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What Is Best GFE? The Full Definition, Acronym, and Site Review

Best GFE

What’s a true GFE? I’m guessing you’re here to read the article because you’re curious about it and hope to find it online. There are a couple of meanings for the term, but it often refers to the “girlfriend experience.”

Whether you’re in New York or elsewhere, you hope to find the best GFE possible without spending tons of money or getting in trouble for illegal activities.

However, the Best GFE website is supposed to stand for Best Games Fun Entertainment. The company makes you believe you’re getting a game-like experience while using the site.

I’ve already read tons of reviews about this site and checked it out myself. Is it a coverup of some kind or not? I’m here to help you learn what it is and why the company is trying to modify the traditional meaning so that you get into trouble.

Before reading about this website, you should learn where I find my discreet meet-ups. Most of them could be labeled as the best girlfriend experience, and I use It’s what I recommend above all else. In fact, it’s my honey hole to find those horny women who only want casual sex, and I’ve banged all types – teachers, mothers, newly divorced babes, and those who like fetishes.

Now, let’s get back to the review before you jump off here and head to!

Here Is What Best GFE Means

There is no other way around it all. The term is crystal clear and well-known to those who are with women who accept cash in exchange for sex. Officially, GFE means “girlfriend experience.” That’s what Best GFE hopes you believe you get from the website.

I’m warning you now that this isn’t true. You won’t get the girlfriend experience while on this site because the girls are gross. In fact, they’re not what you’re promised.

This guide breaks it down for you and also gives you insight into my personal thoughts relating to this site. However, I have to say here and now that I do not ever pay girls for sex; I just don’t have to! Instead, I use different apps to meet people to bang, so why would I want to pay someone to spend time with me?!

My goal is mutual meet-ups. Now, I’ll stop wasting your time and tell you about Best GFE.

Personal Investigation of the Sex Dating Website (BestGFE)

Primarily, this website shows local escorts. However, it refers to the ladies as XO companions, city girls, and GFE escorts. If you ask me, all those mean the same thing – you pay them for sexual favors!

Is it worth all the hassle and fear? NO!

I’ve made some poor decisions throughout my life, especially when casually dating. However, I’ve learned that sites like BestGFE aren’t worth your time and are unsafe!

Most people don’t believe that or feel the need to test it for themselves. Below, I give you my personal breakdown to explain it all. That means you know what to look for and know it won’t work.

Best GFE Escort Homepage Rundown

When you arrive on the site, you see a large warning message at the top. It doesn’t go down the whole screen, but you can’t miss it. I’ve checked various US states, including Florida and New York City. That’s never a good idea to start with a warning, and it’s a red flag in my book.

Why does the site show the warning message? It is trying to cover its own ass from a legal standpoint, and most escort agency sites do it.

I won’t include the entire disclosure here, but it says that the website contains adult content and language, so you must agree to the Terms and Conditions and be over the legal age in your area. If you use the site in a way it wasn’t intended, you could violate foreign, federal, and state laws. Then, it says that Best GFE doesn’t create or produce any of the content.

After that, it states that you have to agree to report human trafficking or the exploitation of minors to authorities.

In a sense, it says you can go to jail when you pay for sex, and it doesn’t create whatever content you see.

Then, there are a handful of advertisement banners for escort sites and massage parlors. Those sites are generally unsafe and won’t give you the girlfriend experience you wish for!

Featured Showcase Section for GFE Escorts

When you continue scrolling, you meet the “featured spot” area. This shows off specific agencies and upscale escorts that pay to be there. They may get hand-selected, as well.

I recommend that you completely bypass this area. Don’t worry about it because the spaces are a full waste of time. Plus, you will get a headache from seeing all the flashing adverts.

GFE Escort


Scroll down the page more to see forums with various sub-sections to break things down. There’s the general section, which has information related to user forums, states, and other data.

When viewing the sections, you see many of them don’t have the discussion volume for that topic. It’s a huge red flag. For example, the New York City section only had 295 discussions.

I’m just not impressed. Millions of people live in NYC, but they aren’t getting dinner dates or a professional companion from Best GFE! You must go into each post, but you end up being let down!

Moving into Sections

If you go deeper into the NYC section, you’ll see it has more annoying banner advertisements for sex services and GFE escorts. There are no reviews. Some cities do have them, but they suck and don’t provide any information.

I was highly skeptical of the reviews. I read a discussion post and different things, but I felt they weren’t real. Most people posting in those discussion forums have too much time to kill and are likely up to no good.

Likewise, I don’t trust that consumers were writing them. In fact, the local authorities may use those sites to capture people paying for escorts. Therefore, be very careful if you access the site and understand that you could face legal trouble for buying sex!

Stale Showcase

The showcase section is quite stale. The most recent update was back in 2017, so that’s highly discouraging. It’s a red flag when you don’t see new information because the site is unhelpful.

Likewise, the showcased women are from other escort sites. Your GFE date isn’t likely real. They’re ads for ladies you will never meet. When you find a post on the best GFE service, they only want money for their time, and that’s it!

What to Do Instead of Using an Elite Escort Agency

All sex dating websites have adult content on them, and you should expect that. However, they point you to finding sex legally and quickly. The women on adult dating apps don’t require payments. You are speaking to a real person and not a luxury escort. Talk to each other, tell her you want the girlfriend experience, hook up, and be happy!

Use a Dating App

First, you must select the right adult dating website. I’ve talked about my favorites in another post, and is definitely the winner. However, you should read reviews about each one to feel comfortable.

When you’re ready, create your account. It takes a few minutes, and you’re ready to start searching for hotties.

I must point out that most free websites don’t give you a lot. Still, you get used to it and can browse to see if it’s worth your time. Once you find someone and chat her up, suggest a dinner date or go straight to the hotel for sex!

Create Your Profile

You want to get to the action fast; I’m a guy, and I understand. However, you can’t neglect your profile or avoid setting it up. My advice is: don’t stop at the basics. Take your time and fill out all sections. The ladies viewing your profile will know what you want and respond in kind!

Talk to Hotties

If you’ve been following this short guide, you might not have paid for a subscription to your favorite adult dating site. You can do that now. Then, chat with women. Some might be bold enough to message you, but don’t wait for that to happen.

Meet for Sex

You should quickly find women to bang. Make sure they know you prefer the girl friend experience. Consider a hotel or opt for a more romantic setting, such as a posh bar, for a drink first.


Using a Best GFE escort is not worth your time. Just accessing the site could get you in severe trouble. I recommend using hookup websites and apps instead. Let the ladies know you want the girlfriend experience, meet, bang, and repeat!

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