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One Night Stand Apps

I’ve been covering a lot of different types of dating topics lately here on One that I recently covered was cuckolding – a super strange niche. Today, I’m covering a more typical or common topic – the one-night stand. Specifically, I’ll be covering the websites that I suggest using if you’re looking to having one of these “one and done” nights.

But first, did you know…

Casual sex has made a resurgence of late! Both guys and girls are enjoying sex without a relationship and without the guilt. While more and more people are partaking in one-night stands, it isn’t always easy to find a partner roaming out there in the wild. Instead of making yourself crazy with hitting on women at bars or the grocery store, why not try what most other people do?

The Internet has taken over the dating world and gone are the days of having to take someone out for a date, chatting them up and spending money, hoping they’ll want to go back to your place to get busy without the commitment of seeing them again. Now, no matter what type of date you want to have, you can find it on the old internet. And one-night stands are no exception.

If you’re looking to find potential partners that will happily love you and leave you, consider trying out these top nine websites for one-night stands.

One-Night Stand

Where To Find a One Night Stand Online

Not everyone out there wants to have a serious relationship. Maybe you’re fresh out of a relationship or you just don’t have time to settle down. Whatever your reasoning, sex without strings is a great way to satisfy your needs.

If you’re looking for partners for one-night stands, give these websites a try, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  1. Adult Friend Finder – Oldest dating site is top for one-night stands.

Adult Friend Finder is one of the first-ever dating sites and continues to be a force to be reckoned with, with over 80 million members worldwide. No matter what type of partner you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it on Adult Friend Finder.

Members can search other user profiles, go into chatrooms, read blogs, send messages, flirt, and explore new kinks if you’re into that sort of thing. Easy to use and gender-inclusive, Adult Friend Finder increases your chances of finding like-minded sex partners from the start.

There does seem to be a higher number of male profiles than female and some of the profiles are definite fakes, so be careful who you’re talking to and make sure you really know them before you decide to get intimate.

  1. Craigslist – Gone are the personals sections, but Activities is here to stay.

When Craigslist shut down its personals section many a casual sex fan shed a tear or two. I understand why they did it, but it sure didn’t improve my chances of finding a one-night stand. Thankfully, the Activities section is still up and running and that’s where you’re sure to find someone interested in your “special activity.”

While using Craigslist is free and easy enough, you’re not going to see pictures of who you’re talking to unless you ask, there are a lot of fake profiles or people just looking for friends, and some people are just trolls looking to waste your time. However, if you take a little extra time and use some healthy caution, finding a local one-night stand partner is absolutely possible.

  1. Be Naughty – For when you just need to be.

If you’re naughty, and who isn’t, then you’re going to enjoy what Be Naughty and its over 13 million members have to offer. Joining Be Naughty is free and you can opt for a three-day trial to see what the site is about if you’re still on the fence. Keep in mind, though, that a free membership means free benefits, which is essentially none.

Women who join Be Naughty can send messages for free, men will have to pony up some cash. Everyone of every sexual orientation is welcome and Be Naughty is in a variety of languages in case you need that too.

There are a lot of pop-ups and you’re going to get fake messages from the site to try and trick you into thinking you’re super popular, so don’t fall for that, but trust me, you can find legit matches using Be Naughty if you’re patient.

  1. Instabang – Because isn’t that what we’re all looking to do? is a site that lives up to its name. If you’re looking for sex, and nothing but sex, then you’ll probably like Instabang. The site, while a little boring looking, uses GPS to help find matches near you and has a very Instagram-like feel to it.

If you’re looking for chatting and private messaging, Instabang has that, but it takes work and they’ve got lots of adult videos. The good news is that they will never share your info with third-party companies.

  1. Free Hookup Search – Kind of a porn feel to it.

Free Hookup Search allows you to search for a one-night stand easily and without too much work, which is something we all want. Full of hot videos, live webcams, and instant messaging, you’re sure to find something that holds you over until you find an actual sex partner to meet with.

Free Hookup Search is free to join but will require an upgrade to use all the sites services. They also use fantasy profiles, so keep an eye out for those so you’re not wasting your time talking to someone who will never meet up with you.

Make sure to view our list of the premier hookup apps.

  1. – The site for alternative one-night stands.

Are you into BDSM or some other kink? If you are, is the go-to for one-night stands that involve something a little more intense than just a bang-and-go. You can search for members in your area, watch videos, chat it up with over one million members, and find a partner that is whatever gender you’d like to play with.

There aren’t too many bad things about, although you will stumble across fake profiles on occasion and you’ll be charged if you want to change your profile name.

  1. Fling – Probably the best one-night stand app you’ll find.

If you’re not using, what is wrong with you? Everyone and their horny mom have the fling dating app, and they’re using to find one-night stands quickly and easily (Sorry to put that visual in your head).

Fling has over 20 million users in over 90 countries, so no matter where you’re located you should be able to find someone to have sex with. Put up some good pictures of yourself (which will be verified), make your profile write-up witty and fun, and prepare to be swiped.

Fortunately, Fling is also home to the best customer service in the industry, fighting off scammers and catfishers, so you won’t have to watch out for that, or any account security issues. Just go for it and have a blast.

  1. Bumble – Women rule here.

Bumble is a woman-focused dating app that wants the female population to have control of their dating lives. Just like Tinder, Bumble uses a swiping method of matching you up and if two of you both swipe right, the lady has 24 hours to respond to you. If she doesn’t, then the match is gone.

Bumble has an equal ratio of men to women, is full of educated members, and has a bunch of success stories so you know it’s working. Adult pictures are not allowed and a good majority of the people who join Bumble are looking for a relationship and not a one-night stand, but you can have success as long as you’re honest about what you’re looking for.

  1. Ashley Madison – One-night stands for cheaters.

We all know about Ashley Madison and its past troubles, but thankfully for the married set out there, they have vastly improved their security features. There are members from 50 countries, so if you’re traveling, you’ll find a one-night stand. Oh, and there are travel perks too, so there’s that.

If you’re looking to be discreet, Ashley Madison allows you to browse anonymously on both the website and the app that is available on both Apple and Android. You’ll also find blog posts about having one-night stands and how to do it efficiently, which is a nice bonus.

Even if you’re not married, you can find partners for one-night stands on Ashley Madison, especially married women who need a little spice in their lives. And as they say, “Life is short. Have an affair.”.

If you are looking for a list of sites you can join and use for a long time, check out the list of best adult dating apps.

Final Thoughts To Help You Stay Safe

Having a one-night stand is something that should be fun, not something you’re worried about doing. So, you definitely need to make sure you’re wearing protection to avoid anything that requires a strong antibiotic to cure, can’t be cured, or will be hitting up your wallet for the next 18 years.

You will also want to meet in public first and maybe let someone know where you’re going just in case there’s an issue. If your potential match is WAAAAAY too agreeable, too over-the-top excited, or just seems sketchy, don’t go anywhere private with them. It’s just asking for trouble.

Finally, remember that a one-night stand is just that, one night. This isn’t something that should ever have feelings attached to it and just like you, your sex partner isn’t going to want someone clingy that is bothering them repeatedly after the fact. If you have any suspicions that you might catch those feelings, a one-night stand probably isn’t for you.

So, check out these one-night stand dating sites and get out there and have a blast!

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