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SipSap Review: Is It Only For True Saps?

You guessed it, I got another crazy update for you and this time I’m covering another escort site that goes by the name “SipSap.” I think if you’re into using these call girl sites, then you’re going to want to read my review/report before doing ANYTHING at all. Find out what I think about it and if it’s even worth trying. I will kick things off by saying one thing if you didn’t know already,  I’m not the biggest fan of escort sites for a few reasons. First, the practice of paying for sex is pretty much illegal in most of the good old U.S. of A. Yes, I know it’s legal in Nevada and if you’re in that area and want to pay for sex, have at it. But, for the rest of us, we can still get into some trouble if we are caught using a paid sex worker. However, this doesn’t stop guys from taking part and trying to find sites that will help them to locate legit escorts without having to go to some dark and dangerous corner of their nearest city and putting themselves at risk for getting robbed, beat up, killed, or arrested.

SipSap index page screenshot

Unfortunately, the people who create escort sites know that guys can be desperate creatures and they usually won’t be spending time looking for “good” escort sites and can be easily swayed by boobs and a pretty face. Luckily for you guys, I don’t mind checking these sites out with a critical eye to see if they’re going to work, or you’re just going to end up with a headache.

SipSap is a premium adult entertainment site, as they call themselves. This just means they’re an escort site, but they can’t put that because, duh, it’s illegal. But, are they a good escort site?

Or, is SipSap just as bad as other escort sites like Bedpage, ECCI,, and The Erotic Monkey, Eros? If you’re a purveyor of sex workers, you’re going to want to keep reading to see what I found out by poking around on SipSap.

Five Reasons to Avoid SipSap

I’m not going to get on my soapbox and drone on and on about prostitution and escorts being illegal, you’re reasonable and you know the “what’s” and “why’s”. But, if you still want to use an escort service, just be careful and make sure that you’re being safe and smart about it.

Now, here is why I wouldn’t recommend anyone using SipSap, whether you’re an experienced escort user or new to the world of paid sex.

#1: Escorts Can Contact You

If this doesn’t scare you away from using, I don’t know what will, truthfully. Just like any other dating site on the internet, you can use the search features that will let you find a person that matches your criteria, whatever that might be. But, SipSap allows the escorts to search for you, which is very strange to me.

Why is that a problem? Um, stop and think about that for a second. The escort can get a hold of you, anytime.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a sex worker contacting me, endlessly, trying to get me to bang her for cash. I mean, what if its an undercover cop? Or, what if I had sex with an escort as a “one and done” thing, but she’s now harassing me, threatening to expose me, coming to my house, work, or wherever I am?

I’m not about that and I don’t know many guys that would be.

#2: You’re on Your Own

In its terms of service, states that they are in no way an escort site and they are not liable for anything that happens in using their site.

Um, what?

You read that right. The brains behind SipSap know what they have to say to keep themselves out of trouble, but if you get into any trouble, you’re totally on your own. If you get arrested, they will not be held liable for any losses you suffer and if you’re hurt or, god forbid, killed, they can’t be legally pursued by you or a loved one.

Do not be fooled that something couldn’t go wrong. It could and there isn’t anything that could be done about it against SipSap.

#3: Ads Galore

If you do decide to use SipSap, be prepared to be bombarded by ads. Anyone that can pony up $100 a month can buy ad space on here and they’re everywhere. I know dating sites need to make money too, so I don’t blame them for getting their coin, but I don’t want to look at ad after ad after ad when I’m trying to find a date.

#4: They Say It’s Free to Join…Shocker, It’s Not

Sip Sap likes to pull the same things to get people to join, which is to say its completely free to join. Guess what! It’s completely free to join almost every casual dating site.

Then, once you join you realize that not only can you do absolutely nothing as a free member, you’re going to have to pay pretty big fees to just talk to someone. Oh, and as soon as you’re a member, you’re putting your NAME and CONTACT INFORMATION into a website that could be raided by the authorities.

Why don’t you just walk into the police station and say, “I like to pay for sex”, because that’s essentially what you’re doing by joining the site.

#5: The Ads Don’t Appear Legit

The real test of SipSap being a good escort site is really in their escort ads, wouldn’t you agree? Well, I looked at the ads for Miami, Florida, a hotbed of escort activity that should have ad after ad, right?


I got some very generic ads of only 20 girls, three of which repeated a few times. I’m not talking about some small podunk town in Iowa here, I’m talking Miami!

What’s worse is when you click on one of the ads to pick a lady-friend, you’re instantly taken to another escort site. Um, no thanks, this just screams scam if you ask me.

Final Verdict on SipSap: Don’t Bother

While I don’t much care for using an escort for sex, there are just too many other hookup opportunities out there that won’t cost you more than a membership fee of a dating site, I try to look at escort sites as if I would use them myself. And with that being said, SipSap just doesn’t fit the bill as a legit dating site.

If you want to use an escort, find another site. SipSap is just too risky and opens up the door to too many problems, especially with the escorts having the ability to contact you. And, if the site isn’t going to help you out with any issues that could arise, can you even be sure you will be safe?

If I were you, I would check out hookup sites and dating apps strictly for adults before I would ever consider SipSap. Hell, I’d even use other escort sites first, if paid sex was something I was inclined to do. However, it’s just not my style so I will not be doing that.

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