IndependentGirls Review: An Escort Site I’d Definitely Avoid (Crazy Story!)

I’ve tried out and reviewed many escort sites and its no secret that I cannot stand escort sites (you know sites like this crap) and the tricks they play on men. I’m also not the biggest fan of anything that has to do with paid sex work, I don’t see why anyone needs to partake in it with the abundance of hookup sites out there that actually work.

However, if you are someone that uses paid sex workers to get your jollies, you might come across a site called IndependentGirls.com. While it isn’t my thing, you might be curious if it works. In an effort to provide my readers with the truth about any site I investigate, let me fill you in on a little something I ran across. Now, keep in mind, I believe in the “innocent until proven guilty” factor but this was too much to not share…

The owner of IndependentGirls.com, Neil Steven Greenberg, was arrested in April 2019 for some major charges. Not only was Greenberg arrested for over 70 counts of child pornography, but he is also facing charges for sexually assaulting a child. Detectives found memory cards with video of Greenberg having sex with underage girls and transcripts of him discussing sex sessions with payment on Facebook messenger.

independent girls owner arrested

Source: https://apps.sheriff.org/ArrestSearch/InmateDetail/231901054

Now, I don’t care what you think about paid sex with adults, that’s your business, but I sure as heck have no interest in supporting a business owned by a man who supposedly assaults children and allows minors to post to his website. If you’re still interested in IndependentGirls.com, though, here is what I found. I did not

IndependentGirls Reviews

First Impressions of IndependentGirls.com

Upon landing on IndependentGirls.com, I noticed that the site is a hot mess. It is nothing but ads everywhere and the whole site just looks jumbled and crazy. The advertisements lead you to things like “South Florida Escorts,” “Queen of Hearts,” and the VIP club rates. I wouldn’t recommend you choose any of the ads to visit, they’re more than likely just as shady as IndependentGirls.com.

If you’re experienced in using any dating site, you’ll know that they all usually have a terms of service and/or privacy policy listed somewhere. Guess what you don’t find on IndependentGirls.com? Both of those things.

I want you to trust me if a site doesn’t have any terms of service or any type of privacy policy, you do not want to use it. You won’t know what the site does, what it allows or doesn’t allow, and you certainly want privacy, especially if you’re using an escort site.

Plus, with the head honcho getting busted for sex crimes, you really have to wonder what is going to happen to all the people that used IndependentGirls.com. I mean, the guy had all his property seized, including his computer, so trust me when I say, member privacy was not respected in any way.

Non-Verified Reviews

While I don’t use escort sites, I can appreciate if they allow John’s to post reviews of the women they shared some time with. But, only if they can prove that those reviews are legit. IndependentGirls.com allows reviews, however, they are not verified. You have no idea if the things that are posted are by the actual woman herself, a friend, or the John she serviced.

Verification is a great way for any site to ensure that their members are legit, and all good dating and hookup sites do it. Because IndependentGirls.com isn’t a good site, they don’t do this simple process.

The So-Called VIP Specials

IndependentGirls.com wants you to believe that if you click on their link to the VIP specials, you’re going to find some amazing benefits. I promise you, there is nothing special about the VIP specials on IndependentGirls.com. However, if you want to know what you’ll get as a very important punk, here ya go:

  • Discounts on every “date”: $25-$50 off with any date with an independent escort and 10% off of a date with an agency girl.
  • Access to the hobbyist forum (what that is, I don’t think I want to know, considering the history of ol’ Greenberg), no posting limits, view member profiles, and create your own profile.
  • VIP Only parties: Supposedly IndependentGirls.com has thrown 20 parties where you can meet the escorts. Nobody knows where or when these parties occurred, well maybe the cops do now that they’ve seized all of the site information.
  • VIP Specials: Occasionally the site will offer super specials for a bigger discount on some of the girls you meet with.

The Pricing of IndependentGirls.com

Once you’ve seen how much the site offers you (not), you’re probably wondering what it will cost to be a VIP. For a one-year membership you’re going to fork over $229.95. If you want to have a lifetime membership, you’ll pay $295.

Remember, this does not include the money you have to pay to the actual escorts that you’re going to be sleeping with. But don’t forget, you’ve got your sex coupons so you can get discount sex from these ladies, which I’m sure they appreciate!

In all seriousness, you can join a legit hookup site for under $30 a month and you don’t even have to pay the women to have sex with you. If anyone can tell me what the draw is, I’d be glad to listen to the reasoning.

Don’t Hold Your Breath for Customer Service

Let’s say you aren’t totally turned off by the child porn stuff, you’re super onboard with those amazing VIP specials, and you have $300 to waste. So, you join IndependentGirls.com. Then you have a problem with the site or an escort or you didn’t get your sex coupon and you want to contact customer service.

Good luck, buddy.

IndependentGirls.com has a basic customer help form for you to fill in, but don’t hold your breath that they’ll get back to you. Trust me, the brains behind IndependentGirls.com have other things on their mind right now and it isn’t your problems with their site.

I will never trust any dating site that doesn’t provide me with some way to talk with the powers-that-be if I have an issue. Sorry, not sorry.

Final Verdict: Avoid The Independent Girls Website

If you haven’t guessed yet, I do not recommend IndependentGirls.com. I will never stand by a site that schleps escorts, and I certainly won’t give a positive review to a site that allows kids to be harmed or partakes in it themselves.

If you don’t want trouble, just avoid Independent Girls completely.

Look, if you want to get off, then you’re best bet is to head on over to my homepage and choose one from my top 5 list and I’m certain you’ll get laid. Guess what, you’ll do so without having to pay a girl too!

Frankie Moretti

Frankie Moretti is an Italian investment banker who's a go-getter with an eye for staying ahead of trends. He's a sucker for hot women, data, fine wine and likes to take things to the extreme in all aspects of life. His motto is, "Life is like the Stock Market indices, make the right moves and you'll see more peaks!"


  1. The Independentgirls website was seized by the Feds earlier this month. Good riddance.

    • Now as the editor of this blog has stated, this hobby is not for him but it is for a lot of married or attached gentlemen who want some extra fun on the side for various reasons and don’t want to risk a divorce or breakup due to a disgruntled girl on the side should the situation go askew. That being said it’s not for anyone to judge.
      As a previous advertiser on that site over the past few years I can tell you a few things. One, that site started out being the largest site for the local hobbiest to use in south Florida and had a really good class of clientel but after hurricane Irma hit everything changed.
      I have analyzed this over and over and cannot conclude how this major weather event would impact such a business but that it certainly did. After the hurricane the site was over whelmed with women reducing their rates to bottom basement prices, making it difficult for the upper class providers to maintain their business. This attracted and changed the site followers to men who were bottom feeders and seemed to cause a lot of drama.
      These low class men who ended up frequenting the site would write bad reviews on women if they didn’t get what they wanted as a form of blackmailing them and ruining their business. The moderator threatened many of these individual’s numerous times about their conduct. At this point I rarely went to the site anylonger due to the declining clientel but did check and added bad client’s to the ‘blacklist’ forum to warn the girls of potentially dangerous clientel who may contact them. I also spoke with the moderator advising him of changing the site to becoming a safer site and modeling it after sites such as Preferred 411 but it was never done.
      Over the course of frequenting the site I did notice a few girls on there who looked very young and were probably under 18 but as I have found many of these girls volutarily do this at those ages because they view it as ‘easy money’. I was, as I’m sure many people were, unaware that the man who owned the site was such a deviant and if he is truely guilty of such crimes as he is accused of, hope they nail him to the wall.

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