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Cheeposlist Review: A Casual Sex Ripoff In Every City!

Well, I’ve got a few things to share about Cheeposlist. For those unaware, this is a site to meet escorts and not a good one to boot. I’m covering why I think this site sucks and why you should ultimately avoid this site entirely along with many others I’ve covered here on my site. Let me preface, that it does not matter where you’re located. I don’t care if you’re trying to use the Cheeposlist in Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix, Houston, New York City, Tampa, or any other city. Let’s get down to business…

cheeposlist review

My Review Of Cheeposlist – Yes, It Sucks…Here’s Why

There’s really nothing good about paying for sex at all. It’s a bad practice and no one should really do it, no matter how desperate they happen to be. Still, there are lots of sites dedicated to it and they should be held to the same kind of standards that all of the other adult fun sites are held to.

If they claim to offer something then they should be able to provide it. Should they require a fee for it then it should be reasonable and you should be getting a lot of bang for your buck, literally.

If they can’t meet these very simple requirements then you should steer clear of them and that’s exactly what you should be doing with Cheeposlist. This is a site that says it can get you in touch with escorts but I promise, Cheepo’s List never even comes close to it for a single second.

It’s Not A Real Site

The very first thing that sticks out about it is that you can’t do a simple Google search for the site and get any good results. You’re going to be seeing listings for sites like Escort Babylon, Eros, Adult Search, and Erotic Monkey instead.

It will take some looking to get you to the site that you’re looking for and even then you’re still in for a bunch of issues. Not only is it hard to find but the address itself ends up being That’s certainly not a good sign and it just screams scam.

If you make the mistake of clicking on it then you’ll be quickly whisked away to a site that doesn’t even match the name. It’s just a redirect address that sends you to a totally different adult site. That should be all the evidence you need to let you know that you’re on a bad site.

Lots Of Strippers No Providers

If you keep up with your bad decisions and sign up for the site that you’re being redirected to then you’re in for a new surprise. You wanted to find escorts but you won’t find any of them here.

That’s mostly because prostitution is illegal in most places and the sites that actually offer it get shut down pretty quickly. This site will offer you nothing but strippers who most likely don’t even exist. Deciding to pay one is as good as just throwing your money out the window and giving your credit card to a stranger.

Lots Of Scam Links

Even though you’re already on a scam site, you’re still going to have plenty of other chances to get scammed again. Link after link is just going to send you to shady pay sites that will take your credit card information and steal it from you.

No matter how careful you try to be on this site, it’s next to impossible to not get scammed. That’s all the site is about and there’s just no way around it if you get yourself involved with this really bad site.

Selling Drugs Too…WTF

This site has listings for people looking to buy hard drugs. Who the fuck is going to buy cocaine, edibles, and other drugs from an escort site. What are you guys thinking? Wake the fuck up!

cheepos list

Conclusion: Stay Away From

There’s no question about Cheeposlist at all. This is a scam site and it doesn’t have a single thing to offer you. It’s one to stay away from for as long as you possibly can. Luckily, it seems like you have to go out of your way to find it.

If you happen to come across it any other way, just turn right around. You’ll never get what you’re looking for here. The worst thing you can do for yourself is to enter your payment information on a site that only exists to scam you.

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