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TNABoard Review: Escort Message Board

I’ve used plenty of classified sites and escort forums in my day. The other types of sites that I’ve dabbled in are message boards. One that comes to mind is the TNABoard. TNA is a forum where you can rate the local girls who are considered “providers.” If I have to tell you what these girls are providing on a board called TNA, well, I’m thinking you’re too pure to be using sites like this anyway.

Don’t worry though, I’ll cover it all right now!

TNABoard Reviews

My TNABoard Site Report

I’ll kick things off by covering what these girls do…Girls on TNA are providing an illegal service in that they are prostitutes.

It’s NOT Legal

There is no getting around it, prostitution is illegal in our country and I don’t ever recommend any man get involved with a woman who is paid to have sex with him, for obvious reasons. We’re all adults here and know what can happen when you sleep with sex workers, so I won’t go into that because it’ll make me feel physically sick if I do. What I do want to make sure you understand is why the TNA Board is something I would avoid.

The Terms Tell The Story

No matter what site/board you join, I would strongly suggest you read their Terms of Service. Yes, they’re long, boring, and they use confusing language at times. But on a legitimate dating site, they also tell you exactly what you are covered for should something happen.

Well, the TNABoard is not one of those legit sites, so in section six, you’ll see that they state that they have no control on what is advertised or linked to on their site. And, because they have no control, they have no liability for what should happen to you while you’re visiting their site or any third-party site.

In section eight is where you find out that they have every intention of keeping your registration fees even if you are completely unsatisfied. And if they don’t like what you’re doing, they will cancel your membership and keep the cash. That’s definitely a no-win situation if you ask me.

Welcome To The Hotel California Rule

Finally, the TNA Board subscribes to a rule they call “The Hotel California Rule.” What does that mean exactly? We,ll it means that no matter what you post to their boards, it will always remain (Essentially, you can check out anytime, but you can never leave. Thanks Eagles). They never remove anything, even at your request and anything you do or say is property of the TNA Board. This includes your profile as well. All they do is slap a “retired” on the end of your username and they say in their TOS that you shouldn’t have used your real name anyway so who cares what your username is. They sound like they take customer service really seriously, don’t they?

No Verifying Of Girls

Another aspect of I really don’t like is that they don’t, in any way, verify the few girls on their site. Top, legitimate dating sites, even casual hookup sites, will take the time to verify their members with a quick video chat and proof of identification and they will have a huge user database.

This site has so few members, you’ll be lucky to find anyone local and you cannot guarantee that anyone on the site is who they claim to be. If you take a chance to place an order for sex from a prostitute on the TNA Board, you might not get the girl you ordered. You don’t get to tell them to just leave either, because they will get their money, one or another. Do you really want to deal with an angry streetwalker or her pimp?

Tons Of Shady Links

If you spend any time poking around on the TNA Board, you’ll see that there are numerous third-party links. These are dating sites with names like Meet & Fuck or Live Cams and they are just as shady as the TNA Board. They employ deceptive tactics such as hiring independent contractors to make fake profiles to keep you paying for their dating site services in the hopes that these profiles will want to meet you and have sex with you. It is just another way to screw you over, you’ll never find a woman looking for sex while using these sites. What I find kind of fishy is that one dating site is advertising their “competitors.” If the TNA Board is so amazing, why are they helping you to look elsewhere?

Conclusion: TNABoard Is Awful, Don’t Even Try It

If you’re someone that enjoys using a prostitute for your sexual satisfaction, that’s your business. I do hope that you’ll be very careful and ensure your safety, and this includes the working women. It’s a dangerous world out there, so use some common sense. Common sense tells me that the TNA Board isn’t something worth wasting your time on and if you truly want to get laid, then you need to start using one of my top hookup websites.

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