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Massage Republic Reviews Mean Nothing But This One…

Given all the issues that Asian massage parlors are having, like Orchids of Asia, this is no time to be visiting massage parlors. Sure, I don’t know about you, but I really love a good massage. Nothing like a nice loosening up after a hard week. So, when I saw the site, Massage Republic, I thought, “Great! Maybe I can find a masseuse local”. That was until I started to check out what the site was really about.

Look, I’m no prude, so after a few seconds of poking around I was sure that I wasn’t going to get a legit massage out of using Massage Republic, but instead, I was going to get a “massage”. If you are a prude, or you’re just not sure what I’m talking about, many times sites like Massage Republic advertise massages when in fact they are a front for sex work of all types.

Now, I am not the type of person that wants to waste money on paying someone to give me the old rub-and-tug, I have dating sites and hookup apps that have left me with enough women for a long time. Never will I pay more than a site membership fee for sex of any type.

That being said, some guys are A-OK with the risks of using escorts, prostitutes, streetwalkers, and erotic masseuses. If that’s you, great. That’s why I continue to check out these types of sites, so I can at least point you away from the absolute worst of the worst in escort sites.

If you’re considering using Massage Republic, please read my review first. If you’re not convinced by what I say, at least be safe, ok?

Massage Republic screenshot

Full Review On Using Massage Republic

The moment you land on the Massage Republic website, you’re going to get a pop-up looking to get your email address. You’ll also see that they are advertising adult content and by entering your info, you agree that you’re an adult, and you agree that you and the site women are just going to spend “free time” together.

Yeah, ok.

Needless to say, I did not give Massage Republic my email address because I didn’t want to be blasted with spam and I certainly didn’t want my email address connected to an escort site. If you think those types of sites are immune from being hit by the feds, you’re living in La-La land and I’ll have some of what you’re smoking!

Trust me, escort sites are shut down all the time, look at Backpage. Not only was it shut down, but the entire site was also seized by the government under the suspicion of sex trafficking. Do you really want to be involved in that kind of mess?

Anyway, back to joining Massage Republic. Once I declined giving them my email address, I put in Southern Florida, a hopping and exciting area, to see just what was available on the sex work spectrum. I supposedly had 45 escorts available to me and 14 of them had verified profiles. They also offered me the following services:

If you’re not into having a strictly straight sexual encounter, you can also utilize the services of a trans woman, or a shemale, whichever she’d prefer to be called. You can also search for other services, location, and pricing.

Massage Republic quotes prices, but you’ll probably have to discuss what final price you’ll pay with whichever escort you decide to go with. Prices are quoted at $40-$1,000, with an average cost of $355 for an hour.

Remember, that’s for South Florida, so things are more expensive down there. I’m sure some little Podunk town in Iowa is going to have cheaper prostitutes. Or, you could just skip the high fees and invest your money on something that won’t give you cooties or a record, like a hookup app or dating site.

But, I digress.

Ads, Ads, More Ads, Literally Everywhere

One major character flaw that Massage Republic has is its advertising that is literally everywhere. Bad dating sites do this to get you to click on the ads, so they get a kickback for your traffic to those other sites. They also use the ads to make their own site look exciting and sexy and fun.

Rarely are any sites like Massage Republic or their third-party advertisers exciting, sexy, or fun. If you see any dating sites that are brimming with advertising, avoid them.

The Risks of Using The Site

You’re all grown men and you don’t need me harping on you like an old bitty, but I’m going to anyway.

Using any escort site, especially one that is so blatant about what they’re providing, is very risky. I don’t mean the “getting a disease” thing, although I’m sure you don’t want anything that can last for a lifetime or take your life.

And I don’t even mean the “it’s unsafe, you could get robbed, beat up, or worse” thing. Yes, that would suck big time, but you’re a grown-up and you made the choice to order up a complete and total stranger from the internet based off of pictures that could be stolen or faked.

No, what I mean is, you really are pushing your luck by putting any personal information into an escort site because sites like this get raided all the time. I mean, the creator of legit got raided in April of 2019 and the authorities took his computers and memory cards. I bet you all the members of that escort site have their buttholes in a pucker right now!

Look, you have to do what works for you, but seriously pause and think it out first. With your brain. On your shoulders.

Final Verdict on Massage Republic: Avoid It

I really don’t know why anyone uses escort sites. There are so many other options out there and they are not going to cost you anything beyond a membership fee to a dating site or app. Sure, the girls on Massage Republic cater to fetishes and they’re hot, but you can’t be assured they are who they say they are and you certainly can’t guarantee that they won’t rob you, give you a disease, or cause you trouble when the feds raid the site.

If I were you, I would avoid Massage Republic and any other site like it. There are just too many risks associated with this illegal activity and you have many other options available to you.

Look, plain and simple…

If you want to get some booty and smash without all that possible law enforcement and breaking the law, then just join one of these dating apps for adults. You will meet someone looking to bang for free here – guaranteed.

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