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XMeets Review: Prepare To Meet No One!

Do you like to meet people for sex? Like not a relationship kind of thing, but a no-strings-attached kind of thing where you both get your jollies and then move on. I know I do, and I’m very sure that I’m not the only person on the planet who enjoys hookups.

Unfortunately, my penchant for free love has meant that I’ve landed on quite a few dating sites and hookup apps that were less than effective and some were even pretty deceitful. When I stumbled across XMeets, I was curious as to where they fell on the dating site spectrum. claims to be a site for sexy people to meet, then meet up, and eventually have a sexual relationship. That’s what they claim, but is it the truth?

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The Truth About

I decided to give this a try to see if I was going to find a sexy hookup or two, or if I was going to be the victim of false promises and nothing but an anger headache. Keep reading to find out what I found while poking around on the hookup site.

Joining The Site

So, to get my XMeets experience started, I signed up just like any other member would do. The website states that they’re free to join, which is in fact, true. Joining XMeets is just like any other dating site, you never need to pay a dime to become a member.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? Wrong. All dating sites, good, bad, or ugly do the exact same thing to get people to join.

Once you’re a member, though, you’re going to see that your free membership comes with absolutely nothing but a basic profile and the ability to get frustrated because now you have to pay up.

Oh, and once you’ve paid up, you’re going to get even more frustrated, especially when you find out that you’re probably not going to find a real woman by using XMeets. What do I mean by a “real woman?” Let me tell you.

Fake Profiles All Over The Site

If you’re a newbie in the dating site world, you might not know about a little thing that many shady dating sites will do to trick the real members who join in good faith. XMeets, like those other sites, will create fake profiles to make members think they’re talking to real women and to boost the membership numbers to make their dating site seem busy and full of hot, horny women.

These fake profiles will interact with members, chat a bit, make it seem like they’re interested in getting together, yet they will always have an excuse as to why they can’t meet. Don’t let the profile pics fool you, either. These hotties are not who they say they are, instead they are someone paid to talk to you using stolen pictures so that you’ll consider upgrading your membership to that of a paid member.

XMeet, just like all the other bad dating sites, is more concerned with getting into your wallet than you getting into the pants of real women. They know they don’t have the member numbers that would attract men, so they create them. I’m sure there are legit, real women who use these sites on occasion, but they are certainly in the minority.

Let me make sure you get it: You cannot meet these women. They are not local, they are not looking to meet up, and honestly, they could be a guy for all you know.

Oh, and if you think you’re going to take this up with management of the site, think again. The moment you sign up as a member, you automatically accept their terms and conditions, whether you’ve read them or not.

So, read them. On any and all dating sites you decide to join. Trust me.

So Many Damn Ads

If the use of Fantasy Cuties isn’t enough, XMeets is going to bombard you with ads the entire time you’re on the site. Look, I know they have to make money, they are a business, but the sheer amount of advertising for things such as cam sites, penis enlargements, and other ways to find hookups is mind-boggling.

Oh, and if that isn’t enough, your inbox is going to be flooded with advertisements from third-party companies looking to get deeper into your wallet by convincing you to spend money with them too. You know, just like those money-hungry strippers do at the club.  I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t appreciate being treated like a bottomless ATM, especially when I don’t get laid.

Speaking of money, here is what XMeets does to its paid members. See what you think.

Free Membership…Ha!

As I mentioned earlier, joining is completely free. That’s something they do to make you think you’re going to be able to access all the features of their site.

Believe me, you won’t.

If you want to do anything beyond being called a member and creating a profile, you’ll have to upgrade your membership to paid. allows you to join at a trial membership level where you’ll pay $8.90 for two days. If you don’t remember to cancel your membership should you not want it to continue, you’ll be automatically billed for a full month.

This will continue as long as you keep forgetting to cancel, so if you go that route, remember to cancel if you aren’t enthused with everything the site doesn’t offer.

A monthly membership with XMeets is going to cost you $29.95 but you can choose longer membership levels which run $49.95 for three-months and $69.95 for six-months. That’s a whole lot of money to chat with fakes if you want my opinion on the matter.

Final Thought on XMeets: A Waste of Money

I wanted to like this network, I can always use new “sex” apps or dating sites that will connect me with women who enjoy NSA encounters. However, once I dipped my feet into what XMeets was, I realized it was no better than most other shady hookup sites.

If you aren’t convinced, give it a try, preferably with the trial subscription so you’re only out about $9.00. Just make sure you remember to cancel when you see that everything I’ve found is 100% accurate, unless you enjoy wasting money, and in that case, I would gladly take it off your hands.

If your idea of a good time is to not waste money and actually get laid, then you’re in luck – these work best here (bottom of the page).

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