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Swinglifestyle: The SLS Swingers Life (Broken Down For All)

If you’re reading this article, then you’re either into hooking up with random women, you live in New York, or you’re just a lunatic like me. The popular swinging website SwingLifeStyle, also commonly referred to as SLS, has been running strong since the early 2000s. Its offerings range from menage a trois, wife swaps, three or more simultaneous partner-type situations, and an array of other ways to get together with like-minded individuals. And while SLS hasn’t always boasted the largest user base, it has consistently maintained around 6,000 users a year, most of which are quite active on the site.

The site sees roughly 8,000 new members a month, but bear in mind that these users tend to leave the site shortly after that. They either opt for the “insta” style site that’s massive versus tight communities like this or they go for something more traditional.

Full disclosure: It’s not like my go-to sex dating app but it’s pretty solid.

SwingLifestyle Review Tells All

Due to the delicate subject matter present on the site, SLS only requires basic personal stats like age, email address, and what type of connection you’re looking for. There’s a separate link for individuals who’d like to stay off of the main servers (something I think is a nice touch) at the link found here. Click the button to join, and you will be sent to the main splash page.

Getting Acquainted (w/Swingers)

You’ll have already obtained your swinger lifestyle login and you’re likely ready to hit the ground running. Once you’ve finished putting together your baseline profile, you’ll be able to start messaging with others….or so you might think. Unfortunately, without a paid membership to this site, you can only see when someone has messaged you.

These messages appear like a typical instant message, but when you attempt to hit the chat button, an additional popup warns that without money upfront, you won’t be reaching out to any fellow swingers any time soon. This means that potential matches may assume you’re uninterested and give up (unless the match happens to be a paid user). In this case, they are given the option to open up communication, if they so choose.

Putting an Upgraded Member Profile Together

Another batch of features strictly for paying guests, upgraded member profiles provide a huge leap forward in terms of SwingLifeStyle’s functionality. You can start conversations right away, which is a huge benefit (and a baseline component of the site’s functionality).

You’ll also be given access to the complete set of images on user profiles. Free members are stuck viewing only the “PG” photos, with nude photos being wholly blurred out.

While you might be frustrated at the choice to bar free users from seeing nudes, consider the following; Hackers, scammers, and bots all tend to use free profiles to do things like steal personal information, which can often include personal images. I think this is the right approach, and urge you to keep it in mind while perusing all that SwingLifeStyle has to offer.

Site Design and Functionality

SwingLifeStyle has kept the user interface relatively simple, with a floating control bar kept to the left. The site navigation is relatively straightforward, with links to either your free or subscription-based options. The messaging app is pretty well designed, and I had no trouble making sure my messages were read, as well as seeing any incoming requests that I might get. I will say, however, that the control scheme looks very 1999. SwingLifeStyle would do well to give their look an overhaul.

What If I Want To Pay?

So, as is commonly done on most pay-to-play sites, discounts are offered dependant on the length of time you’re looking to “swing around.” A single month runs $14.95, while a 3-month stint comes in at $9.98 per month.

If you’re the type to slowly explore sites like this and you’d like to take your time, you can purchase either a 6-month plan at $8.33 a month, or a year’s worth at just $5.83 billed monthly. Any of these choices will open up the full range of SwingLifeStyle’s offerings, so feel free to try a month first and see what you think.

P.S. – There’s also a lifetime membership offered at just $149.95. This isn’t something very commonly offered by sites like SwingLifeStyle, and what it says to me is that they’re a company willing to invest in its core group of users.

SwingLifeStyle’s Enhanced Functions, Continued

So I’ve already covered how paying for SLS’s membership opens up messaging and images, but there’s a slew of features that are specific to the site, and make your money well spent.

The first of these is called “Hot Date.” This is more or less a simplified version of many popular online calendar apps, except built primarily to advertise when you’re free to meet. If you tend to be the type of guy or gal that likes meeting someone new right away, the Hot Date function gives other users a chance to see your schedule right away and make plans that can often be same-day. You can also tie these calendars to other users, making group experiences even easier to put together.

Next up is something called Swinger Clubs. This is almost exactly what it sounds like, an online resource where you can browse local swinging clubs. These tend to be updated quite regularly and makes jumping into the group scenes a breeze for residents new to the area. Honestly, I hit this type of sex club in New York all the time.

The last one I’m going to mention here is something called Travel. As the name implies, it relates to getting where you need to be to make that new connection happen. However, instead of just offering links to third-party sites, SwingLifeStyle instead decided to create its own travel organization, Topless Travel. Here you can browse listings for swinger boat trips, 10-day resort excursions, and even fully stocked cruise ship getaways!

I am firmly impressed by what SwingLifeStyle offers here. Very few websites that I’ve reviewed prior haven’t come close to providing such a high degree of service.

What I Think

You probably won’t be surprised by what I’m about to tell you, but I fully, wholeheartedly endorse Swinger LifeStyle as a website for meeting group partners. As it stands, it provides an almost unmatched resource for individuals who are into group eroticism, but beyond that fact, it provides a slew of additional perks. Yes, I know what you’re probably thinking, that these perks are only offered hen paid for.

While that’s certainly true, this may be one of the few times that I tell you to go for it. SwingLifeStyle provides a heck of a product at a really affordable price point. When you consider this, along with the option to purchase a full lifetime membership, I think you’ll agree with me.

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