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Huntsville Sex Guide: Bama Booty Calls!

I’m a big Alabama football guy. I know, it sounds strange being that I live in New York, but I like SEC football. If you didn’t know, Huntsville is one of the cities in Alabama where the smartest NASA guys lives. It’s also a place where you’ll find all things related to sex. I know, Huntsville isn’t the largest city on the map, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy having sex all the time.

Thankfully, if you’re a Huntsville resident, or you’re planning a trip to northern Alabama, you’ll be able to find some sort of sexual satisfaction if you know where to look and don’t mind spending a little extra time researching.

huntsville alabama

Located approximately 20 miles south of Tennessee, this small town keeps its cozy feel as it progresses into the future with Fortune 500 companies, engineering, biotechnology, and the U.S. government using Huntsville for missile development and developing military defense strategies.

Here’s something to remember if you plan on getting busy while you’re in Huntsville, Alabama. While the age of consent is 16 years old, you should always stick to women 18 and older. Oh, and prostitution and being gay isn’t looked kindly upon in the area, so don’t make it obvious as to what you’re trying to do, once the residents of Huntsville hear “gay”, “sex”, or “how much”, they’re calling the cops.

Trust me, use discretion if you plan on paying for sex, it isn’t legal, and you’ll get busted if you’re not careful.

Now, if you’re ready to find out where your best sex options are in Huntsville, whatever those requirements might be, keep reading!

Huntsville Internet Escorts

Let’s face it, we live on the internet. The great thing about that is that now, finding sex is super easy. You can just do a quick little search and a wealth of escort and dating sites will pop up at your fingertips.

If you want to find an escort while you’re in Huntsville, give these sites a try:

  • Adult Friend Finder – Even if you’re not looking for an escort, you can find someone to have sex with here. It really is the king of all dating sites, if you ask me.
  • Meet Locals – This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you want to find local tail, try this site.
  • SoNaughty – Great for anyone looking to be naughty.
  • Free Hookups – A completely free hookup site, what could be better? Nothing is better than free hookups.
  • Ashley Madison – Yeah, they’ve had their issues in the past, but Ashley Madison is back in a big way for those cheaters of Huntsville who want sex without the strings, (and annoying wife nagging).
  • Fling – Then yes, the great!

Details On Huntsville Escorts

Trying to find an escort in Huntsville without the help of the internet is a little more difficult because this is still small-town America. However, if you still have your computer out, look up these sites and be prepared for escorts on the, uh, thicker side. This is the south, remember.


Finding yourself a streetwalker, prostitute, or whatever you want to call them is going to be very difficult in Huntsville. They just don’t take kindly to that there, so if you’re hell-bent on a paid sex worker to live out your “Pretty Woman” fantasies, it might not happen while you’re there.

You should also know that the majority of the prostitutes of Huntsville are addicts looking to score their next hit, so definitely use some protection. Strong protection.

If you’re out perusing the area, keep an eye for ladies of the night on Drake Ave SW near Newson, Triana up to Patton Road, Hall Street, Old Mill, and Bob Wallace Ave. If you’re successful in finding a willing, paid sex worker, be prepared to pay $20-$50 for a handjob and depending on how long and what you want to do, $40 and up for sex.

Huntsville Strip Clubs

While Huntsville isn’t happy about prostitution, it sure isn’t shy about strip clubs. There are so many to choose from, but two really stick out as the ones you should try. Here ya go:

  • The Cherry – A great place to watch sports, watch T&A, have drinks, and eat a little bit of that good southern strip club fare.
  • Pony Bama – This place has not one, not two, but FIVE stages and FIVE bars with over 80 performers you can watch seven days a week.

Sex Shops

If you’re not looking for “full-on” sex, Huntsville does have sex shops where you can locate a dildo, fake pussy, or any other dirty toy your mind can think up. Pleasures Romance Boutique is a high-end sex shop that is challenging the “technically illegal” sex toy law. You will have to fill out that you’re using your new toy for “medical purposes” if you’re an Alabama resident, but once you do, you’re off and running.

Or, probably more like humping.

Local Swingers and SDC are two websites that may help you live out your Huntsville swinger’s fantasies. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on those two sites, give @AlabamaSwingers on Twitter a try or Encounters of Huntsville.

Huntsville Gay, Lesbian, and Shemales

Being gay is still pretty much illegal in Huntsville (that’s what it seems like atleast), so finding a same-sex partner is going to be hard unless they are looking to score some money for drugs. Huntsville even closed down all of its gay bars and stopped allowing gays to marry, so they’re pretty damn serious.

As for shemales, those are hard to find too. TSDates and TS4Rent might help you find a cute little tranny, but don’t hold your breath.

Final Word: Stay Safe in Huntsville

The lack of sex workers has made Huntsville a pretty safe city, so there’s that. However, if you are really into being “out” with your sexual appetite, it probably isn’t going to happen there. It’s still the Bible Belt and with that comes conservative beliefs, prudishness, and people who just aren’t looking to hear or see anything sexual.

Don’t let that fool you. My experience has always been that those that denounce something loudly are usually the freakiest. Just sayin’.

If you’re in Huntsville, avoid University Drive and North Huntsville, those two places are a bit more unsavory, and just be ready to do some research and digging to find the sexual encounters you want and need while you’re in the Rocket City.

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