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USASexGuide Review: The RipOffReport Can’t Be Wrong!

Before I found out that there were an amazing bunch of hookup networks out there that were actually legit, I did actually spend some time on one of the biggest scam sites out there. USASexGuide lured me in during one of my weaker moments and while I’m not too proud of it, at least I can offer up my advice as to why this site is a complete and total waste of your time. Keep in mind, I’ve been called completely nuts by friends and family, so looking towards shady escorts shouldn’t be that much of a shock. However, those days are over and you’ll find that I get laid more than most now without putting myself at risk.

However, I’m not here to preach to you about good behavior. Nope, instead, I’m here to share the facts about

screenshot of

My Review Of

The USASexGuide is supposed to be a way for people to find, meet up, and leave reviews on anyone they may have met to have sex with. It sounds great on paper, but just like Craigslist, Backpage, and EroticMonkey, it is just a front for escorts and prostitution.

And like the other three, I don’t see USASexGuide sticking around for much longer after the government passed legislation in April of 2018 to prevent sex trafficking. But, for now, the site still perseveres.

Feds May Get Your Info

When I joined USASexGuide, I did a bit of poking around. The first thing I didn’t like was that you have to pay a membership fee. Once I realized what this site was about, I realized that putting in any personal information, including payment methods, would link me to an escort site.

That may not bother you much until you think about all the sites that the Feds have seized and got all that information about any “Johns” in their databases. That is just a risk I’m not willing to take, no matter how good the sex might end up being.

Regurgitated Bogus Ads

That is if you even get to have any sex. One of the issues with USASexGuide is that they just reprint/repurpose ads from other places. You don’t know who you’re contacting when you dial up one of the numbers on their site and this site doesn’t, in any way, guarantee it.

You might get a totally different person, your date might be using an old picture where she was hotter, or you might just get jumped by her pimp who doesn’t give a damn about your safety. Oh, and did I forget to mention the risk to your health?

Lots Of Unsafe Sex

A woman who is paid for sex is sleeping with many men a week. Is she always safe, even if a guy is willing to pay extra for bareback? Hmm, good question and I’m sure when you ask her she’ll be totally honest with you (insert eye-roll here).

I’m hoping if you’re ever considering any extracurricular activities with a woman who is paid for sex (and any that aren’t), you’ll consider your health and use protection. You might be able to use a strong prescription to get rid of most STDs, there are some you’ll always be stuck with, so use some common sense.

RipOff Report Reported On It

If you don’t believe my thoughts on USASexGuide, why don’t you do a little internet search of your own? Try They offer pretty much the same review as I do, but you can also read some reviews by legit women who offered up massaging and tantric yoga, which is all non-sexual.

Oh, and the brains behind USASexGuide would piggyback success off their ads, include them without their consent on the site as escorts, leave up reviews that were from disgruntled men because these legit women wouldn’t have sex with them, and would not respond to requests to remove them from this awful and shady site. It is obvious that USASexGuide doesn’t care about anything but making money and dealing with illegal activities.

Conclusion: Is So Bad, Stay Away!

Look, you’re going to do what you want with who you want. You might even be like I was back in the day and consider meeting with a prostitute. But I promise you that using USASexGuide is not the way to find yourself any companionship, sexy times, or anything legal activities. Stick to casual dating sites that are legitimate and you’ll be thanking me for keeping you safe, out of jail, and without any uncomfortable itching in your junk.

Other Sites Like USA Sex Guide

There are TONS of other sites out there that are like USASexGuide which is why you shouldn’t settle for just this. Here’s a list of a few other escort sites you need to read reviews on before using ANY of them!

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