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Ashley Madison Review

Have you ever had the urge to want to start using an affair dating site? If so, then join the club bro. It’s common to want to cheat. I’ve done it, you’ve done it, we’ve all don it. The good news is that networks exist today that help us keep things discreet. I’m talking about the infamous Ashley Madison.

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WTF is Ashley Madison and Does It Work?

Ashley Madison is usually known as a site for those who are married and looking for an affair. However, sometimes singles and people looking for a different crowd will use the site for casual dating and hookups. When you’re dealing with such a sensitive topic, you want a site that has all the protections in place and offers everything you want at a decent price. Ashley Madison has had its issues in the past, really, but has really become a great site for those looking to have some fun with a horny wife.

The History of AshleyMadison and Your Confidence In Them

Ashley Madison arrived on the dating scene in 2001. Initially, for those looking to have an affair, it is now also a dating site for those looking for FWB’s, couples to play with, and any other nonconventional relationship you might think up. Well, not all, I guess not banging escorts.

Whether you are engaging in extramarital affairs or just looking to keep your private life totally private, Ashley Madison takes confidentiality seriously. Never will you be asked to log-in using a Facebook profile or any other social media profiles like most other sites usually do.

Joining The Network (Helpful Hints)

Joining Ashley Madison is quite easy, and registration only takes a minute or so, tops. You will be asked for your marital status, an email address, username, password, and zip code. Now, I shouldn’t have to say this, but you are going to want to do a few other things to keep yourself safe.

Never use a traceable email address. Stick with an email address that doesn’t require you to enter your real name, your real address, and your real phone number. This should only be an email address for Ashley Madison.

Important: Do not create a username that is your real name. Make it as generic as possible and don’t use it anywhere else on the internet.

Paying For A Membership

Payment to the site for the upgraded membership levels will go through PayPal or your credit card, so use something you’re comfortable won’t get seen by those you don’t want to see it. And finally, if you’ve got a partner, don’t download the Ashley Madison app to your phone if it will be seen. This is really common-sense stuff, guys. No matter how secure a website is, you still have to do your part too.

Women Get In 100% FREE

Women who join Ashley Madison get to do so for free. Guys and anyone looking for a woman or women will have to pay. There is a free Guest Membership to try out the site and see if you like what it has to offer.

The free membership comes with the ability to look at the other profiles, send out winks, and share some pictures. If you enjoy what you see with that guest membership you can then upgrade to a paid subscription or use their credit system. The pricing varies by what type of subscription you choose and if you are really into Ashley Madison, you can upgrade to the top level, Full Member status.

More Benefits

There are other benefits to using Ashley Madison’s paid services as well. For example, if you opt for the Golden Status, you’ll be bumped up to #3 in the search results for your area, thus letting you be seen by a wider audience. Or if you’re traveling, you can use the Traveling Man option to see the women in the area you’re staying in.

If you hate the useless simple messages that you get like, “Hi” or emoji faces, you have the option to use Quick Reply and only need to send a full message once you get a legitimate message sent your way. Messages can also be customized, so if you are into sending little winks, virtual gifts, or full personalized messages, Ashley Madison has you covered.


Everyone remembers the hacking that Ashley Madison suffered a few years back, but I’m confident that they have moved on from that disaster and have come back stronger than ever. With all the levels of privacy and confidentiality, to the opening of their doors to people in alternative lifestyles, Ashley Madison has become a casual dating site worth visiting.

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