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Mobile Dating App Alternatives To Using Tinder

Some people only try what the masses adopt, which is why many people have only used Tinder. However, I’ll be the first to say that this is a huge mistake. In the modern age, you rarely hear couples talk about meeting on accident anymore. Instead, we’ve entered the age of online dating, which has completely changed the way humans “do their business,” so to speak. And this hasn’t just impacted people looking for a long-term connection, but the more casual daters as well.

Since there’s a million different hookup dating sites and apps on the web these days, it’s hard to not come across what you’re looking for. But without some guidance, it can be pretty intimidating trying to sort through the multitude of apps out there. Some apps may be providing the kind of experiences that would completely turn you off.

I Know Something about tinder apps

Recommended Alternatives To The Tinder Dating App

Since it’s kind of intense for folks just getting into Tinder-esque hookup apps, I decided to put together an overview of a few of these Tinder alternatives currently out. I’ve kept their details to a minimum so that you can get the important facts about these products, and make your choice without confusion or frustration.

1) Fling

The network has easily been the number one network for hookups that’s most closely related to Tinder that I’ve ever used in my entire life. Having spent more than a year using this site/app, I can confidently say that it’s a winner and a half. Everything is effortless down to the signup process, messaging, hooking up, and more.

They’ve got the best support team on the planet too. Do yourself a favor and try this one out for free.

2) Lucky

Lucky has been out for a year or so and has really been making waves on the casual dating scene thanks to its focus on anonymity. Signup includes having to take a selfie at the moment, after which they use facial recognition software to verify any photo uploads you make.

This is pretty awesome, and something I haven’t ever seen on a dating app. The other feature I really like about Lucky is their 24/7 help chat. I had a few moments of befuddlement when I first downloaded the app, but their responses were always pretty fast, and they got me back online in no time.

3) Bumble

I really enjoy Bumble, because I like strong, assertive women. Bumble is an app a lot like Tinder, except the women are in control of the communication. Unless they message you first, the most you’ll be able to do is browse their profile.

Equality is awesome, and Bumble puts women squarely in the driver’s seat, something I think is pretty neat. Even if you get the occasional match who never reaches out, that’s life, I suppose.

4) Down

Down is great because it keeps things simple, which is how I like my hookups to be. You find your matches in much the same way you do on Tinder, expect once you’ve matched with someone, you’ll be presented with a second swipe option, up or down. If you swipe up, you’re asking them to meet for a date. If you decide to swipe down, you’ll be merely propositioning them for casual sex, nothing more.

I like that they made this part of the app so black & white because you know exactly what you’ll be getting into. The second perk with using Down is that it’s partially meant for people who meet in public by chance. There’s a feature here where you can instantly connect with the person you’ve met in real life. I like this part in particular because it really maximizes your chances of making casual sex happen.

5) Hot or Not

What caught my attention about Hot or Not is that it doesn’t kill the romance instead of practicality. Instead, this is a much more playful app, where users browse through profiles to rate the attractiveness of people.

What’s also great about this is that you can change your “what I’m looking for” answer in your profile, after which an entirely new set of features will be at your disposal. I appreciate that Hot or Not made efforts to keep things light and flirty, which sometimes can really increase the strength of connections you’ll make as you swipe.

6) Feeld

So Feeld is almost identical to Tinder, save for one particular change: it caters to those looking specifically for group sex.

Don’t be mistaken, Feeld is still 100% suitable for those who want to meet single individuals, but there’s a completely different side to the app that’s been specifically designed for threesomes, etc.

The other part I think makes Feeld a real contender is their focus on security and privacy. Much like Lucky, they use facial recognition software to make sure that you’re not trying to create a falsified profile.

7) Zoosk

Zooks is built for the indecisive, which makes it a bit of a fun app to play with. Even during your profile set up on the app, Zoosk makes it clear that they offer no guarantees outside of the ability to swipe and chat.

This is because Zoosk is primarily focused on a fun and relaxing experience, without the high stakes “will she or won’t she” moments that you may get with apps like Tinder or Lucky. They’re also very serious about their user’s data being kept safe. If you’re curious, there’s an exhaustive amount of text about their methods in the Zoosk FAQ.

8) Happn

Rounding out the list is Happn, an app that I included because it’s really brought an interesting new batch of features to the hookup scene.

Simply put, Happn is for those moments on the street when you can’t look away from someone. Occasionally, you’ll be lucky enough to have that person staring back at you with similar thoughts, but it usually ends there.

With this one, you don’t have to suffer through the what ifs, because you can literally GPS tag your location on a map inside of the mobile app. After you post, you’ll be asked to fill out a description of who you saw, what they were wearing, etc.

If they tag themselves and describe you, Happn’s moderators will then connect your stories in the app. This is where the swiping comes in, as you can pour through these stories until you find your own missed connection.

I’ve never seen this before, but it really makes things a little more interesting. You could see a ten walk by and be chatting with them mere moments later.

Now, if you’re ready to take the plunge and try one of these apps, then I sincerely suggest reading this page before taking any action.

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