February 20, 2019

Sex Dating Apps I Use Weekly (You Should Too)

sex dating apps

Most people think I’m crazy for even using these apps, but I think it’s a genius move on my part. Not to toot my own horn or anything but I get laid quite a bit these days. For the most part, it has everything to do with the sex dating apps that I use almost every single day.

If I’m not logging into one of these apps, I’m using the applicable networks via the desktop version (which are one and the same).

Rather than put you to sleep and continue talking about myself, I figured an alternative would be to give you a rundown of the mobile apps that I use and why I’ve chosen to use each individual application.

guy using a sex dating app

Yes, it’s all to increase my chances of hooking up.

No, none of them are Tinder.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re on the hunt for someone and you want sex like yesterday.

Best Sex Dating Apps I’m Using To Hookup Lately

I guess the first question to ask is, “Do you want to hook up?” If the answer is yes, then congratulations, you’ve just joined literally a billion people on this planet with the same motive, want, and need.

People don’t go to the local bar any more though. Instead, they use dating hook up apps. Gone are the days of logging into Match.com or ChristianMingle.com for the serious Catholic type.

Heck, the days of Tinder.com are slowing down as well. Not really but what I mean to say is that others are steadily climbing, grasping market share and making big strides within the sex dating community.

Forget everything you’ve heard to date thus far. Just read this list below and know that I only know what I know and I know how to get laid every day.


It’s: A sex network that’s been around for more than a decade and most notably known for helping millions of Americans have one night stands without anyone finding out.

Plan on: Finding a lot of people willing to have sex via video with a large portion of those people looking for face to face meetups and care-free sexual encounters.

The Trick: Premium members get better placement, better perks, better support, and they ultimately get laid more as well.

Summing It Up: Perhaps the most effective and notorious sex apps on the planet. It’s a network full of people looking for nothing but sex with someone local. A pioneer in the hookup dating niche and safer than all other options out there. Check out Fling right here.


It’s: The NSFW version of Snapchat. A new and improved version that allows consumers to send and receive nude snaps and selfies before meeting up with people to hook up in person.

Plan on: Running into a lot of Snapchat stars that want to safely explore their exotic and sensual side without worrying about being banned. Send snaps and save a kitty (by kitty I mean pussy cat).

The Trick: Have a solid bio and profile built out to entice users to want to connect with you.

Summing It Up: The average Snapchat user that likes explicit content versus that safe for work nonsense will love this app. They put the “SEX” in sext if you know what I mean. DMs will lead to dicking down.


It’s: The anti-Zuckerberg website that’s built to function exactly like Facebook but for sex. Mark Zuckerberg wishes he could get laid by some of these members, I can guarantee that it would be hard for anyone to turn down these girls, even him. Good news for Zuck is that he’s got a beautiful Asian wife and doesn’t need Fuckbook, but if he did, it would be there to use! They officially earned the name the Facebook of sex and it’s worn well, to say the least.

Plan on: Meeting local people to chat with online and eventually meet in person for drinks and perhaps a quickie in the restaurant bathroom. I personally take people our for a nice steak and a couple of drinks, but it’s not necessary.

The Trick: Send messages with substance, not just the hey – let’s bang message. Put 10 to 15 seconds into it and you’ll get a lot further. Also, be sure to like girls photos. Just like on Facebook, these women love getting attention.

Summing It Up: The original Fuckbook is an amazing app that no one can touch. There have been quite a few imposters, so be careful. The one listed here on my site is 100% the real deal. In fact, the original site rebranded as InstantHookups.com due to all the copycat issues. Try the original or bust – trust me.


It’s: The best-kept secret around in terms of direct messaging for quick same-day booty calls. The Instagram girls that have been booted off the Gram for being dirty birdies are officially on Instabang and yes, willing to bang.

Plan on: Spending most of your time scrolling through and search for local hotties willing to chat with you. When you find one, you’re going to level up and hookup for sure. Oh, you can also plan on getting your money back if you suck at chatting with girls and flirting. They’ve got a money-back guarantee that you just can’t pass up.

The Trick: You must compliment and be active while on the go with this sex dating app. Most of them require effort but this one really requires it and doing so will 10x your results – I promise. You can also plan on all the people connecting with you being real. It’s one of the few sex apps out there that don’t use fake profiles.

Summing It Up: Instabang.com takes some getting used to with all the awesome features but you’ll get it soon enough. Having said that, I can’t think of a better way to meet and mingle with someone online aside from doing it in a network where people go in hopes of hooking up. Clearly a no-brainer without a doubt. #BOOM Don’t just dive right in just yet. Check out my full Instabang review then pull the trigger.


I know you’re probably wondering why I didn’t mention Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, Down, Pure, and every other sex dating app that you can easily access from your phone. Well, truth be told, those mentioned above work best for me and that’s why I shared them with you. If you can’t get laid using those apps above, then you’re not going to get laid in a house full of hoes with a fist full of money.

Sex Dating Apps I Use Weekly (You Should Too)
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