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Dirty Tinder Review: Do Not Use This!

I know I covered the Sinder apps recently, but I also wanted to cover the Dirty Tinder app and site as well. Trust me, I hate reporting bad news to you, so when I do, you know it’s really bad. If you’ve spent any time on Tinder, you probably know that it is nowhere near good in the world of the hookup. The majority of the people using Tinder are either fakes looking to have their funny profile recognized on other sites, or they’re legit users looking for a relationship. I’ve covered quite a bit here in this review, so take the time to read it, please. It just might save you lots of money and time.

screenshot of Dirty Tinder

The Dirty Tinder Review

I’m not against relationships, per se, but I know for me, I’m not really ready to be tied down to one person. So, where does that leave us if we’re looking for something more casual?

Well, if you’re a casual dater, or you are totally into the hookup culture, you may be tempted to give a site I recently stumbled across a try. Dirty Tinder is supposedly the, well, the dirty Tinder.


But, is it really? Is it really the naughty Tinder? Will you really find the sexual encounters you’ve been hoping for on Tinder but never really found?

Well, if you’re curious about these answers, you need to keep reading to find out what I think about Dirty Tinder and other similar sites that play off desperate horny men and the name and popularity of Tinder.

Full Disclosure on Dirty Tinder

Before I begin a review of why I don’t like Dirty Tinder and its clones, I have to be totally upfront and honest with you.

Dirty Tinder is in no way affiliated with the original site, Tinder. Taking a popular site’s name and switching it up, adding a “.co”, or slapping some extra sexy words into the address is nothing new in the dating site world and I’m sure you’ve seen it before with sites like Fuckbook and Snapsext.

I’m not going to discuss if those sites are good or not, but what I do want you to know is that if you see a site with a name based off of a popular site or app, 99.999% of the time they are not affiliated with the original. These names are just marketing tools to get you to join and while their site may be great, they are only playing on your libido and your prior knowledge of the social media sites they’re named after.

Ok, ok, enough of my soapboxing and back to reviewing Dirty Tinder and why I think it, and its clones, are sites that are not worth your time.

5 Reasons Why Dirty Tinder, and Other Similar Sites, Are Bogus

I’ve been around the dating site block, so I know what to look for in a fraudulent site. But, not everyone is as woke as I am in the world of adult dating. If you’ve never used a dating site before, or you’re someone who has and is curious about why Dirty Tinder gets a thumbs down, keep reading.

  1. Obnoxious Page Tactics

When you search out Tinder on the internet, the first thing you’ll probably see is a link to Tinder and then some links to “Tinder-like” sites that you might think are legit. In fact, if you click on Dirty Tinder or any site that is supposedly like Tinder, you’re going to see the Tinder logo and probably think, “This is legit.”

Friends, these sites are playing on the fact that once you see that logo, you believe you’re seeing the real deal. Trust me, this is not Tinder and has nothing to do with it.

Secondly, Dirty Tinder, and the other sites, like to put a timer on their pages to make you think you’re running out of time to join.

Let me make sure you understand this fact: No business will ever limit the amount of time they have to take your money.

The only reason they use those clocks is to instill a sense of urgency into you. If at any time you want to join Dirty Tinder, they’ll take your money, believe me.

  1. Co. plays dirty tricks

Once you land on, which is another site managed under the brand, you’re going to see pictures of supposed female members scrolling by. They want you to believe the site is just hopping with local horny women who want to get into your pants, but that’s just simply not true. steals pictures of women from other dating sites and uses them to lure you in. You will never meet these women on and you’ll really be lucky if you meet any woman while using

  1. Redirecting to another fake site, SexBadoo

The homepage of Dirty Tinder looks legitimate. It looks like a sexy dating site that you would want to join. The site is hoping that this realness makes you click on “Enter Dirty Tinder” and that you’ll answer the questions they have for you.

Once you make that click, you’re going to be redirected to yet another fake site called SexBadoo. SexBadoo is just like Dirty Tinder in that it plays off of a popular site called Badoo but has absolutely nothing to do with the original. Once there, you’re going to be hit with yet more questions about your sexual preferences and if you’ll use condoms.

Truthfully, these redirects are nothing but frustrating and obnoxious.

  1. More redirects.

If the first redirect wasn’t enough, get ready for more. When I tried to get through the mess of ridiculous and obviously fake questions, I was once again redirected to another site. For me it was, but it may vary for you depending on who Dirty Tinder has partnered with. is a dating site that uses naked ladies to make you join and once you’re a member they can replicate your profile to use on any of the other sites they manage, essentially using your likeness to catfish other men.

  1. Fake Dirty Tinder reviews.

Dirty Tinder,, and other fraudulent sites will often post reviews from supposedly real members that are just glowing in their appreciation for what the site helped them accomplish.

Do not let these seemingly real folks fool you, the pictures are nothing but stock photos and the reviews are posted by employees of their respective dating companies. Nothing that is posted is real.

Final Thoughts

I hate being ripped off and I know you do too. Fortunately for me, I know what to watch out for when I am considering any dating site. Unfortunately for many men, they think more with the brain in their pants and less with the one on their shoulders.

If you want a quick hookup (for free), you’re probably not going to give the original Tinder any of your time. But, if you’re looking for real contact with anyone at all, like ever, you’re definitely not going to want to give Dirty Tinder,, SexBadoo, or even one second out of your day.

All of these sites are a complete and total waste of time and the only thing you’ll get by using them is a headache. And, isn’t that something we’re trying to avoid by not having a full relationship? (Kidding ladies, you don’t always give us guys a headache. Most of the time.)

Do yourself a solid and give this bad larry a shot here before all others.

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