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Milfplay Review

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In the last decade or so, it has become a very common fetish for younger guys to try and hook up with “cougars,” women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s that are looking to have a brief connection with a much younger man or woman. But as enticing as this prospect can be, individuals into this sort of tryst often fall victim to websites that are nothing more than a group of scammers trying to take your personal information, or worse.

Fortunately, in the last several years, there have been a few different sites that practice what they preach, hooking you up with hot and horny older women without trying to take advantage of you in the process. That’s where MilfPlay comes in.

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Something I must disclose: Now, in all fairness, I didn’t know anything about this website. I actually learned about it after coming across the website. His detailed overview and personal experience of the site made me want to take action and try it out. I highly suggest reading what he wrote once you’ve finished reading my take on things. To visit his site – click here now.

Complete Review of

MilfPlay is primarily a hookup site for older women and younger men to connect. Its user base is primarily women, which is surprising to me as a lot of these sites are mostly populated by men, to the point where women seem to be all but scared off.

After checking out a bunch of different reviews regarding MilfPlay, I have to say that my interest was most definitely peaked.

An Authentic Hookup Experience

So the first thing I want to touch on is the various features that make MilfPlay safe. There are quite a few advanced tech moves here that are truly impressive, which gives me a sense of trust regarding their operations.

It’s not terribly often that you come across this sort of investment into a product, so when I do come across something like MilfPlay, I feel all but guaranteed a genuine, pleasing experience regarding so-called “instant” dates.

Signing Up

Guests get limited access to the site, but only so that new users can be eased into the site’s full functionality, which makes sense as there’s an awful lot here.

MilfPlay also has an incredibly rigorous registration process, which can be a little cumbersome for users who are looking to just hop into MilfPlay and see about having some fun.

Profile verification happens in 3 separate steps. The first is an e-mail verification, which is the same as you see on many other popular dating apps. Step 2 is when things get a little more intense, as they ask you for your social security number. You’re then asked to verify the facts that (I assume) are found based on their search. Once you have verified that you match the individual with that ID number, your last step is to upload four recent photos.

This, in particular, was something I at first didn’t think a whole lot about, but eventually learned is a clever 3rd step in identity checks. Through some sort of facial recognition, they can use these photos to make sure that when you’re streaming in the live video chat, it’s still you.

Honestly, this is impressive on a level I’ve hardly ever seen. It makes me very comfortable regarding MilfPlay’s member security.

Added Features

One of the functions I wanted to touch on here is MilfPlay’s real-time chat. Chatting can be done by either text or video and has a slew of verification features to confirm that who and what you are seeing are real, and happening live. I found this to be a great touch, as it means that MilfPlay wants to keep a firm eye on its users.

This is comforting to someone like me, who has seen a lot of these sites rise and fall over the years. The fact that MilfPlay wants to be clear with its user base can only be a positive fact in the end.

Profiles, Are They Legitimate?

So, let’s get down to what I’m sure you’re looking for: browsing profiles.

This was all in all a rather pleasant experience for me, in no small part to my confidence that the people I was viewing were real. MilfPlay has outdone itself with its easy-to-use design and hardcore search functions.

There’s a list of roughly one hundred questions during the signup process, which is annoying during registration but pays off when it comes to finding other singles. I was able to dial in exactly the kind of preferences I was looking for without much effort.

Once you find some interesting people to look at, you’re able to check out their photo and video albums. Guests can upload a total of 2GB of pics and videos, which is pretty generous considering that the site has a pretty large user base.

Free, Free, and Free

Did I mention that I absolutely love everything that’s totally free, especially dating sites? OK, so I can’t lie. The fact that MilfPlay offers all of this for free is amazing (and a little confusing). I have trouble believing that the roughly 4000 new visitors each month can provide the kind of revenue necessary for such a complicated site.

The problem here is that the money has to come from somewhere, which is why MilfPlay has incorporated a ton of ads. I saw popups for other, 3rd party porn sites that had little or nothing to do with my intentions.

In the future, this is something I would suggest that they change. It is never especially fun to click on a link that’s supposed to lead you to a chat but ends up pushing you onto the splash page for a completely different batch of tastes.

Tech Support

Part of what redeems my above gripes regarding their advertising is that it’s countered by a truly crack team of engineers. MilfPlay is pretty devoted to keeping its site functional and unobtrusive, which is why they have a 24/7 live chat support page.

I’ll be honest, in the first couple of days of using the site, I was getting disconnected maybe 3 or 4 times a day. After reaching out, they discovered the issue almost immediately, and I was back to browsing profiles within a few minutes.

A lot of reviews for MilfPlay illustrate similar positive interactions, which means I wasn’t alone in my stellar experience. FAQs

My Experience Using The Site

So, I spent roughly two weeks on MilfPlay, which should be a sign of how much fun I had, as this was supposed to be a 7-day review period. Frankly, I had a blast connecting with a bunch of older women, and while most of these interactions never went further than the video chat stage, a few of them did. Needless to say, I had exactly the kind of fun I was looking for.


There are plenty of sites for younger men to meet older women. But there’s enough on MilfPlay to make it stand out from the pack. I was able to get my kicks on MilfPlay, and I think you should try to get yours too!

If Milfplay isn’t your thing, then surely you’ll be able to find something that is just by reading my articles throughout the site.

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