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P411 Review: Not The Preferred Way To Find Sex

I’ve been following the P411 site for years and I figured there’s no better time than now to unleash the fury of why it’s a terrible approach to connecting with people. It all started when the Denver Post wrote something back in 2013 that I never forgot.

They discovered all the issues with and Now I’m here to share my own personal thoughts on all this stuff.

P411 website review

The P411 – Why I don’t Prefer The Preferred411 Site

Here’s what you need to know about the P411 website.

The shutdown of Backpage has really brought escort sites out of the woodwork. Unfortunately, for those that use those types of sites, most escort sites are frauds. So, when I found Preferred 411 or as they call themselves, P411, I was curious to see if they were legit or another letdown. As I suspected, Preferred 411 falls in the latter category.

Here’s the scoop and why you should think the same…

When you first land on P411’s website, you’ll notice that it looks like a tacky 80’s spa website. I won’t knock it, though, because most shady escort sites will have the girls out in the open, so I can see that P411 is using that as a way to have some semblance of privacy. If you want to see the women of P411, or you want to offer up your services, you will have to join the site to access any content.

All Must Apply To

Both escorts and John’s looking for fun will have to apply to join. This involves submitting pictures of yourself and some form of official identification, as well as paying a membership fee. If you aren’t accepted into this website for any reason, that membership fee is non-refundable.

So, think about this: you are giving an escort site, which is illegal, your name and pictures and official I.D. Talk about stupid! No matter where you are on the transaction, you’re putting yourself at risk.

Terms Tell No Lies

What you need to know is that no matter what their Terms say, if the authorities come knocking on the door at P411, they’re going to give up their membership list. They certainly aren’t going to go to jail for a bunch of horny men or “working” girls, so if the cops want it, they’re going to get it. And remember, they have your officially submitted I.D. and pictures of yourself!

You’re 100% Liable For Your Actions

Just by signing up on P411, you are agreeing that the site is not liable for anything that should happen to you. If you are robbed, get beat up, catch a disease, or get ripped off, it’s your issue. P411 even states on their own site that hiring escorts is illegal and they do not condone that activity. Believe me, using this is a high-risk activity.

Other Sites Bashing P411 As Well

If you don’t believe my thoughts on P411, I would really recommend you check out and There are multiple stories of people being ripped off by using P411, so if you don’t trust me, really pay attention to what these John’s had to say about their experiences.

Conclusion: P411 Is Illegal, Do NOT Use It

Using an escort site is illegal, there is no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. And just because a site has steps in place to supposedly make it safe, doesn’t make it any less illegal.

P411 tries to make it seem like they are a high-end escort site when in reality they are no better than any other shady escort site out there – this one included.

With their rules about revoking your membership at any time with no refunds, to the fact that they have your complete identity on their databases that could be seized at any time, I really don’t find that P411 is worth the risk for an hour or so of risky fun.

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