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Mixxxer Dating App Review Tells All

I get it, you probably think I’m an absolute nut job, but even for a nut, I know when I come across a good dating app. Well, today, unfortunately, I’m not going to able to report “good” on a particular network. With everyone having smartphones in their pockets nowadays, finding a dating app that fits your particular tastes is easier than ever. When I heard about Mixxxer, I got really excited that there was something new on the casual hookup and more specifically, the swinger scene. My elation was short-lived, however, once I got onto and tried it out.

mixxxer app

My Review Of The Mixxxer Swinger App

Before I kick things off here, I want to say that I do believe that using this and other apps is a far safer approach than using Backpage sites. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s the right approach. Keep reading to get the full scoop…

Mixxxer is supposedly a site and app for those out there that enjoy the swinger’s lifestyle. While I don’t have a partner, I thought I could be a third for a hot and sexy couple that was looking for some spice in their marriage. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

All good dating sites charge you something to use all that they offer. I don’t mind paying for something that is legit and works, but I should have known that a cheaper price tag wouldn’t equal quality. As soon as you join, you’re charged $19.99 for three months. I wish I had read the terms of service before I signed up and gave them one dollar because this is yet another dating site that employs independent contractors.

Fake Profiles

These employees of Mixxxer are paid to portray fake profiles. They are there to provide you with entertainment by talking dirty to you, teasing you, and essentially leading you on so you keep paying membership dues. Called Mixxxer Entertainers, these are profiles are always super-hot and seem to be very abundant in your area. They are also “someone” you will never meet. They can’t video chat with you, they won’t call you on the phone, they won’t email you off-site, and they certainly will never, ever have sex with you.

The vast number of the profiles on Mixxxer are these fake profiles, making the site look like it’s always super busy and full of extremely sexy swingers. I promise you, though, it really isn’t. And what is frustrating is that all of this is completely legal because the brains behind these types of dating sites state it clearly in their terms of service. They bank on the fact that nobody ever reads those things, least of all men who are horny and looking for quick sex.

Removed From App Store

Mixxxer boasts on their webpage that because they are a mobile sex site, they don’t have to follow the normal rules that apps must follow. See, most apps in Google’s Android store and on iTunes won’t allow any type of explicit content because kids have access to these two app stores. Sounds so exciting, right? Well, what they didn’t tell you is that because Mixxxer is so terrible, Google actually kicked them out of the Android Store.

Slow And Ineffective

Maybe you don’t believe me that this app is full of fakes and just generally blows. That’s fine, you’re entitled to your opinion. But, I will say that unless you have one of the newer smartphones on the market, you’re going to struggle to even use Mixxxer on your phone. It is slow, clunky, freezes up constantly, and has to remain simple because it isn’t a proper app. Just trying to use this app is a headache and really not worth your time.

Conclusion: Failed My Test

I really wanted to love this network, especially since it came with a very cheap price tag and the profiles were so amazingly hot. But, once I started poking around and really opened my eyes to what was going on, which was that Mixxxer was too-good-to-be-true. Full of fake profiles along with being unreliable on my less-than-new phone, the only thing Mixxxer was good for was using the very dirty pictures for some special “alone time” since I couldn’t meet anyone off their site.

You really should avoid this app, it’s just not worth your time or money. Now, if you’re looking for a couple of networks that do work, my advice would be to check out the app. There are actually plenty of swingers using the network daily, so they’ve got you covered.

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