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LeoList Review

TL;DR Breakdown on Looking for love or a fast smash and dash? If you’re on Leo List CC then you’re doing it wrong. I’m being brutally honest when I say that I do not use this. I actually prefer using this specific sex app that works like a charm and it’s WAY CHEAPER than paying girls to bang you. Also, less humiliating…just saying…

If you’re Canadian and looking for a quick hookup, you might consider checking out the Craigslist-esque site, LeoList. While it may seem tempting, especially considering all the ads present, but I would highly recommend avoiding this site at all costs if you’re considering a paid date with a working girl. review My Extremely Honest Review

As I mentioned, LeoList has a similar feel to the American sites Craigslist and Backpage. And like the personal’s ads on Craigslist and Backpage, it is so full of scams and prostitution ads that LeoList will most likely be shut down like its predecessors, especially with the changes to Canada’s laws regarding prostitution, which are uber confusing, as you’ll see.

Skirting The Legal System

Since 2014, Canada has made it illegal to purchase sexual services, but it still remains legal to advertise your own personal services and communicate about selling sex. Seems kind of backward, but this is their new system.

Where does that leave the Leo List? Well, it is also illegal to advertise the services of others, which makes it illegal for any Backpage or internet advertising and is used to target those who run and publish these types of websites.

Unicorn Media Limited of Hong Kong owns and operates LeoList, which also kind of opens your eyes to what is going on there.

Using The Classifieds Site

LeoList has non-adult advertisements as well as casual dating ads. For some reason, there are no options to choose if you’re strictly heterosexual. If you want a completely straight hookup, you’re left to search the platonic section.

The Ads On Leo List…

Each individual ad has an exciting and very less-than-platonic title to it. Most of these ads don’t have a photo of the girl (or guy) and the rest of the ad is very generic. This is something that kind of sets off the warning bells in my head.

Email Searches

When I came across an ad that just seemed too good to be true, I did a reverse search on the email address that this supposedly horny babe left as her contact information.

What I found was that she is so horny she has multiple ads placed under different names and in different cities and is in no way looking for a platonic friend, but instead looking to get paid for sex. Which, remember, is illegal, if, and that’s a big IF, she is even a real person.

The Photos

This website does say that they verify the photos and identities of these women, but each supposedly verified ad displays a “No Photo Yet” over the picture area. How can you trust a site that says they’re verifying identities and then not show you who they’ve verified?

Massages does offer you the opportunity to contact the women through their personal messaging service. However, if you think that is a safer way to get in contact with these ladies, you’re crazy. LeoList has to provide your personal information to the authorities should they come knocking.

Do you really want to be exposed for making deals with prostitutes? The risk of legal actions and ruining your reputation are not worth it in my opinion.

Conclusion: LeoList Is NOT Worth Your Time

Look, what you do with your money and privates is your business. But, more and more countries are making paying for sex illegal and Canada is one of them since 2014.

If the thought of possibly getting a sexually transmitted infection or even beaten up and robbed doesn’t dissuade you from paying for sex on LeoList, the thought of what it could do to you legally and how it would affect your image, career, and/or family should absolutely give you the chills. Avoid the site and use one that works (like this here).

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