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Peachmate Review – Awful Dating Site = Huge Let Down

If you’re new to dating sites, or you are experienced and looking for something new to add to your repertoire, you might be lured in by a very good advertising tagline for the site Peachmate. “Real people, real hookups, really free” is probably one of the best ad lines I’ve seen for any hookup site on the market.

The only issue I had with that line was whether or not it was actually true. Too many times I’ve seen dating sites that promised the world and delivered absolutely nothing. That’s why I take nothing at face value anymore in the dating world, and instead dive a little more deeply into a site before I give it my seal of approval.

I decided that it was time to give Peachmate a try and see if I found the hookups they promised, or if I was only fed rotten fruit.


Full Review When Joining Peachmate

Joining Peachmate is incredibly easy. You only need to supply the site with your email address, location, gender, and date of birth to sign in. If you don’t even want to do that, you can sign up with one of the big social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. However, I wouldn’t recommend you do that with any dating site, not just Peachmate.

See, social media sites have too many issues with security, in my opinion. You never know if somehow your interest in banging as many people as you can ends up on your Facebook page and your Auntie sees it. Or a potential employer. This is a no bueno thing for sure. You want nothing to do with this type of thing.

It is completely legal in the U.S. that employers perform social media background checks if they are so inclined. And most companies are so inclined, trust me.

If I were you, never use any social media site to join a dating site of any kind. Keep your dating life completely separate from your online presence.

Now that I’ve given you a bonus piece of advice, back to joining Peachmate.

After you’ve given the powers that be your basic information, you have to accept their terms and conditions. I would strongly suggest that you read them, and any terms and conditions of any dating site you plan on joining. You cannot move forward with Peachmate unless you accept these terms, so make sure you do.

If you are ok with what they’re able to do to you while using their site, you’ll then create a username and password for the site and a profile with a little write up about you. If you are going to create a profile, please make it complete and honest. So many times I see profiles that are full of lies or they’re blank and I promise you, nobody is going to fall for it or contact you without any information about yourself.

Using Peachmate

One thing you’re going to notice when you try to perform a search is that Peachmate doesn’t have a header bar for navigation. Instead, there is a sidebar where you’ll do all your searching and using other features for the site.

Speaking of features, here is what you’ll find on Peachmate:

  • Browsing – This is where you’ll filter out what you want in a potential hookup, usually by gender, age, location, etc.
  • Messaging – Obviously, this is where you’ll go for receiving and sending messages.
  • Private photos – Some members set their sexier pics to private. If you’re friends with them and they grant you access, this is where you’ll go to access those.
  • Hot or Not – Ever used Tinder? Peachmate offers the same sort of thing where you can swipe if you find another member hot or not.

That’s about all that Peachmate offers up. While not exactly terrible, it is kind of basic.

The Good and the Bad

I spent a good amount of time poking around on Peachmate to see what was good and bad about it. Here’s what I discovered.

The Good

  • Simple signup process
  • Free to join
  • Private image sharing
  • Extensive search options

The Bad

  • Stock images are abundant on the site
  • No video chatting option
  • Unsolicited emails that stink of advertising from Peachmate
  • Very few actual members
  • Abandoned profiles
  • No verification process
  • Not much site activity makes for a boring user experience

Peachmate is also not a secure site and has no SSL on file anywhere. That might not seem like a huge deal except that means that any information that you provide to them can be accessed by outside parties looking to get info for nefarious purposes, like identity theft, which is no joke.

Oh, and remember how it is free to join Peachmate? Well just because you can join for free doesn’t mean you’re getting to do much with that free membership. If you want to access anything of value on Peachmate, you’d have to upgrade your membership.

But I promise you, the site is so dead, it’s like a ghost town. I found very few female profiles and the ones I did find seemed to be long abandoned. If you meet anyone that is real on Peachmate, I’d be completely shocked, so please, save your hard-earned money.

The Bottom Line – DO NOT USE 

I’ve used a lot of dating sites and hookup apps. I’ve seen many sites that were amazing and far more that were completely terrible. Nothing frustrates me more than an app or site that lures in unsuspecting men with promises of hookups with little work and all for the amazing price of “Free.

Think about it, have you ever gotten anything for free that was actually worth anything?

No, you haven’t. There is no such thing as a free lunch, and I promise you that there are no free lunches on Peachmate. In fact, if you go onto Peachmate thinking you’re going to find any tasty morsels, you’re going to be completely let down.

If you want a hookup, you would have better success picking up a cutie at a bar or even the gym or coffee shop or grocery store than you would ever have using Peachmate, so don’t fall for their slick advertising.

What works best? 

If you’re looking for the best of the best, then you’ll want to check out the sites listed below. You’ll find that they ALL work very well, I promise you that. Not to mention, they’ve got sick guarantees!

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