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KikFriender Review – A Total Scam Website (Avoid)

I’ve been using Kik for years and have had some great success in hooking up with many hot and horny women (those days are long over though). When I saw that there was a site that promised to help me not only hookup but to be able to hookup exponentially, I was so down for it!

KikFriender supposedly helps to increase the effectiveness of Kik and help you to meet more people for chatting, sending out sexy pics, and hooking up for some hot times.

But, the biggest question is: Does KikFriender really work?

If you’re considering using KikFriender, I want you to read what I found out when I started poking around and attempted to use the site to get more action.

Kikfriender screenshot

5 Reasons Why KikFriender Isn’t Worth Your Time

I was really hoping that KikFriender would pan out and actually do what it says it does. I mean, who doesn’t want to get more hookups in their life? Unfortunately, not only did KikFriender not do what I had hoped, it was just a waste of my time.

Here are the 5 reasons why I think KikFriender is something you should avoid:

Reason #1: Fake users.

The first thing you’ll notice when using Kik Friender is that the women are all very hot. Like, amazingly, smoking hot. Now, normally I wouldn’t be upset about this, but you cannot tell me that every single member of a hookup site is going to be sexy.

Sorry, it just doesn’t work like that. When I see any dating site with only beautiful people, I’m avoiding it. It most likely means that the brains behind the site are stealing the hottest pictures of people they can find from the internet to try and make their own site seem amazing.

Trust me guys, the hot women here are not real, at least on that site, and they’re not going to want to hook up with you.

Reason #2: Duplicate pictures.

Another big clue that KikFriender is full of fakes and stolen pictures is the fact that many of the pictures they’ve taken are seen on other fake sites. Look, the people who create these sites aren’t stupid. They know what works and that is women who look like porn stars, Instagram influencers, and online models.

What the people behind KikFriender really hope is that you won’t notice that these women are from other places and you’ve probably seen them before. They want you to be lured in by the sexiness and forget common sense.

Please, when you’re looking at any dating site, make sure there is a nice balance of “normal” members and hotter members. Normal people do join dating sites and hey, they need some lovin’ too.

Reason #3: Be ready for some spam.

I hate when I join a dating site and I’m instantly hit with more spam than any human being needs to receive. This site will not only hit you with spam, but you’re also going to be hit with deceitful spam. That’s really the worst, in my opinion.

You see, KikFriender wants you to keep using their site. They want you to believe that the site is full of hot and horny women who want to get with you. So, what they do is send you messages from all these women who are just dying to get into your bed.

Guess what? Those messages that are just so provocative and sexy are actually just bot messages from KikFriender trying to trick you. Those women don’t want anything to do with you.

Hell, they don’t even exist! Once again, the brains behind the site hope you’re thinking with your second head and that you’ll just do whatever it takes to get laid.

Reason #4: External links galore.

If you happen to fall for one of the “women” of KikFriender, you’ll probably end up wanting to chat with her. She’ll be super eager and send you a message. Please, pay attention to this message.

Here’s why. When you’re talking to a woman here, most likely her messages will have a URL. This means that she isn’t chatting with you through KikFriender at all.

She isn’t even chatting with you, to be honest, but that’s neither here nor there. When you see any URL’s, you’re actually being sent to another website. This is usually a dating site or app, and this is a huge marketing scheme to get you to join a different site, which gives KikFriender a monetary kickback.

Remember, these chats are not real people. They are bots and you’re not actually ever going to meet anyone for anything through KikFriender chats.

Reason #5: Questionable tech.

KikFriender is a part of Cloudflare, which services over 12 million websites and is supposed to provide security to websites and is a reverse proxy for websites. Sites that are on Cloudflare are difficult to find information for because of this, and many dating sites are taking their services to Cloudflare.

Cloudflare has come under some scrutiny recently because they are linked to hate groups and recent terrorist shootings. I’m not here to preach, but if a site is linked to hate, I’m not about it. I prefer to be a lover, not a fighter, but you’ll have to decide if that is something that is important to you.

Final Thoughts on KikFriender

Kik is a great site for hooking up and having sexy conversations with women who are a little more on the wild side. Because Kik is so popular, there has been an influx of other sites looking to play off that popularity. Enter KikFriender.

Unfortunately, I would never recommend that anyone use KikFriender to find a real woman to have fun with. Between the fake profiles, the fake chats looking to lure you to other dating sites, huge amounts of spam, and well, a shady tech company affiliation, I just don’t think there are any redeeming qualities to KikFriender.

If you don’t believe me, please give it a try, but do so with a critical eye as you look around. Once you’ve been there awhile you’re going to see that you’re never going to meet any friends on KikFriender, and isn’t that kind of the purpose?

What’s the better option? Glad you asked! The smarter move would be to simply download a dating app that works. You’ll find about a half dozen on this page here along with some sex games that are pretty damn cool too.

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