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The Other Board Review: Do Not Use This!

There are lots of sites out there that cater to the people who love hooking up with escorts. One of the sites is known as The Other Board. I’ve done my best to cover the ins and outs of this site and why I suggest avoiding it. Having spent ample time researching things, I know pretty much everything about this board. Here’s my full review of things and why you must steer clear of I’ll kick things off and say that this site is just as scummy or worse than TNA Board.

The Other Board homepage

The Other Board Report Tells All

Before I begin my review, I want to make a few things clear. First, I’m not huge on using escorts and escort sites for my own personal fun times. It just isn’t something I want to do, or really need to do, with the number of legit adult dating sites on the internet.

However, if you are someone who uses escorts and the sites that promote them, more power to you, my friend. I just think there is too much risk of getting caught up in a bust now that the Feds have put a stop to sex trafficking sites, getting your ass beat or robbed by an angry prostitute or pimp, or getting a disease from a less-than-clean professional sex worker. Maybe I’m wimpy, but I don’t care.

I also want to mention that TheOtherBoard is a site that pretty much geared towards guys living in Colorado. So, unless you live in the Centennial State or you’re planning on visiting it, you’re probably not going to have much success using the Other Board.

But, because I try to keep things open and honest, I gave it a good try and decided to let you know what I think about the site. Full disclosure: I did not contact any of these women for a “date”, but instead used my detective skills to determine if the site seemed legit or if it was a complete and total fraud.

Here it goes, folks, my review.

Initial Thoughts

Before I join or try out any dating site, I like to read their terms and conditions. I know nobody is reading those, they’re beyond boring, but everyone really should consider checking them out before signing up for anything.

The terms and conditions of TheOtherBoard are quite eye-opening. First, and maybe most importantly, The site will give you up to law enforcement if asked to do so.

Um, what?

Yep, if the police should ask, the company behind this site will give you up and provide law enforcement with everything they have on you. That is kind of frightening considering hiring an escort, prostitute, or sex worker is pretty much illegal everywhere. (Don’t write me that it isn’t illegal in Nevada, I know this.)

The terms and conditions also state that the site keeps your information pretty much indefinitely. If you decide you want to bug off and forget your time on TheOtherBoard, anything you’ve done or any reviews you’ve left for an escort will be there indefinitely.

And finally, this site does not condone you paying for sex. They’re just a site showing you escorts, they don’t push you to do anything, so if you get caught or robbed or catch something, they cannot and will not be held responsible for what happens. This means you can’t try and sue or get any reimbursement for your damages.

If any of this wasn’t enough to scare you off, or you’re still curious about the actual site itself, never fear. I have some more information for you on TheOtherBoard.

The Escort Listings

Ok, I really looked over the listings. First, there are very limited listings for anywhere but Colorado. Like, most major cities have absolutely nothing listed, which may be for legal reasons or maybe TheOtherBoard just isn’t that popular elsewhere.

Secondly, I find it kind of suspicious that there are over 400 listings for Colorado alone. These listings don’t seem local either, to be honest. Some of them don’t have local area codes and it makes me think they are ripped from other escort sites to build up The Other Board. My recommendation when you’re looking at ads on the site is to really investigate the girl or girls you’re considering.

Many times, the person you “order” isn’t the person who will show up at your door and looks nothing like the lady you fancied. And it is highly unlikely a woman with a New York area code for her phone number is actually in the local area. So, just be careful.

Fake Reviews

Now, I know I can’t prove that the reviews on the site are fake, but to me, they seemed too similar to be real. I have a feeling that the employees of The Other Board are posting fake reviews to make the site seem busier than it really is.

I would truly take the reviews with a grain of salt if I were you. Or, at least make sure you look at all of the reviews of the woman you’re considering spending time with. Some of these ladies have many reviews, so I’m sure at least some of them must be legit.


Inactive Forums has forums for its users to discuss various subjects on, but I don’t know that they are truly real. Nearly every member is listed as “Guest,” and there were only about 14 pages of these supposed real people. I don’t know, I would think that the site would have a more active forum, especially of Johns and sex workers looking to connect.

This may be nitpicking, but I don’t often trust sites where people are either hiding behind the name “Guest” or the site itself is making these profiles to make the site seem more active.

Too Many Emails

Something I found really suspicious on the site was that there was no advertising at all. All dating sites have advertising of some sort, so when I see a site without it, I pretty much know what is coming.

Advertising emails.

Out the wazoo!

The minute the company has your email address, you’re going to be bombarded by emails full of advertising, which is super annoying, in my opinion. In fact, it is something that completely turns me off from using any dating site.

If you don’t mind being hit with email after email after email, you won’t mind The Other Board. If you hate that type of obnoxious advertising method, this is your warning.

Final Verdict: Dodge The Other Board

Everyone has to do what is right for them. If using more mainstream dating sites is your thing, go for it. Or, maybe you like adult hookup sites. Great!

If you’re the type of person that likes escort sites, I seriously wouldn’t recommend The Other Board unless you’re in Colorado and only if you make sure things are safe and on the up-and-up.

I will just say that the site does some shady stuff that I wouldn’t put up within any other dating site, so just keep that in mind.

Be safe out there and if you’re interested in getting laid, then just use a site that works. Start by checking out the list below and let me know how you make out!

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