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MILFMe Review

If you didn’t already know this about me, I love MILFs. In a sense, I prefer dating hot MILFs than meeting an average college girl. Some people call me strange, but that’s okay with me. I’m not here to impress anyone; I want to get laid!

Since that’s where I am right now, I wanted to share with you one of the most popular dating sites devoted to MILFs.

Before we get too far into this, you may not know what a MILF is. It means “Mom I’d Like to Fuck.” Now that’s out of the way, I can share what I know about the network so that you get the full picture.

You may hear that there are zero real women on the site, but this review will help you see the light! I must state that I prefer to use MILFPlay to hook up with mature women, but let’s focus on this network now!

Review of the MILFME Dating Site

MILFMe Review

Do you want to know the secret to success in dating? It’s so simple that most people don’t even think about it. Make sure you’re only talking to people you like!

When you’re on a general dating site, you have a low chance of finding the right person. While it might claim to have all the women, that means you’re searching through tons of profiles to find one that fits your needs and preferences. You spend all that time looking and may never talk to a real person!

A site like MILFMe is perfect here. The website only allows older women to join because they want the company of younger men. Therefore, it’s so much easier because you’re interacting with people you know you will be attracted to. This makes a huge difference!


Let me start out by saying that registration is free, so you can create a profile and even search for many women before committing to the paid membership. The company promises that you don’t have to subscribe to use the platform, but I know I’m here for real-life sex. I don’t need a detailed analysis of what the woman likes or dislikes.

Right now, you may sign up for one month and pay $45.92 to access everything. However, if you choose a longer subscription, you can save money. For example, it only costs $91.91 for three months.

There’s a subscription for six months, which means you pay just $137.90. If you already plan to spend tons of time here, I suggest that you join for a full year because you will only spend $229.88.

We all know that companies want to generate revenue, so most of the free messengers aren’t that great. You might spend time talking to real users, or they could have a fake picture.

Check for the SSL certificate (the closed padlock) before you purchase coins. There are only two payment method options: Visa and MasterCard.

Large User Base

One thing I truly like about MILFMe is that there’s a large user base. The website has been available since 2009, so there are many people on it.

I recommend sending more messages to MILFMe women to increase your chance of meeting someone. However, you may wish to read reviews before going too far into things.

Why does MILFMe fucking rock? It’s open for casual sex and serious relationships, so you can meet a single woman with your same preferences. You never have to worry about getting hooked up with someone who wants a hubby!

Another great thing is that there are no fake pictures!

Some people call it a scam because there’s no information online about the actual owner. I’ve done some digging and found out the operator is XsMobile SP Zoo.

Matching Algorithm Works

Private dating profile

I know I’m not the only one who arrives on a dating site and sees a ton of male profiles. While there are bound to be a few, I’m hot for a MILF and don’t need to check out an ugly fucker. Therefore, I often let the algorithm find matches for me. It saves time because you tell it what you want, and it finds it for you!

You are sent matches and can contact that person or not. However, you’re in control completely. I will say that other users can send messages to you, but you can block them or simply not reply if you’re not interested.

Private Profiles

Sometimes, I get nervous that my friends might Google my name and see my profile on a dating website, but there’s no issue here. The profiles are private, so if they aren’t signed up for MILFMe, they can’t find you!

I often get asked, “is it just a fake profile site?” It isn’t, but I can’t promise there are no fake profiles. They often slip through, even with the wonderful use of Artificial Intelligence.

Are There Chat Bots?

Whether you call them fake profiles or chat bots doesn’t matter because the concept is the same. However, before I hand over my card data or make several payments, I need to know that most people are real! How do I do that?

Here’s my secret: I send one message and ask something completely out of the blue. Typically, the first response is something cheesy. The top ones include:

  • How are you?
  • What’s up?
  • You’re hot/sexy/beautiful.

I always start off with an oddball question, such as: “What’s your favorite color?” Chat bots aren’t set up for that, so you get a response that makes no sense.

How Do These Dating Sites Work?

MILFMe offers regional searches to find people near you. Likewise, you can block members if you decide you dislike them. While most people are respectful of others, you might get one who sends countless messages. That’s no fun and can be pretty uncomfortable.

Conclusion – Try MILFME for Online Dating Today

If you want a dating site that has people you’d already be interested in, MILFMe is a great choice. You learned so much about it in my review, and now it’s time to test it for yourself. Those who don’t like it can always switch to or any of the others out there!

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