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Older Women Dating Sites : My Updated List

I’ve been around the block and I’ve seen some things. I’m talking about a lot of weird stuff when it comes to dating. One thing I’ve had this fetish for is older women. The older, the better it seems! Most cougars and aged ladies are superstars in the bedroom. At least that’s my personal experience as of lately.

You know, few segments of modern society have been glorified like the “cougar.” A cougar is by definition any woman past her early forties who’s still on the dating scene, & who are specifically looking for younger men or women.

While the term cougar may be loaded for some of us, at the end of the day these are nothing more than older women looking for the same thing we all typically want: emotional & physical satisfaction. If you’re looking for more info specifically on cougars, then check out my “cougar” page here.

older women dating

Dating Older Women – Site Options

In the spirit of these older sexually & socially liberated women, I’ve put together a list detailing a few of the more popular sites out there today that cater to the more mature women among us. Hopefully, one of these will give you the sort of satisfaction you’re craving.

Option #1 Older Women Dating

Older Women Dating

The first dating site I’m covering today is Older Women Dating, a site that doesn’t mince words. Older Women Dating is for women aged past 40 who are looking to find both long-term and short-term connections.

The site claims that older women have more confidence & higher sex drives than women in their 20s & 30s. While we can’t exactly confirm these claims, it’s reasonable to assume that covering all your bases is a good idea.

The site design on OWD is frankly pretty standard, which for a site aimed at older folks is an unexpected plus. Based on the layout you can tell that they hired a decent team of designers, as opposed to a guy working out of his mom’s basement on But, while the design here is fairly modern, finding your way around is extremely easy.

Signup is simple here too, taking just a few minutes to complete. Getting through the process requires little in the way of effort, with a series of simple questions & a few pieces of data being all that keeps you from entering the site’s main page.

I recommend taking a second to read their service and user agreements, as you’ll be agreeing to quite a bit here, including free use of location data and other specifics. Users are able to upload up to 26 images, in addition to their text sections.

Once you’re cruising around, you’ll see that it’s a pretty typical dating site, just tweaked a bit for its demographic. You can browse through all the user profiles, look through user’s photo albums, and send either greetings or flirts to people you’re interested in.

Unfortunately, while marketed as a free site ODW does require payment for just about everything outside of looking around. If you’re intending on actually reaching out to someone, you’ll at the very least have to buy a trial membership. While this can be circumvented somewhat with free chat room access, it doesn’t help users who’re looking to make one-on-one connections.

Something else that’s nice about Older Women Dating is that they run a blog. In addition to their array of original publications, they also have a section for site success stories. As I poured through these tales I was delighted to see that folks of all types seem to have luck here.

And, while I am always a bit dubious regarding testimonials, many of these stories had links to social media, which definitely make them appear to be “on the up & up.”

While I was impressed with the “look/feel” of this site, pushed that idea even further with its proprietary mobile app. While as of this report, it’s only available to Android users, the app has a social media site vibe that reminds us of a lot of the Facebook app. It’s easy to read, easy to look at, and seemingly works as intended.

If you’re an older woman who’d like a more mainstream approach to your search for a younger man or woman, Older Women Dating is a legit option. While pay-to-play, it’s a full-featured site that provides an overall pleasant experience. However, I’ll tell you right now, there is no way this is better than the app, not even close! But it’s a good option nevertheless.

Option #2 Cougared

Next up today is Cougared, a site that offers services to mature women in most countries throughout the world. They offer their services completely free, and seemingly offer a wide array of services for women to find their “boy toys.” So, what’s the verdict?

Design on Cougared is a bit lacking, unfortunately. Upon entering the site you’re confronted with a yellow & white design, which ends up looking drab and dated. The text also seemingly hasn’t been properly formatted, so users are occasionally confronted with weirdly huge pieces of text or links that overlap each other. While I only noticed this a handful of times, it’s definitely not a sign of high-level build quality.

Next, I’ll cover the signup, which seems to be a surprisingly drawn-out experience, thanks to the site’s verification process. While I can’t confirm that everyone has this experience, users oftentimes go through a longer-than-usual period when waiting for their verification email to arrive.

Profile creation, on the other hand, is about as simple as it gets here. You’ll be putting in all the typically seen bits of info, including age, gender, and location. While you aren’t required to enter a whole lot on Cougared, I suggest being as detailed as possible so that their search function will pick you up.

Speaking of searches, this is about the only real feature that offers aside from basic messaging services. Options here range from age to country of origin, with not a whole lot in between.

I’ll tackle Cougared’s free approach, which has its definite pros & cons. It’s definitely true that they offer everything on their site cost-free, something that isn’t all that common on dating sites.

However, this free approach is tarnished by their overuse of ads & popups. While looking through the site, you’ll constantly be seeing banners for third-party sites, many of whom aren’t even aimed at mature online connections. While this doesn’t ruin the ability to use Cougared, it definitely makes the experience a bit more frustrating at times.

Overall, I wasn’t all that impressed with Cougared. While there are certainly enough things/features offered here to find a bit of success, it’s a generally watered-down and unexciting experience. I’d recommend trying one of our other sites on this list instead.

Option #3 Hookup Cougars

hookup cougars

The last site older women dating site I’m covering today is one that’s all about the short-term connections. Hookup Cougars is dedicated to helping feisty women over 40 find sexy situations that allow them to let their hair down and just have fun.

When you first enter the site, it’s immediately clear that Hookup Cougars is well-designed. their splash page is a pleasant, futuristic-looking series of blues, yellows, & greys. They also have XXX-rated content displayed from the moment you hop onto their page, so keep that in mind if you’re looking to browse at work or in public spots.

Signing up on Hookup Cougars is simple & straightforward, which is always a smart move for a dating site. Just enter a few basic facts like email, zip code, gender, and the types of connections you’re searching for before jumping onto the site to start finding action.

One of my few bits of dissatisfaction regarding Hookup Cougars came from their use of “Online Cupids.” These are specific user profiles run by members of Hookup Cougars’ staff and offer nothing in the way of true user connections. Members will oftentimes be browsing the site looking for a potential match when they’re suddenly confronted by texts from these cupids.

If you aren’t aware that they exist, you can be sucked into wasting a good 15 minutes on a conversation with a stranger who has zero interest in ever going on a date. Instead, they exist solely to keep users hoping for a real bit of romance. This is a tactic I 100% cannot get behind.

At the end of the day, Hookup Cougars is neutral in terms of overall quality. While we read enough reviews to convince us that there’s at least a halfway chance you’ll find a date, our own experiences were frustrating. Cougars on the prowl should only give this one a shot if they’ve been burned by other, more popular options.

Honorable Mention

If we’re talking about older women, there’s no way that I cannot mention two sites a) Ashley Madison and b) Cougarlife. I covered them in full respectively here and here, so please check those out if you’d like to learn more about them.

Final Verdict

Look, if you’re looking to date older women, it’s pretty easy to do so today no matter what network you’re planning on using. I’ve honestly had the most luck on and when it comes to meeting older women. The app is always money too. You’ll find a coupon and guarantee on my review. So take time to read it. You just need to make a decision and use something that works for you. They all work one way or another! You will not have any luck if you don’t try though, that’s a given!

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