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Snapbang App Review: Can You Really Bang Here?

The Snapbang dating app is one that I recently decided to give a try. I was on the hunt for a hookup and figured why the hell not. Here’s what I learned about the site and everything that comes along with using it. I’ll kick things off by saying that it’s a winner as far as the best adult apps go, especially for hooking up and DMing nudes.

Snapbang app

What I Know About Snapbang…

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of dating sites on the internet of all types for all people and their interests. I think that I’ve probably tried a large number of them, and I’ve seen good sites, great sites, and sites that should be avoided at all costs. So, when I found, I was curious as to where it fell on the scale of legitimateness in the world of hookup sites.

See, I don’t really want to date in the traditional sense, per se, but instead, I’m more interested in finding sites that will help me to find women who want to have sex and not have any of those pesky strings attached.

If you want to have a legit, long term, romantic relationship, an app like will probably not be for you. However, if you’re just looking to get laid, and laid a lot, I think you’re going to like the ladies of, they’re hot, sexy, and ready to get busy.

If you’re at all curious about Snapbang and why it is a great dating site for the adult dater, keep reading to find out why I think it is one of the best sites out there for hookups and casual sex oh and let me not forget snapping nudes as well. is Totally Authentic

There are a few things you should look for in any site that you decide to use for your dating needs, whatever those needs may be. If any dating site you’re using hides their terms of service or makes it super difficult to find them, then you’re probably going to want to avoid using that site. has all of its legal stuff easily found by any user and what you’ll find there gets a big thumbs up from me. Not only do they not create fake profiles to boost membership numbers, they don’t utilize the types of fake profiles, typically called “Love Stars” or “Love Cupids”, that are run by the site to make you think you’re talking to a real person that you’ll someday meet, but you never will.

Didn’t know that dating sites did that sort of thing? Well, they do. And if a site does that, they have to list it in their terms of service, so be sure to read those, no matter how long and boring they may seem.

Anyway, Snapbang has simple terms, doesn’t use fake profiles, and is secure, which is another great feature. But, those are only the beginning!

Other Reasons Why is Legit

If the above reasons weren’t enough, there are definitely more that make a top site in the casual sex and hookup game. First, you can join for free, which is a huge bonus. Yes, you can pay to upgrade to a premium membership and use the advanced tools that the site has to offer, but that’s pretty much the same for every other dating site, good or bad.

If you’re curious as to what the price will run you, here you go:

  • Two-day trial: $1
  • Seven-day trial: $9.95
  • One-month membership: $6.67
  • Six-month membership: $34.95

So, in the world of dating sites, you can see that is very affordable, especially when you consider these reasons why is a great hookup site.

#1: Account Verification Required’s creators do not have time for fake profiles or people looking to scam or catfish other members, so they do require all members to provide some verification of their identity. This is something only great dating sites do and while it may seem like an additional step, remember it is keeping you safe while you’re on the site and assuring you that the women you’re talking to are serious about meeting up.

#2: is Discreet

If you join and you want to keep things kind of private, you have the option to set your profile to discreet. This is great if you don’t want someone you know seeing your profile if they use the site as well. The discreet setting allows you to control who you talk to and lets you avoid awkward conversations with someone you know if they’ve seen you’re on the lookout for easy tail.

#3: Secure Payments

Snapbang has SSL certification, so no worries about putting your credit card info into their site if you decide to upgrade. There is almost no chance of anyone stealing your info so you can relax and spend your time hunting for willing ladies who want nothing more than to get into your bed.

#4: Fake Profiles Are Removed

No matter how secure a site is, sometimes frauds can sneak through the protective measures a site has in place. takes this seriously and even has a “Report Profile” button you can press to let them know that you think something shady is going on with a particular profile.

If anyone asks you for money, gets nasty, or just seems off, do not hesitate to report them to the people behind and they will take care of it for you. And, really, you need to stay on your best behavior as well, because they will not allow anyone to be malicious, mean, or abusive, and they certainly aren’t going to allow illegal activities on their site. Use common sense and be a nice guy if you want to keep using

My Final Thoughts

I’ve been around the dating site block and I’ve seen everything that bad dating sites will do to make their site look good. Thankfully, is not one of the bad guys. Instead, it most certainly is one of the good ones, probably one of the best. Although, I always go to my Fling login before all others.

If you’re looking to find a site that will allow you to have many hookups with few headaches, then I would highly recommend you check out They’re safe, easy to use, affordable, don’t use fake profiles, and they are totally geared towards their members. There really isn’t much more you can ask for in a dating site, in my humble opinion.

More Sites Similar To Snapbang That I Like

There are some other sites out there that I really love that I consider alternatives to Snapbang. Sure, works and you should consider using it but the list below is definitely worth your time too!

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