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Guess what, I’m the type of person that is often into older women. Well, I guess I should really say that I like all women, younger, older, all shapes, sizes, colors, and ethnicities. I truthfully don’t discriminate when it comes to women. I’m simply looking for a casual partner, nothing more.

So, when I was interested in meeting some local older women, I thought I’d give a try. I’ve heard it was a pretty good site and the online reviews seemed pretty honest, but I wanted to make sure what I was reading was the truth.

Well, my milf-loving friends, I’m probably going to disappoint you with this review. Or, maybe I’m saving you from making the same mistake I made. Either way, is not a site I would ever recommend to anyone and here are the reasons why. site

Main Reasons Why I Found To Suck

I spent a good deal of time looking over to make sure everything I say is true. What I found was less than impressive and, in some cases, was even deceitful. Here are the five reasons I think LocalvMilf is a complete waste of money and a total fraud of a dating site.

#1: Lackluster Features

Local Milf just doesn’t keep up with any other legit dating site on the market, to be honest. The only real benefits I found for was that it had an ok-ish search feature and offered its members the ability to contact each other through text message, email, or the internal instant messaging system. Maybe that’s all you need, but for me, I want something a little more advanced.

Let me explain.

Now, I did mention that I enjoy women of all types, but I don’t particularly care for women who are smokers. Just my thang, you know what I mean? But, on, your searching is limited to the basics like age, gender, and location, etc.

That may be enough for you, but I like to get specific if my mood dictates it. Especially when using the site isn’t free and isn’t particularly cheap. Pricing on the site ranges from $8.95 to $29.95 depending on the type of membership you decide to purchase.

Oh, and if you want to actually talk to anyone using the various methods of contact on this network, you do have to be a member. There is no free talking at all.

If those reasons aren’t enough to dissuade you, keep reading to find out more about Fantasy Cuties.

#2: Fake Profiles Everywhere.

I have been on many dating sites in my adult life and the worst sites take part in a practice that most men never know they’re dealing with. uses fake profiles called Fantasy Cuties to engage with male members and convince them to upgrade to paid memberships.

Let me make sure you understand this: Fantasy Cuties are fake, and you will never meet them.

That’s right, the worst dating sites on the internet will create fake profiles to lure men into spending money on memberships. These are usually pictures ripped from other dating sites or just about anywhere on the internet and they give them a profile that sounds intriguing. They then hire someone to talk behind that face or they’ll use a bot program that can kind of interact with you, but sometimes it doesn’t feel quite right.

Either way that they do it, takes part in this and it is completely wrong.

One sure way to tell if you’re being targeted is to pay attention when you create a dating site profile. If you don’t even have much information in it, or you don’t have a picture listed, but you’re still getting messages from women just begging to talk to you, they’re fake.

Trust me on this, I’ve seen all the tricks and this one is nothing new.

#3: Stolen Pictures.

If you join Local Milf and you notice that all the women are hot, like unbelievably hot, there is a reason for that. It goes hand-in-hand with the Fantasy Cuties and it is because the pictures are all stolen.

Can I completely prove that every single hot woman on Local Milf is a fake? No, I can’t and that’s mostly because I have a life outside of hanging out on dating sites. But, if you do suspect that a woman you’re talking to is a fake, give it the old reverse image search on Google and I bet you’ll be surprised that her picture is being used in multiple places.

#4: Constant Badgering to Upgrade.

Once this site has your email address, be prepared to be bombarded in your email address to upgrade your membership. Look, I know these sites are businesses that need to make money, but by the 50th message if I haven’t upgraded, I probably don’t want to.

Between the Fantasy Cuties hitting you with upgrade messages and the badgering emails, you will not be able to stop thinking about, which is exactly what they want. And trust me, if the site was worth my time and I was sure I would get results, I would join with a paid membership, but unfortunately isn’t that site.

#5: The Parent Company.

The final reason why I think this is a shady site is their parent company. You see, many dating sites aren’t just the one site, but a series of sites owned by one owner, or parent company.

Plymouth Associates, LTD. owns, as well as other similar sites like,, and, and does nothing but pump out these risqué named sites that lure people in and then don’t deliver. I would never join any site owned Plymouth Associates, LTD, but if you have and you want to cancel, you can contact them at: or call 1-800-564-9432.

Oh, and good luck with trying to cancel. They are known for dragging their feet and being a royal pain in the behind to deal with. Just be patient and hopefully, you can cancel pretty quickly.

Final Verdict: Do Not Join This Site

Dating is definitely hard and dating site companies know this. They also know that most men have a “type” and they know how to play off that and the general horniness of said men. This site follows the same sort of patterns of all the other fake and fraudulent sites which is why I would totally recommend that you avoid it.

I speak the truth when I say, you’d have a better chance of meeting a local MILF at your grocery store or bar than you would using Save your money, you’ll thank me for it. Now, if you want to smash a hot milf that’s DTF, then give the website a shot! It’s a guarantee!

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