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Best Adult Dating Apps and Sex Games

I’m not the type that likes to guess things. I like data, solid probability and results, not just guessing. That holds true not only with my day job but my personal life as well. That’s exactly why I’ve taken my time to share what I believe to be the best adult dating apps that exist today.

You heard that right. I said, the best adult apps, PERIOD.  

With mobile technology and app development at an all-time high, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds. Doing so will make most people frustrated beyond imaginable. The plethora of adult dating apps out there will not only cost you your money but your time as well.

Now, if you are looking to meet someone for casual encounters, read our list of top hook up apps.

These are great tools for meeting people if you’re using the right ones. Whether you’re looking for casual hookups, the occasional fling, just a friend with benefits, or even something more stable, these adult dating apps can help.

guy thumbs up dating apps

Why Adult Hook Up Apps are The Future of Dating

Having spent most of my career watching trends within various markets, I can pretty much predict the future. It’s not always the right prediction but often times it’s pretty spot on. I truly believe that using mobile apps in order to connect with people for sex is going to be the only way to go.

  • People want variety.
  • They want certainty.
  • People need excitement.
  • They need all of that fast as possible.

The best way to make that happen is via an adult oriented app. I won’t just feed you a line of bullshit about the apps attracting the masses today.

NOPE. That’s not how I roll.

Most of those insanely popular apps flooded with 100 million people are ineffective and they’re simply pools of tire kickers wading around looking to take no action.

Instead, I’ve done extensive research and tested each of the adult dating apps listed below. Read the summaries and dive deeper into the reviews of those which you feel you can best relate to and those that you’d feel most comfortable using.

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email directly via this page.

#1 Fling (Best Overall)

Fling App homepage

If you’re looking to simply be a one and done type of person then this is the best hook up app for you. I like to consider the Walmart or Costco of hookups. Sounds strange but I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s possible to find anything you need or want using this app.

Having said that, I typically use it just for flings e.g. quick hookups for a single evening of sex and nothing more. The network is massive and the security is superb. You won’t find a site that cares more about the well-being of their members than this one. Seriously, if I had a $100 bill for the number of times that I’ve hooked up using this site, I’d be paying for a trip to Europe this summer!

The number of female users is insane and pretty much all users are thoughtful and courteous with one goal in mind: meet, bang, and be on their way.

#2 Fuckbook

fuckbook app homepage

I once had an addiction to Facebook but I’ve since deleted my profile from Mark Zuckerberg’s platform. Instead, I use this monster network which helps me hook up with more girls than you can even imagine. The mobile version of this site is great. They’ve actually recently rebranded so it’s no longer known as Fuckbook, but I still refer to it as such because most hard core people who have been involved in adult dating sites know it by that as well.

This network requires a 100% premium upgrade if you want success. Trust me, it’s well worth the short term investment, given the capabilities. The content within the member’s area alone is fantastic.

I purchased the gold membership and it was the bests decision I made all week. When I first joined, I spent about three days doing nothing but checking out girls and their nude pictures.

Then I started messaging them and taking even further action. Eventually, I found myself having sex with these local women on a regular basis. It was so powerful that I could not leave it out here today.

#3 Instabang

instabang app homepage

I love banging girls and using a mobile adult dating app to achieve that goal is simple. If you’re into the whole social media craze, then you’ll be happy to hear that this app functions similar to Instagram. However, it’s far more risque and dirty if you know what I mean.

There’s no need to worry about getting kicked off the platform for being dirty or sending nudes. In fact, that’s exactly what Instabang is for and so much more I might add.

You’ll be happy to hear that this network is so abundant that it’s useful in both city and rural areas. None of the users here are looking for anything long term. Literally none – dead serious.

That’s music to the ears of many looking to not be tied down to anyone or anything serious in terms of a relationship.

I’d like to add that the messaging technology and video chat is pretty amazing here. One that’s hard to beat and that combined with top-notch security and a graphical user interface, it’s a no-brainer.

#4 AFF e.g. Adult Friend Finder

AFF app homepage

The oldest adult dating network on the planet for those looking to just hookup is none other than Adult Friend Finder. It’s a network that’s been around for years, helping people meet swingers, and eventually help them get off with local sex partners.

Once you’ve been using a successful network like this for years, it’s hard to shy away from it. That said, most people are moving away from the desktop version and they’re choosing to use the mobile version of the network instead.

The main reason this is happening is that the mobile version is fast, easy, sleek, and super effective at connecting you with horny locals.

I love to suggest that swingers use this site versus using the traditional mainstream dating app. It’s highly effective and comes with a myriad of tools that can help you hook up with adults no matter where you live or how hot or ugly you are. They’ve got this down to a science.

#5 Uberhorny

uberhorny app homepage

I love this hook up app because it’s one that doesn’t get enough praise. The Uber ride-sharing app is amazing and it’s industry changing. However, the Uberhorny app is perhaps more impactful because it helps people connect for sex the same way that the original Uber does.

