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BeNaughty App For iPhone (Review)

BeNaughty is the perfect online dating site to suit the needs of those looking to hook up immediately, no questions asked. They use a custom algorithm that works to connect you with the people closest to you, physically. That means that you could be hooking up with a local swinger in no time!

While BeNaughty uses basic GPS data to put adventurous individuals together, but in addition to that, they use a lot of different tools like in-depth, custom profiles (no need to hire a $2k consultant), chat rooms, and their own proprietary Android and iOS mobile app.

Thanks to these factors, along with a slew of other things I’ve heard about them more recently, I decided that maybe I should give this website a go. Below, you’ll be exposed to all the facts I gathered about this seemingly legitimate site.

BeNaughty Terms Complete Review (Site Breakdown)

If you’re anything like me, the number one thing you do when trying to decide if you’d like to use a new dating website is to check the internet for reviews. It tends to be the easiest and fastest way to find out if you’re going to get ripped off.

What Does The Internet Say?

In the case of BeNaughty, there’s some really strong data to back up their claims that both the desktop site and the phone app are completely safe to use. This has to do primarily with who BeNaughty partners with, an entity who is also in effect their parent company, Together Networks Limited.

TNL is a mobile app company that specializes in dating applications, and they pride themselves in crafting a product that is both safe and easy to use. They use several different types of encryption that tie into the security functions of your phone, making it incredibly difficult for someone to snoop on your messages with others.

I didn’t expect to be impressed before I even started using BeNaughty, but the credentials are certainly there.

Getting Started

Once you’re on their main page, BeNaughty shows you what your options are as far as signing up.

For individuals who aren’t looking for real commitment, there’s a 3-day trial that’s offered to new users. This trial period allows you to enjoy all of the functions available on the site, something I enjoyed as you typically aren’t allowed to access full site functionality with trial memberships.

Once your three days are up, BeNaughty offers you an additional two days to think about it. Once you decide that you’re going to take the plunge and give BeNaughty a shot, you’ll be confronted with their different payment levels:

  • $28 for one month
  • $15 a month with a 3-month commitment
  • $8 a month with a 6-month commitment

As far as sites like these are concerned, the pricing is pretty average (if not a little low). What I like about this is that you’re given a little breathing room as far as financial commitments are concerned, while being able to keep your online dating experiences seamless.

Privacy Policy


Once I’d gotten past all the payment information, I was asked to submit an e-mail address, which was then immediately verified. Finally, it was time to create my profile.

There isn’t a ton to say about this particular aspect of BeNaughty, as profile creation is pretty standard. You’re asked to fill out information regarding things like religion, age, and sexual habits as well as your basic location and level of mobility (i.e., how far you’re willing to walk or drive to meet a date!)

Once I got this information filled out, I was asked to upload at least three images. This again was pretty standard and offered me a simple drag & drop interface. There was also the option to upload up to two video files, but I passed on this for the time being.

I had my profile done in just under 5 minutes, which I appreciated about BeNaughty. It can be a tad discouraging to spend upwards of 20 minutes putting a baseline profile together when all you want to do is getting to looking for that evening’s date!

Finding Others

Searching for other singles is super easy, thanks to the top-notch search engine provided by BeNaughty. They allow you to get very specific in your searches, singling out as many individual facets as you’d like.

That means, for example, if on a particular day you’d like to just search for people under 40 who love pizza and have blue eyes, you can do it (although I can’t guarantee you’ll have a lot of luck on that particular search.)

There’s also the option to stick close to where you live, which is usually my preference. While singing this app during its trial period, I didn’t have too much luck on finding locals. However, I did have a few real connections, which are a short drive away, which is enough to convince me that BeNaughty’s GPS functions are working accurately.

Current Membership Base

BeNaughty currently boasts around 10,000 new users a month, which is a pretty big number. This is even more surprising when you learn that almost 50% of these new memberships are paid. I’m amazed that a website like this can attract so many paying customers regularly, and it tells me that Be Naughty is on top of their marketing game, in addition to their ability to provide stellar service.

Extra Features

This is interesting for me because I would’ve expected such a hugely popular site to offer some new and novel approaches to this whole online hookup thing. However, there’ really nothing new here…and that’s just fine by me.

BeNaughty may not be pushing all sorts of new concepts or flashy app functions, but from what I can tell, that’s because they are satisfied with providing a consistent, solid experience with results. The website boasts a 97% success rate for its paid members, and this is how they’re able to do it.

Issues With Spam

Something I wanted to touch on regarding BeNaughty was their complete lack of spam content. Not once was I confronted with misleading links or popup ads asking me to try a different site.

This has me genuinely curious, as most websites of this nature pretty much exclusively survive on their advertising dollars. To me, this screams that BeNaughty is thriving financially.

My Conclusions

BeNaughty is a strong contender in the field of casual online dating. They provide a smooth, uninterrupted user experience that offers real results. I wholeheartedly recommend both the desktop site and the mobile app for anyone looking to find a local date quickly!

If you’re interested in joining this network, then you can do so right here. If not, I’ve got plenty of other options for you. Take a look at the list below and give one of those a shot. You’ve now got more than enough options for hooking up.

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