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Top 10 Best Spanish Dating Sites and Apps in 2022

Dating sites are unquestionably the most common way to find a companion. The ease of applications and websites significantly outweighs approaching random individuals in the street. Whether you’re seeking a long-term romance or some occasional fun, there are plenty of dating site possibilities for you out there.

Dating apps are popular for a reason—we’re all on them. To maximize your time, only sign up for the websites that give you the most excellent chance of meeting your type of people. After all, you don’t want to meet everybody – you only want to look for the appropriate ones.

The Hottest Casual Dating Sites for Latinos

Spanish Dating


Anyone reading this article should try this Latino dating site. However, we wanted to highlight it as the most excellent online Latino dating app for women.

LatinAmericanCupid has 62% men. If you want an attractive Latino, this is excellent news. Around 530,000 monthly users rate it 9.25/10.

Have you heard of the website FriendFinder?, one of their numerous dating sites, responds to Latin American dating app popularity.

Amigos, like other FriendFinder apps, is easy. It’s quick and easy to meet Latino singles. The site also offers webcam/video chat with singles. You can claim a free trial if you’re interested!


Use Badoo to meet gorgeous Spanish individuals who aren’t searching for a long-term relationship. Badoo, a popular European casual dating service, shows you nearby members with common interests. You may meet up within minutes if you “like” each other’s profiles.

Tinder-style swipes across local singles’ profiles are also available. It even offers completely free messaging and swiping.


Tinder Dating

Everyone in their 20s or 30s is probably familiar with Tinder.

Whether you’re single and seeking love in Madrid or another big Spanish city, Tinder offers you to swipe through many profiles and find a match. You’ll probably swipe right, connect, and message some hot locals.

It’s known as a casual dating app, but more individuals are using it for serious relationships and marriage. The app is free if you don’t swipe right on over 100 accounts in 12 hours.

International Cupid

The International Cupid is a site for single people from around the world to meet each other. It’s free to make a profile, look at pictures of attractive singles, and use detailed search options to locate your perfect match. It has a lot of users from both Europe and Latin America.

With a premium membership, you can also reply to messages from other users. However, you can’t start a message exchange with a free membership. Download International Cupid and try it out for yourself!

If you’re in your 30s or older, seeking a long-term marriage or relationship, and live in a large town, eDarling is essential. eDarling, owned by the same business that owns the popular dating website EliteSingles, uses a comprehensive personality test to connect you with suitable Spanish singles.

If you like matches based on detailed personality factors, is the perfect dating site for you. Creating a profile entails answering a (long) series of multiple-choice questions and performing more abstract tasks, such as deciding which image from a selection best reflects you.

Once you’ve finished 50% of your profile on this Spanish online dating site, you’ll be able to message single Spanish people. Based on your responses to the extensive personality quiz, you will be given “partner suggestions.”


Chispa is a newer dating app that is similar to Tinder but is made just for Latino singles all over the world. Chispa was launched as a partnership between the Match group, known for and Tinder, and Univision. It is still in its early stages, with limited features but a progressively growing number of users.

The website is a great way to meet remarkable people, make new friends, and improve your Spanish. This Tinder alternative is free and offers you to swipe right or left through profiles.


Happn is an excellent dating app that alerts you when a gorgeous person is around. Anyone that fulfills your detailed search criteria and is nearby shows in your feed. You can even see a timeline of your encounters. You’ll establish a “Crush” with any Latina singles who “like” you, allowing you to message them.

This website can help you find last-minute dates. Inside the “I’m Free To” option, you can pick a daytime activity like going out, drinking a drink, or watching a movie. After that, other people in your range can accept your date idea in the next six hours.

You’ll also need credits to respond, which cost 10/$1.99. Happn is great for people who live, work, or visit densely crowded locations because your matching queue is 100% dependent on nearby people.

Christian Matchmaking

Latin America has about 500 million Christians, so we needed to include a religious dating option to finish our list.

Christian Mingle was founded in 2001 and has been helping single Latinos and other people worldwide. If your faith is essential in your romantic partners, we recommend checking out this Latino dating platform. It combines the latest swipe-style networking with a faith-based dating service.

A Summary of Dating in Spain

Summary of Dating in Spain

As an ex-pat dating in Spain, the various cultural factors are something that you should carefully consider. Here are several local dating tips:

Express Your Feelings

In Spain, men and women tend to show emotions and wear their hearts on their sleeves. Some cultures may consider this “too forward” or desperate. However, the Spanish prefer it as the greatest approach. At least you’ll always know your chica or chico’s status.

Embrace PDA

Spanish people don’t restrict their affections. Therefore, chivalry, romance, and public acts of devotion thrive among the people. If you originate from a more timid society, holding hands, saying sweet things, and loving your spouse in public may make you shudder. However, you’ll appreciate this charming country if you value self-expression and affection.

Patience Is Key

Spanish dating isn’t perfect. As an ex-pat, there are some cultural differences to adjust to. First off, don’t expect to marry soon. 80% of Spaniards—primarily men—live at their parent’s homes until their 30s.

Due to significant unemployment levels (33%), most young adults cannot manage to purchase their own homes. Additionally, Spaniards take their time to devote themselves to a committed relationship. Therefore, they marry later compared to other European nations.

Best Ways to Meet Other People in Spain

Meet People in Spain

Spain has several ways to meet other people, although they vary from different European cultures. Therefore, possible love interests are met through other means.

