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Orchids of Asia Massage Parlour Review

I don’t feel like I have to really review this place, because the stories coming from here have been well chronicled thanks to Mr. Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots.  In case you didn’t see the news, he visited Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida, and was busted with soliciting prostitution.   Today I’m going to share with you some more information I dug up on this now infamous day spa that has become a national treasure.  Please enjoy this as much as I enjoyed doing all the due diligence putting it together!

The Famous Orchids of Asia Day Spa Reviews

It’s hard to get better reviews of dodgy places like this unless you sign up for Rub Maps, which I refuse to do.  With all of the law enforcement looking at South Florida and prostitution in general, there is no reason for a guy like me to put his credit card on file at a seedy place like that, especially when there are so many free resources out there talking about places where I don’t have to pay or give up some privacy.

Once an Asian Massage Parlour that allegedly gave happy endings and much, much more, the day spa is now just a closed store, according to DeadSpin.  As the article continues to point out, this is a place you have to go look for with one thing in mind: getting off.

In the surrounding areas, there are many places you can get off, in a better environment, with better reputations, and even menus.  This is the place that men come to as late as 11:30 in the evening looking for something as short as a 30 minute stay for $59, often times spending only 10-15 minutes in the establishment.  Let’s see, 1-2 minutes to get checked in, another 2-3 to take off your clothes and get comfortable, and another 2-3 to put them back on, leaving about 4-5 minutes for some stimulation.  Sounds about right.

These days, Orchids of Asia is a place where people take selfies.  They want to be seen at the scene of the alleged infamous crimes committed by Robert Kraft and others who were charged with soliciting prostitution.

orchids of asia
Photo Credit: DeadSpin.

The place is evacuated, with a sign over it now saying it is “unsafe.”  Adjacent businesses are bothered by the crowds gathering in front of the establishment taking selfies like the one above.  One man even showed up naked and paid homage to the now defunct house of ill repute.

People congregate, share memes made of Robert Kraft, and share their own takes on the topic.  Whether you support compensated sex, or not, human trafficking is uncool on so many other levels, it’s not even funny.  This is the main topic here that people are alarmed about, that women here may have been doing these alleged sexual favors against their wills.  That’s the topic here, not that Robert Kraft, the billionaire owner of the New England Patriots, is supposedly caught on camera being “entertained” by these women.

The Orchids of Asia is going to be a topic for a long, long time.  It’s going to be somewhat of a monumental place in Jupiter until the store is shut down and something else opens in it’s place.  For now, we can all enjoy the circus surrounding a place that has gone completely viral.

Of course, as you all know I’m very careful in my ways and do not engage in prostitution where it’s illegal.  Traveling to Costa Rica, oh yeah, that’s a different story and you can read about my escapades here.  In the USA, there are many easier ways to meet loose women without the risk of being publicly humiliated like Mr. Kraft has been.  For one, I use my Instabang login very frequently and find women in my area that are down for casual sex.  Of course, I use a whole slew of other apps for sex that entirely keep me satisfied.

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