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Larissa Dos Santos Lima Already Dating Someone in Vegas

I have many vices, but none perhaps as bizarre as being a complete addict of 90 Day Fiance.  I’m far from the guy who becomes addicted to Reality TV, but this show just captured my mind due to the sheer amount of idiots that live in this world combined with the number of lunatics thinking they can co-mingle with a person from a culture they know nothing about.  I ready today that Larissa Dos Santos Lima is already dating someone else after getting walking papers from her husband, Colt Johnson, on January 11.  Today I’ll catch you up with what I know and share the gory details.

90 Day Fiance Star Larissa Dos Santos Lima Dating a Man in Vegas

If you don’t know the premise of the show, here it is:

People meet, whether it be on a vacation, or online, and they fall in love. The caveat with this reality TV series is that these people live in different countries and have to go through hula hoops to get married.  The biggest hula hoop being that they have exactly 90 days to get married once the fiance arrives on US soil with a fiance visa.

What could go wrong, you ask?

Well, it all goes wrong.  Cultural issues, financial woes, promises of a better life that aren’t delivered, it all happens, and much, much more.  This show is for those of you who love drama, like me.

Today’s blog is about a couple who got married in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Not the best place to import your fresh off the boat bat shit crazy Brazilian girl, and I speak from experience as someone who has lived in Vegas and dated many South Americans.

But, Colt Johnson, a computer programmer who looks and acts every bit of the stereotypical part, did just that when he imported Larissa Dos Santos Lima, the fiery Brazil native who was arrested on January 11 on charges of domestic battery against him for – wait for it – the third time.   How she’s not deported yet after arriving and quickly becoming a serial offender is beyond me.    The first time she struck the poor computer dork (who actually seems like a really nice, homey guy on the show) was just days before they had their wedding.

What do you expect from people who met on social media and were engaged just five days after their first physical meet-up?

Upon hearing the news that Larissa is dating someone new, Colt told US (who first reported this story) that he had tried to reach out to her but she is blocked on every social media platform and won’t answer emails.  He doesn’t even know where she is currently residing.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima Boyfriend

After revealing to the world via Instagram on February 17 that she had a boyfriend, she hasn’t revealed his identity yet.  If I’m that guy she’s dating, I would be hiding my identity as well.  In fact, I’d hit that, and run.  In addition to having a horrible accent, she’s a lunatic and really, not that hot.  I know, I know, it’s not all about looks.  But lets be real, she’s attacked a man three times.  She’s a loose cannon.


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Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more 🎡 #highroller #bae #80s #vegasbaby #90dayfiance

A post shared by Larissa Lima (@larissalimareal) on

That’s her cryptic photo she posted on Instagram of her new crush.

The identity will be revealed, however, at a divorce party scheduled for March 2nd at popular Las Vegas strip club Crazy Horse 3.  You can come and “meet her new boo,” as she announced on Instagram.

Ironically, not to be upstreamed, Johnson is having his divorce party the night before at the same location.  Can’t make this up.  Johnson also added in advance of his party that he is bringing someone special.

“I have a date for the divorce party, so that’s exciting,” – Colt Johnson.

I cringe when I read this.  People doing stuff because they think they are reality TV stars.  I like laughing, don’t get me wrong, and this show makes me laugh.  But, it’s the type of laughing nobody wants – it’s people being made fun of, ridiculed, and looked down upon. I feel sorry for the people on this show, because they are essentially being picked on for making awful decisions.

Then again, they signed up for both the show and the marriage.  Live, and hopefully, learn.

Johnson and Dos Santos Lima’s divorce is not finalized yet.


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