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The Erotic Review

I’ve shared my thoughts on using and Now it’s time for me to cover The Erotic Review. What was once the most widely talked about escort review site in New York City, is now nowhere to be found for those within the United States of America.

Consider yourself lucky because this site sucks the big one!

the erotic review site

The Erotic Review Gets Reviewed By A Nut!

Sure, when you land on The Erotic Review, you might be amazed at how impressive and professional it looks to be. It doesn’t look like your common, skeezy escort site, but instead something that upscale, and dare I say it, fancy. This looks like the type of site a rich man might frequent instead of pulling his limo up to some skank on the sidewalk.

Maybe this sounds great to you, right? I mean, escorts aren’t really prostitute’s, right? They’re safe, beautiful, and aren’t going to beat you up, shank you and steal your money, and they certainly don’t have anything that will require a strong dose of penicillin to fix, right?

Wrong, wrong, and wrong.

It doesn’t matter how you paint the picture, no matter what you call them, an escort is still selling her body to anyone with the cash for it which may mean they’ve been “playing” unsafely (The Clap, anyone?), lying about who they are, and could be addicted to drugs. If all of that doesn’t really bother you, how about the fact that it’s illegal? And if that still doesn’t faze you, let me tell you about what I found when I investigated The Erotic Review.

VIP Memberships

Joining The Erotic Review is not free. Sure, you can make a profile that’s free, but beyond that, you’re not doing much else. To gain full and complete access to what this site has to offer, you have to become a VIP member. And being a VIP isn’t cheap, with a price tag of $250. So not only do you have to pay a huge fee, you’re giving the site all your personal contact information and financial information. And you’re giving to a site that is promoting an illegal activity. Why don’t you just write “John” on your forehead and walk into a police station?

If you don’t become a VIP, the only thing you can access on each of the prostitute’s profiles is the number of men they’ve had sex with. You can’t join in any of the numerous discussions on the discussion board, you can’t read the reviews, you can’t find out the services offered by each woman, and you can’t find out what you’re going to pay for said services.


And don’t forget, the authorities often put up ads on these types of sites to see who they can lure into being completely stupid. There is no way to tell who is legit and who is going to slap some cuffs on you and not the kinky kind with a furry pink lining on them. You’re really putting your reputation at risk but using The Erotic Review.

I have had many friends and readers complain to me about how expensive casual, adult dating sites can be with their fees that hover around $34.95 a month. Sure it is kind of expensive if you’re a complete lunatic with no money, but what you’re getting is access to local like-minded women who want to find themselves a lover without getting paid for it. I love my hookup site faves and have no plans of changing them.

Conclusion: Is Bad, Do NOT Use It

If I were you, I would completely avoid using The Erotic Review completely, as it is going to give you nothing but a headache. And seriously, you do not want any of your personal information linked to a site that is dealing in illegal activities like prostitution, no matter what they try to call it.

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