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Sites For Swingers You Should Consider

For some people, the idea of bringing multiple partners into the bedroom still seems too taboo to try. But a large portion of individuals and couples in 2019 are opening up to the idea of a sex life that’s a little more…interesting than their peers.


The Swinger Websites Of 2019 (Full List Below)

Part of the reason for this is the sheer explosion of technological advancement over the last 20 years. The World Wide Web has become a refuge for people who have often felt like their sexual needs weren’t being met. This has led to entire communities springing up, where folks can express themselves without fear of judgment or retribution. Suddenly, the idea of multiple partners seemed somehow more approachable for the average person.

Due to this, in the last decade, there’s been a huge rise in apps and websites dedicated to helping group-minded individuals make the type of connections they crave. This is why I decided to put together a list of some of the best swinging and hookup apps I’ve come across.

Adult Friend Finder

The first site I decided to put on this list was the Adult Friend Finder site. AFF is one of the biggest swinging/hookup apps on the market, taking over much of the market space since its inception in 2011.

The signup process for Adult Friend Finder is pretty standard, with questions based around things like your gender, age, and list of preferences. You can even add facts like whether you’re in a relationship, looking for couples, etc. After giving a general location, you’re all set to start enhancing your love life.

What I like best about Adult Friend Finder is that that they offer availability on all mobile platforms, which makes it super simple to continue conversations on the go. The mobile app is pretty seamless too, and I’ve never had any issues.


It should come as no surprise that the one and only made the list. It’s our best rated hook up app.  They’ve been turning heads for years and today is no surprise. Fling is meant for helping people have flings. Some of those “Fling things” is hooking up with multiple partners at the same time. Shocker huh? I didn’t think so.

At any rate, this network made the list because it’s just great and a solid member of the swinger line up. If you’re looking to have three people, perhaps five people in an all-out orgy, then you can do so in a matter of hours typically here.

Joining is a piece of cake and the app/site is simple to use as well. Give it a shot and you will not be disappointed.


Lucky made this list for a few reasons, but mostly due to its novel, completely anonymous approach to hooking up.

One possible downside for some is that Lucky is 100% local, meaning you aren’t going to be finding connections across state lines. Instead, Lucky wants to make sure that whatever connections you make on their site are close enough to be accessible the same evening.

Signup is (obviously) pretty stripped down, entering just a few simple responses to the typical set of questions before being let loose on their profile browser.

Lucky is the “same-day shipping” of the hookup world, and I couldn’t love it more. My experiences with their mobile applications have always been consistent, and I appreciate that even the mobile version of Lucky is super careful about what sort of information it collects from your phone.

If you’re the type of individual or couple who likes to be spontaneous and have risque adventures, I think Lucky would probably be the perfect fit for you.


SDC is short for the phrase “Seek, Discover, Create,” and has been a contender in the online swinger scene for over a decade.

The reason I like this site is that it keeps things simple. SDC has been providing an online forum for swingers for a very long time, and have perfected their chat functions over several years to include a ton of features. You can send video messages and see when members are online, along with a bunch of other options to keep the chat spicy.

More recently, they’ve made the leap into the mobile sphere, releasing apps for both iOS and Android. Since a lot of what makes SDC great is tied to their chat applications, I think this was a wise choice. This way users aren’t forced to share personal information with strangers before meeting up, something I always try to avoid.

Due to the sheer amount of chat features, along with a simple-to-use interface and dependable functionality, I think you could do a heck of a lot worse than SDC.


Feeld aka Feel’d made this list due to it’s a unique approach to swinging. The site was designed with the idea of group sex in mind, but how they enhance the search is by being able to tie multiple accounts together. This means that if you’re looking for three people to meet up with, you can specifically find groups of 3 who have actively been searching for their 4th.

It really doesn’t get a lot easier than this, and that’s not all Field brings to the table. They also offer a lot of the same anonymity filters and features that Lucky does, something that really enhanced the overall safety of using the site.

My partner and I have used Feeld quite a bit, landing ourselves in quite a few hot situations over the past year. Do yourself a favor and get the mobile app, because you need to see this one for yourself.


I have to admit; I was on the fence whether or not I should include Mixxxer in this list, as it’s had quite a few problems over the years. But throughout the past eight months or so, Mixxxr has been completely overhauling their mobile app and site, focusing a lot more on their pro-LGBTQ+ policies and mindset. While this site is for folks from all walks of life, they have been making huge effort to promote this inclusive attitude.

There aren’t too many hookup/swinging companies that stand behind this sort of altruism, which made me want to look past their technical issues.

While Mixxxer isn’t for everyone, it provides a bit of a different experience than the more traditional offerings, so I definitely think you should give it a try if you’re willing to do so. However, I cannot guarantee that this will work for you. There are many folks out there that have bad things to say about this app and that’s just how the cookies crumble, sorry I’m honest!


Safety is the name of the game on 3Fun, which means that signup is a bit of a pain. You’re forced to confirm your identity in several different ways, including email and phone verifications.

The mobile apps are nothing area where 3Fun shines, thanks to their designers being first and foremost focused on the ability to evade hackers and spam. They use face recognition software to verify all uploaded photos, which all but eliminates fake profile scams. You can also choose different privacy levels for your photo albums, something I always like having the option to do.

Honestly, other than their hardcore security, 3Fun is a pretty typical swinger site. But if you’re the cautious type, it may be the perfect choice for you.

Open Minded

Open Minded is dedicated to unleashing your inner freak, and they do a great job of it.

Even during the signup process, you’ll be confronted with a surprising amount of questions not seen on other sites. I refuse to wreck the surprise for you, but let’s just say that they want to know what kinds of food you like to be covered in!

I love sites that are sex-positive, especially regarding the…less traveled sexual roads. That’s why I endorse Open Minded, and why it caps this list.

Oh, and here’s a clip from the Swingers (1996) movie…

Now, if you’re looking for simply the ultimate dating apps list (something for everyone) then you’ll want to give this article a read. You’ll find something there if you’re not happy with the list I’ve just presented to you.

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