something else. And, they aren’t accepting new registrations, which is again, strange. But, it does tell me what is going on with their site, which I suspected from the beginning.

Before you attempt to join XO Companions, I think you should read this review first, especially if you’re hoping to find free hookups.

What Are They Hiding?

So, I mentioned earlier that XO Companions is a site that claims to be one thing, but I suspect its something else. I have a strong feeling that they are not a consultant site, like they’re claiming to be, but are instead an escort site.

I am not the type of person that will ever use an escort, I truly don’t need to, but I don’t really judge anyone that feels the need to go down that road. I would only say that I hope if you do use escorts, you remember that they’re illegal (pretty much everywhere), dangerous to use (diseases and the possibility of being arrested or beaten up is not my idea of a good time), and a waste of money (seriously, you can find women on legit hookup sites that will sleep with you for FREE). Please, be careful if you decide to use the services of an escort, prostitute, streetwalker, whatever you choose to call them.

When you try to join XO Companions, you’re going to see some things that clue me in on what they’re actually up to. First, you have to agree to being 21 years old or older. Does that mean that if you’re 18, 19, or 20 years old you can’t need the help of a consultant? Hmm…

Secondly, when you try to join you also have to agree that you are A-OK with adult content. What the heck kind of consulting are they doing? I’ll tell you, they’re actually an internet pimp trying to match up escorts with paying Johns.

If that isn’t bad enough, you won’t be protected if and when you use XO Companions.

contact form

They Won’t Protect You

XO Companions has some very revealing terms and conditions that I highly recommend you read.

I know they’re boring. I know they’re long. And I know that nobody ever reads the terms and conditions on any dating site that they use.

It’s actually a shame, really, because everything a dating site does, or doesn’t do, is laid out there for you. With XO Companions, you’re going to see that by agreeing to use their site, you also agree that they’re not going to stick by you in any way.

Accepting a membership means you won’t hold XO Companions liable for anything that happens to you.

Did you get an escort that wasn’t who she claimed to be? Too bad.

Did an escort show up at your place with a guy who beat you up and robbed you? So sorry, but not their problem.

Did you get something that required a strong antibiotic, or maybe something you can’t cure? Thems the risks you take, buddy.

If I had to give XO Companions one positive, it would be that they do require their members, male and female, to provide two different forms of identification before they can join, so there is some minor level of safety there. But, I must stress it is very minor.

I don’t like any dating site that doesn’t stand behind its members, especially when the members are the lifeblood of that site. To me, it’s just too shady and risky. Oh, and that’s not the only thing XO Companions can do.

They Pretty Much Own You

Remember those terms and conditions I really want you to read before you join? If you do, you’re going to see that XO Companions does more than just punk out on protecting you. They suddenly own you once you’re a member.

I’m totally not exaggerating when I say this, either. When you agree to be a member, you agree to their terms, which state that you acknowledge the site owners can take any or all of your information and use it how they see fit. This can include sending you marketing (hello blown up inbox of spam) and using your profile information on any of their other sites as a means to make those sites seem busy and full of members.

If that isn’t enough, they can also pretend to be you and talk to other members, sort of like using your profile as a means to catfish other people. Tell me that isn’t a load of trash!

What this all boils down to is that your information and any data you provide to XO Companions isn’t safe. This is a huge red flag because it is pretty obvious they are an escort site (have I mentioned that using the services of an escort is still illegal here?).

Does that mean they’ll turn you and your personal info over to authorities? They certainly could. And there’s no denying it’s you, you provided them with two forms of identification.

That really gives you something to think about, doesn’t it?

The Verdict on XO Companions: Don’t Do It.

The bottom line here is is just too damn risky. Maybe I’m a wimp, but I am never going to use the services of an escort, provide personal information to a site that won’t protect me and will send my info out to wherever they choose with my only reward being hit with a boatload of spam in my inbox.

If I were you, I would avoid using this sit even if you can register for the services. It’s seriously just not worth it for a little bit of action. If you’re looking to smash and dash and at a very low cost, then all you need to do is check out the homepage here. I’ve covered just about everything you need to know and more. All my top hookup options are listed front and center in the table there.

Alternative Sites Like XO Companions

There are a bunch of sites out there that are similar to XO Companions. If you’re not familiar with some of the call girl sites listed below, then you need to be. Read the reviews to learn more.


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