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Backpage Pro Review with the Top Five Alternatives Available to Try

Backpage Pro Review

Are you tired of hearing me discuss all those Backpage alternative sites on the market? Too bad! I won’t stop until I’ve found and revealed the scumbag websites out there. In fact, I just found another site that has fake listings for escorts and a bunch of nonsense. My BackpagePro review will help you understand what I’m talking about.

I’m here to be completely straight with you! I absolutely hate all of those fake escort website options. These sites take advantage of consumers who just want to hook up with a woman. Most of them are complete garbage and should be tossed out with the trash.

You will get a good idea of what I’m talking about if you keep reading my review. I’ve covered everything. If you’re one of those backpagepros who believes he knows everything, I promise that you could learn something.

For those who already know that this site isn’t for them and want a sure thing, you should try It works better than any Backpage site to find sex!

My BackpagePro Review

I don’t recommend that you visit Backpage Pro, but you don’t have to because I’ve already done it. The first impression I got was that I was using the original site. That’s what the creators want you to believe, and many people fall for it, but I didn’t!

When it comes to legit websites, I know what to look for and can pinpoint deceitful escorts and listings. I’ll tell you now that this one is highly shady. You may hear people calling it Backpage Pro, Backpagespro, or Backpage Plus, Regardless, they are all the same, and you should ignore those people.

Let’s start off my BackpagePro review with the site terms.

Site Terms

If you’ve read a few of my reviews, you know that I absolutely hate it when I come to a site for escorts and read the terms. They generally start off by saying that consumers can’t post ads or anything that relates directly or indirectly to the solicitation for illegal services, such as exchanging money for sexual services.

This angers me beyond belief! You know the website is there literally to bring hookers and people together for paid sex. One of my biggest pet peeves is site terms that don’t match what the website is supposed to do, and that’s why I mentioned it immediately.


The moment you move past the landing page and decide to navigate to your city, you are pushed in front of a stupid disclaimer. I won’t write it verbatim, but you can definitely check it out if you want. If you do, I recommend using a VPN and scanning for viruses immediately afterward.

Basically, the disclaimer is a legal liability waiver for those who operate They don’t go to jail because you were stupid enough not to know local laws.

I chose to agree to those terms so that I could check it out more. Doing that led me to a page stating that I will see two types of ads: personal ads and company ads. Since I hadn’t encountered something like that, I checked out both options. Here’s what I found:

Company Ads

When you click the company ads section, you will see that no results populate on the page. That’s a bit strange if you ask my opinion.

The owners are running a site for classified ads, but not one company chose to publish anything on it! That screams out that this is fake as hell and reiterates what I’ve been saying all along. They should be full of ads to help people make money, but they aren’t!

Personal Ads

I then dove into its personal ad section on the web, but it was also a waste of my time and a complete bust. Overall, it didn’t work at all, so I had to dig deeper to learn that there are personal ads, but they’re crappy.

Really, it’s full of emojis. You get a contact number, a list of where the person is located, and the rates you pay. Yes, they expect you to spend money to bang them.

When I looked at some of the addresses shown on the ads, I noticed that they were “erotic massage parlors.” What’s that tell you?

Well, it told me that this was all a load of crap. Either it’s full of fake dating profiles, massage girls who try to rope in guys for cash, or fake escort profiles. You probably won’t get sex, but if you do, it’s prostitution with Backpage!

You could get into big trouble if you are pinched for solicitation, but the sites’ owners don’t care! In fact, you’re just the little guy on the totem pole!

Why Sites Like Backpage and Craigslist Personals Suck!

I’m not saying all classified ads and similar sites are bad, but I just happened to browse most of them that are. You want to find a girl for sex, and places like Backpage or Craigslist have a lot of flashy stuff on them. They are rarely legit, the security is shady, and you probably won’t find much for dating.

Find a Date

Backpage Alternative Sites That Work (Other Dating Sites)

Okay. Now that this review has told you that Backpage is a big letdown and could put you in a position to do illegal things, it’s time to focus on Backpage alternatives. There are thousands of dating apps out there, but these are the top five! Let’s jump in so that you can soon get your dick wet.

Fling is the app where you go for straight-up success in hookups. You aren’t likely to find another site like it, and Backpage has nothing on this one. In fact, you can sign up for the free services and then decide if you want to subscribe. I highly recommend getting a paid plan because it’s definitely worth the price.

You will talk to real women, and most of them are only interested in banging or casual dating. Therefore, you don’t have to deal with fakeness, pictures that don’t match the people, and all the rest. Plus, it has a wide user base, and you can view videos and pics before chatting with someone.

If you don’t think is the right option, here are a few runner-ups to consider:


Next on our list of alternative Backpage sites is AdultFriendFinder, which is sometimes spelled out as Adult Friend Finder. This website helps you hook up with a girl almost instantly. That’s just how quick it works, and there’s a massive number of members to consider.

This website is similar to Ashley Madison because of the many others it helps you find. However, it also has forums and online communities that cover various topics to help you be successful. I was pretty skeptical at first, but I gave it a shot, and I’m fully convinced that this is hundreds of times better than Backpage!

Insta Bang

Insta Bang is the website that caters to those who only want casual encounters. It doesn’t matter what you like or need at the time. If it involves sex, you can find someone here to get the job done. I’ve spent many years testing the technology, so I know it’s legal and will help you with dating!

The website functions as you would expect, and it’s similar to Instagram. If you’re in a rush, you can often connect with people pretty quickly. Jump online and go to the site to get started! You will be happy you did!

So Naughty

There is nothing wrong at all with getting naughty here or there. I like that the So Naughty Network is actually a collection of sites rolled into one. Therefore, you can easily connect with people who have posted ads in the personals section.

You will quickly find tons of people who are looking for various things. It’s definitely safer than using Backpage or any of its clone sites! However, don’t take my word for it; test it for yourself and browse the personals today.

Uber Horny

The Uber Horny personals app is designed to be similar to Uber (eats and drivers). It comes with tons of cool features that let you connect with others who are horny and nearby.

If I had to pick only one feature to praise, it would definitely be the filter options. This site just has it all, so you can narrow down things quickly to find the perfect lady. There is also live camming action for those who enjoy connecting on video chat without the risk of meeting in person!


My BackpagePro review has now come to an end. You might be bummed that it’s not legit, but I’m here to give you the low-down. Don’t waste your time here. It won’t get you laid, and it could end up getting you into legal trouble.

In fact, I almost guarantee that you will get arrested or scammed by using this site and others like Backpage. I recommend that you save money and have warned you.

Are you curious about whether the Backpage alternatives I’ve mentioned work? There are plenty of sites available, and the five I listed here are sure winners!

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