When it comes to casual encounters or serious partnerships, bars and nightclubs are not the usual places to meet people. Instead, many flocks to these locations to appreciate the good music and spend time with friends.

Dating with Friends and People Within the Social Circle

Spanish-speaking singles frequently date their friends. This could involve classmates or neighbors, and friends’ relatives. Most Spanish ex-pats live in big cities, but rural ex-pats may struggle. People from smaller cities with closer communities are especially like this.

Online Dating Sites and Apps 

Like many European nations, Spain loves free dating sites and apps. and are popular dating sites that demand a subscription fee, making them excellent for finding potential matches.

Spain uses Badoo and Tinder differently than other nations. The everyday use of these online dating apps is for casual online dating and Hookups. In Spain, most people use these websites to make friends and would frequently say so when chatting. However, there are also people looking for a serious relationship.

Meetups and Ex-pat Groups


Spanish ex-pat groups and Local Meetups are popular ways to meet with like-minded people worldwide, including in Spain. These groups make meeting people pleasant and safe. Most ex-pats live in Madrid, Valencia, and Barcelona.

You may also meet other singles since many are for relationships and casual dating. Many ex-pats meet via local Facebook groups that cater to different hobbies and interests, including singles looking for someone to date.


Spanish cafés and bars sometimes host Intercambio (language exchange) nights. These events let you meet new individuals and practice your Spanish. While they’re not there for severe or casual online dating, you might meet someone you like—your Spanish buddy may become your romantic match! Locals and ex-pats can practice their languages while having fun.

Dating Decorum in Spain

Dating Decorum in Spain

As an ex-pat, you should realize that Spain has different dating etiquette than other European countries.

The First Move

In Spain, it’s increasingly typical for men and women to invite each other out. According to Badoo, Spanish women are the most likely to initiate a date. The same study indicated that Beautiful Spanish-speaking women are the world’s largest flirts! This is also good information for female ex-pats who want to lead their romantic lives.

Spanish guys are assertive and often email, phone, and text, people they like early in a relationship. While this can come across as full-on or hopeless in some European countries, in Spain, it indicates that they are interested in the other person.

Dating App Scene

Dating App Scene

Spanish dating frequently involves beverages, tapas, movies, parks, or beaches. Dates are often invited to go out with friends. In this social milieu, your immediate circle must approve of your relationship.

Knowing that a late-night meeting invite doesn’t usually mean a booty call is helpful. Spain has its own time, so dinner and hanging out are later than elsewhere. Therefore, don’t think a sudden invite to meet someone at 23:00 means they want one thing.

Dating Manners in Spain

While it can be unfair to stereotype an entire country, there are specific behavioral qualities that you are most likely to notice when dating in Spain.

Being Late

First, Spain is notoriously late. It’s normal and acceptable to be around 30 minutes late for your social events in southern Spain and 15 minutes late in the northern part of Spain.

Don’t get mad if your Spanish companion is late multiple times, and don’t be dismayed if they don’t like making plans days in advance; for your sanity, go with the flow since Spanish dating requires much patience.

Remarkable Dressing

Spanish-speaking singles appreciate a well-dressed date, so expect them to dress appropriately. People dress elegantly at casual events, women wear heels or sandals, and males wear leather shoes, loafers, or excellent sneakers. The Spanish culture values appearance and confidence, so if you don’t wear tattered jeans and worn shoes, you’ll make a favorable impression.

Affection and Flirting 

Spanish people are affectionate, so expect lots of PDA! While Spanish women are renowned for being the most flirty, Spanish men will also show their appreciation. Particularly on a first date, Spaniards sit side by side and touch while talking.

Dates involve lots of eye contact, hand-holding, and hugs and kisses. This may seem possessive or suffocating to a new ex-pat, but it’s normal in Spain.

Body Language

Fortunately, the long-held perception of men acting macho and chauvinistically toward women has significantly evolved (known as “machismo”). Men are more courteous and gentlemanly toward women today. Instead of shaking hands, they kiss women when greeting them.

They also talk with their hands, so expect a livelier conversation. Remember that Spanish folks chat close together. Therefore, don’t take this as a violation of your privacy or a hint that they’re overstepping.

Getting the Check

Getting the Check

Despite being equally outgoing and seductive, Spanish guys frequently pay for meals. This is true even if he lives with his parents and makes less than his date. However, some people prefer splitting the check.


  1. Are There Spanish-only Dating Apps?

If you want to meet compatible Spanish singles and start dating, use and

  1. How Do I Meet Spanish Singles?

There are numerous places for meeting single Latinas, just as there are for any other ethnicity. They can be found at bars, in schools, at church, around town, or any other place people gather. Therefore, Latino dating apps may make the process much easier and help you connect with more alternatives faster.

  1. How Can I Meet Spanish Girls Online? is one of the simplest ways to discover a beautiful Spanish girl for romance and serious relationships. Online dating websites are highly famous nowadays, and this strategy allows users to hunt for single good looking people not just in Spain but also across other countries.


Entering the dating world can be intimidating, especially if you’re unsure which website to use. You don’t need to speak Spanish to attract singles in Spain. However, it would help if you could speak Spanish to increase your chances with a beautiful partner. Whether you want to walk down the wedding aisle or have a casual fling, there’s a solution.

Some dating sites are intended for short-term romances, while others encourage understanding each other thoroughly before hooking up for a drink or FaceTime coffee. Hence, we’ve compiled this list of the finest dating apps so you can find your match—whether for the evening or forever. Remember the dating app scene from earlier, and you’ll be fine in Spain.

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