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Fetlife Review: I Got A Login To This Fetish Dating App…

What’s your fetish? What gets your blood racing and your brain just ready to explode when you think about doing it in the bedroom? There has to be something, everyone has one or two things. Most people do at least and I’m a crazy nut that loves doing out of the ordinary stuff in the bedroom.

If you’re someone that enjoys things a little more different sexually, you’ve probably wondered if you’re the only weirdo out there, or if there are more of you looking to get together. (I’m totally kidding. You’re not weird. Well, you, yeah you in the back might be a touch weird, but the rest of you, ya’ll are very normal…LOL)

There is nothing wrong with having a fetish, as long as these things aren’t illegal (you know what I’m talking about), and everyone who is involved in exploring your fetishes is in agreement about what’s going to occur. is probably the biggest and most well-known fetish site on the internet. While not a traditional dating site per se, aims to create a community for people to share their fetishes, explore new options, and connect with others who think like them. This sounds all well and good, but does really deliver?

Keep reading to find out why I think is worth your time if you’re a kinkster. homepage

My Review of

I’ll kick things off by sharing all the positive things that I like about Fetlife…

Positives of Fetlife

I spent a lot of time on to really get into the trenches and to learn all about this community. Plus, I wanted to explore a little thing that kind of gets me riled up. But, that’s none of your business!

I found that there are many positives to joining up on The first thing I liked was that it was super easy to join. The only thing I had to do was answer a few simple questions about my nickname, my gender, sexual orientation, sexual role, birthday, location, email, and password. Some dating sites go overboard with what you need to join, but luckily with I didn’t need to put in the name of my kindergarten teacher, my blood type, or the name of my firstborn.

A great thing about is that once you’ve got all that info entered, you verify that you’re who you say you are by a text message code. does this to weed out the bots, which means the people you’re talking are all real, no obnoxious fakes. Once you’ve entered that code, you’re ready to start a profile.

Making a profile on is simple as well. Simply add in whatever information you feel safe sharing. You will need some sort of profile to join the groups and discussion boards of, so do spend a little time on that.

The groups and discussion boards on are amazing, especially if you’ve got a fetish you don’t share with many others. Chances are, whatever fetish you have, you’re going to find someone on Fet Life that shares it, especially in their huge user base. Oh, and everyone on is very accepting, so gay, straight, man, woman, something else entirely, they’re going to accept you there.

Truthfully, is probably one of the most accepting and friendly sites I’ve ever used. If you’ve ever been burned on another dating site by nasty people, consider

Now, here is a huge bonus of that I know I truly appreciated. 90% of the site features are completely free. Let me say that again: is almost free. If you’re tired of using dating sites that charge you just for looking in their general direction, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this policy.

The only paid part of is if you want to watch videos or save content, which is pretty affordable at around $5 a month to start. Friends, if you can’t afford that, you can still have fun on, so don’t let that dissuade you from joining.

Some other things I really like about include:

  • Facebook-like feed
  • Safe and secure to use
  • Very little advertising
  • Wide variety of fetishes available
  • Management of the site keeps everything legal and safe
  • Will not sell your information to a third-party or release it to the law unless court ordered to do so Negatives

I hesitated to call this section “ Negatives,” because these are such minor issues that I honestly wouldn’t let them bother you from joining. However, in an attempt to be completely open, I decided to give you the things that I didn’t like about

First, has a very dated look to it. I don’t know that it has changed much in the years its been in operation and while some people hate change, a newer look might do the site a little justice.

Secondly, if you’re looking to use as a dating site, you’re probably going to be a touch disappointed. See, there are no matching algorithms like sites Tinder or This a community, not a matchmaking service.

This doesn’t mean you can’t find dates on Fet Life, you absolutely can. You just have to do the legwork, the site isn’t going to do it for you. So, I guess is sort of like a bar, you go there, you meet people, and you ask them to come back to your place to spank you while you’re wearing an ex-girlfriend’s panties and crying and hope they don’t pour a drink on your head.

Oh wait, is that just me? (Again, kidding!)

I really did try to find other negatives to, but guys, there just isn’t anything else I didn’t like.

Final Thoughts on

I am not usually a gusher (Gross, not like that), but everything about is awesome. Remember, if you’re looking for a traditional dating site, you’re in the wrong place. But, if you’re someone that has a fetish or two that you enjoy, or you’re looking to explore in a completely safe, and mostly free place, will be the place for you.

Oh, and if you’re looking to spank a crying guy in lacy undies, you might just find me there. Wink, wink!

Join Fetlife today ~ Click Here!

Want more options? No problem, give this list of apps a shot and you’ll do just fine, I’m sure of it.



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