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Cuckold Dating Sites: A Taboo Top List

I’m a curious cat, which means I like to explore quite a bit. One of the things that I was curious about was cuckold dating. This is such a hot niche right now and it’s one that’s extremely tight-knit.

Cuckolding isn’t something that gets a lot of press, mostly because of what it is. If you’re not a cuckold aficionado (yet), you might not even know what it is. Cuckolding became popular in literature around the 13th century or so when feminine women were dominated by a strong man who was not their husband.

Oh, and that husband, what happens to him? Well, hubby is forced to watch as his wife is being banged by a big, strong, dominant man. This may either make him angry, or it may excite him, but in any event, cuckolding is a fetish that is becoming so popular that dating sites are being created to keep people connected to other like-minded partners.

Whether you are experienced or a newbie, and you’re looking for a bull, cuckoldress, cuckold, or hotwife, you can find it online on one of these dating sites.

best cuckold dating sites

Eight Best Cuckold Dating Sites

People enter into cuckold relationships for a variety of reasons. Some just want to live an alternative lifestyle, some are getting revenge, and some are just kinky partners that want to explore something new in the bedroom. Whatever reason you have for entering into a cuckold relationship, you want to make sure that you use a dating site that is reliable and will help you find the partner you’ve been craving.

Here are the top eight of the best dating sites to use if you want to find someone to practice cuckolding with:

  1. Adult Friend Finder-The best alternative dating site (besides FLING)…period.

If you’re into any type of kink or alternative dating, Adult Friend Finder is going to be your best bet. Adult Friend Finder is the O.G. of the dating world, having been around for over 20 years, so you know it must be doing something right. And with over 1,000 cuckolds online at any time, you’re sure to find someone that will tickle your fancy.

Adult Friend Finder has a wide variety of partners to choose from, so if you are looking for a man, woman, something in between and any race, you’ll be able to find it. You’ll also be able to read some members sexy stories of their cuckold experiences as well, which will really get your juices flowing.

Joining Adult Friend Finder is free, but you’re only going to get free benefits, so I highly suggest upgrading to a paid membership, especially when you can then avoid ads, get better features, and improve your chances of meeting that sexy bull or cuckoldress you’ve been hoping for. Pricing starts at about $25 a month, which isn’t too bad for everything you get.

The site owners of Adult Friend Finder verify profiles, so no fakes are allowed. Be prepared, though, that some ladies you could be talking to could be chicks with dicks, as everyone is kind of grouped into one big group and not segregated into gender(s). But, this is actually kind of a good thing because there are no-holds-barred on Adult Friend Finders, if you enjoy it, you’ll find it.

  1. Reddit Cuckolds-Free kink without pics.

Reddit is a great place to find any type of kink you might have, cuckolding included. And it’s even free! If you don’t want to spend time on paid dating sites, give Reddit a try.

The members of Reddit are serious about their cucking, they don’t want to waste time chatting it up endlessly and they certainly have the experience in the lifestyle that even newbies will appreciate. Unfortunately, you do have to worry a touch about strange folks finding their way onto Reddit, but that’s common with anything on the site.

The biggest downfall is that you can’t see the people you’re talking to, you’ll have to work that out on your own because Reddit doesn’t do pics. You might also not be anywhere near someone you’ve been talking to, but hey, who doesn’t like a road trip for hot sex?

  1. Hotwife Requests R4R-An extension of Reddit and just as good!

Hotwife Requests R4R is everything the regular Reddit Cuckolds isn’t. Everyone on this side of Reddit is hot and horny and even better, you can see who you’re talking with. You are required to apply for membership to this group, but that’s only to make sure you’re not a weirdo and you’re serious about finding some type of cuckold relationship.

Members on Hotwife Requests R4R are so serious about making sure you know that they’re who they say they are that they will hold up a sign in their pictures with their usernames and the date, so you know that’s them. And the pictures are amazing!

I have never seen such hung bulls and sexy women in my life, so if you are serious about exploring this kink, give Hotwife Requests R4R a try.

  1. Swingers R4R-Cuckolding’s cousin.

Swinging and cuckolding are kind of similar, which is why I’ve included another Reddit group, Swingers R4R. The members are an active bunch and if you want to see what they’re into, they make sure to post sexy pictures of themselves as well as the sex acts they engage in. You do have a lot of rules to follow as a member of Swingers R4R, but if you’re respectful and friendly, you’ll do well there.

  1. Fetlife – Because, of course!

Fetlife is the Facebook of kink and of course, they have cuckolding in their repertoire. No matter what kink you are interested in or you want to learn more about, you will find it on Fetlife.

Fetlife does have a huge male membership base, so you might have to wade around a little to find a woman, but trust me, they’re there. Bulls are a little difficult to find, and the ones I did see were a little, shall we say, rough. But, don’t let any of that dissuade you.

Membership is affordable, there are many groups dedicated to cuckolding, and of course, if you don’t find a cuckold partner or partners, there is bound to be something else that interests you on this king of kink website.

  1. – Another great kink website. is mainly a site geared towards BDSM, but don’t let that stop you. You can find those that are interested in cuckolding, it just might be a touch rougher than a regular sexual encounter. If rough sex isn’t your deal, you will probably want to avoid is available on mobile devices and your computer, and you can watch videos, join groups, chat in chatrooms, and watch livestreams. There are a variety of languages available, so if you’re traveling you can even find some matches in other countries. And with over 2.1 million profiles on, you’ll find someone that interested in the same rough kinks as you.

  1. Tinder – Old reliable mobile app.

Tinder is used by just about everyone, especially if you want something quick. This is good news for cuckold lovers who are craving their kink and want it immediately. And it’s easy, everyone can swipe.

Now, most people aren’t using Tinder to find a bull or other cuckold partners, but it can be done. If you’re a free member, you’re going to get annoyed by all the ads, so maybe consider upgrading to a paid membership, which is very affordable at about $5-$10 a month.

Oh, and most of the people on Tinder tend to be a bit younger but set the search to whatever age range you’re looking for and you’ll be set. Just watch out for the strange people and the ones that have no plans on doing anything but ghosting you.

  1.– For Bi Cuckold fans.

BiCupid has been around since 2003 and offers up a free three-day membership if you’re curious as to what the site is about. And what it’s about is this: Bi dating. Yes, there are people there looking for legit, normal relationships, but if you select “non-monogamous” as the relationship type you’re looking for, you can find others like you.

BiCupid has over 1.3 million members and a dedicated cuckold section which is available to members in the U.S., Australia, Europe, and Canada. Paid members have access to a voicemail system, advanced searching, and video introductions as well.

Tips on Using Cuckold Websites

If you’ve found a cuckold website and you’re ready to join, you want to keep a few things in mind. First, be polite. Yes, you’re definitely dealing with a dominance kind of relationship, but to start out, you want to be friendly and nice. Too many people charge right into being a jerk and it is going to end your search before it even began.

Secondly, make a profile that is accurate and allows people to know more about you. Be honest and fun and don’t lie to make yourself seem more exciting than you are. But, don’t be boring either!

If you’re the bull, be dominant but not overbearing-nobody will contact you if you’re “too much”. If you’re the cuckold, hype your lady and get the interest going for her since she’s really the star of the relationship. And if you’re the cuckoldress or hotwife, let everyone know why you want to do this and how you intend to make your cuckold feel like a pathetic, jealous submissive.

Finally, make sure that everyone knows what is expected and what is wanted out of doing this. Communication is key to making this work and nobody wants to be forced into something they’re not really down with. Now, go out there and explore the eight best cuckolding sites and have yourself a damn good time!

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