How so, you ask? Well, the app functions very similar to how the Uber ride app functions. It alerts you when your hookup is near, gives you the ability to communicate with them and provides amazing 24/7 support for anyone that can’t work a cell phone.

This is the most popular up and coming adult dating site (well, technically app)  that I’ve used. If I had to guess, I’d say that it’s more popular than Tinder or Bumble. There’s a small trial fee that you’ll need to pay to unlock all the options but the fee is worth it.

Trust me, you’ll end up paying a hell of a lot more if you hire an escort instead of using an adult dating service. Just give this a shot and see what happens!

Now, time for the…

Sex Games Of Desire (Desktop & Mobile Apps)

Sound the horns, it’s officially time to announce it…

Let The Sex Games Of Desire Begin!

There are literally dozens of premium sex games on the Internet that you might consider playing. I’ve been dabbling in them here and there over the last few months and I believe that you’ll get a kick out of each of the games listed below.

Keep in mind, these are games for adults only, they are not to be played by anyone under the age of 18. Some people refer to these games of desire because you’re literally playing a computer game with a sexual connotation and you’re getting horny as you do so.


That’s the point of these games and why they exist.

I’ve done my best to share some information about each of the best sex games I’ve come across and tested.

Now, for obvious reasons, I cannot share images of some of these games. They’re rather explicit and if you want to take a closer look at each of them, then you might want to head on over to because that’s where you can play all of these games.


MobiBooby game

This is an adult sex game called Mobibooby and as you can imagine, she’s got big boobies! Does the name Hitomi Senpai ring a bell? Anyway, the game is set in an archery school with Hitomi Senpai having zero luck over the course of the year.

The reason has nothing to do with her archery skills, but the fact that her boobs have grown to an incredible size. You’ll need to help her resolve this issue.

Breast Expansion Games

breast expansion games

There are a number of games of desire that allow you to literally expand the size of women’s breast to the most disproportionate size you can ever imagine. I love these games because they give me something to do while I’m bored. Who doesn’t like making girls boobs bigger? If you tell me a name I know you’re lying. It’s a fantastic game!

Lois Griffin Sex Sim

Lois Griffin Sex Game

This one is pretty self-explanatory. There are adult sex games on the Internet where you can bang Lois Griffin! Yes, Peter Griffin’s wife from Family Guy. I love playing this game because I’m such a huge fan of the show in general. Who cares about the rest of the cast when you can smash and dash with the hot nasal speaking mom and put her in her place? LOL!

Officer Juggs

Officer Juggs

The Officer Juggs game is pretty sweet! They’ve got ten different games that you can choose from with regards to the scenarios that the characters are in. Some of the names of the games are MNF Metropolis, Lust for Sail, Ghost Fucker, Nightmare, Undercover Whoppers, Thanksgiving Parade and many more. If you’re a fan of huge boobies than this might be the game for you.

I certainly am a big fan – pun intended!

Yoga Milf

Yoga Milf

What’s not to love about a milf that does yoga? Seriously, I’m getting aroused just thinking about it!

This game consists of a man named James who gets his shot with the sexy yoga instructor. The instructor happens to be his best friend’s mom and guess what, she’s horny AF! This game kind of reminds me of my time at Equinox in the studio. I’d love for those hot yoga instructors to bend every which way and give me the suck, rub, and tug of my life. Talk about a workout!

Schoolgirl Curse

schoolgirl curse games

The Schoolgirl Curse game is an adult sex game that was created by Nick Quincy. Here’s how the game plays out. There are a bunch of really slutty schoolgirls who end up going on a class trip to some sort of museum. They come across some really old sex paraphernalia. The smoking hot milf running the show during this class trip is a real jerk and things escalate from there. You’ll love this one if you’re into the schoolgirl fetish.

Diva Mizuki

Diva Mizuki sex game online

This sex game for adults features Diva Mizuki who also has some really big boobs. If you’re a fan of the hentai cartoon games, then you’ll enjoy playing this and watching the ridiculously busty blonde satisfy dozens of people throughout the games. My favorite one is the boob flashing tour game. Give that one a shot!

Other Adult Sex Games

There are many other sex games that you can play with people on the Internet. I’m talking about 3d Sex Games, the ones that are literally so much fun that you cannot even contain yourself. I’ve spent days playing these games only stopping to order takeout and go to the bathroom. Yes, they are that good!

You’ve also got Legend of Krystal, Super Mario, Rick and Morty, Morrigan The Succubus, and Elana Champion Of Lust just to name a few.

Last but not least, the Star Wars Parody sex game called Star Moans The Lust Awakens. It’s a real winner!

Should you sign up for all of them? Probably not, but give one or two of the games a try and let me know how you like them!

My personal advice would be to give one of the adult apps above a shot first, then try out one of the sex games if you’re looking for something different.

Frankie Moretti is an Italian investment banker who's a go-getter with an eye for staying ahead of trends. He's a sucker for hot women, data, fine wine and likes to take things to the extreme in all aspects of life. His motto is, "Life is like the Stock Market indices, make the right moves and you'll see more peaks!"